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A must-visit coffee in Da Lat, Vietnam


Address: 9 Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Ward 4, Da Lat City, Lam Dong
Opening hours: 08:00–20:00
Price level: no specific price
Phone number: 0914142850
Rating: 4.9/5
Distance from city center: 2.6 km
Located on Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Ward 4, very close to the city center, this place is peaceful when hidden under a small tree and surrounded by many trees, very different from the noise and bustle.
People will experience simplicity and comfort when they first get here. Entering the shop, the scent of essential oils is subtle, creating a feeling of refreshment and excitement. The space is not too large, but thanks to the scenery of the mountains and forests, it makes this place even more chill with the view of the valley and pine hills in the distance.
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Directions to the restaurant

This cafe is located in the city center, only 2km from Da Lat market. The road is paved and wide,  so it is easy to move. 
You can ask locals or use google maps for more convenience. Here are the most detailed instructions to get to the shop:
Starting from Da Lat market -> Nguyen Van Cu Street -> turn left on Ba Trieu Street -> at the roundabout, turn right on Tran Phu Street -> at the next roundabout, go on Le Hong Phong Street -> turn left on Trieu Viet Vuong Street. At the end of the slope, number 09 on the right, you will see a sign of The Youth sign.
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The things that make the shop special

The shop is the common home of the special people
The founder, Mr. Vo Thanh Luan, once remarked in the book 1987+: "We do not turn our backs to leave behind the brilliant youth of the most beautiful period of our life. We choose to live together under one. That's a house where the mute and the deaf can live happily together."
He wants to give unlucky young people a stable job and the opportunity to explore this career.
The people here are so lovely, their names even have a sense of closeness. Being a “speaker” and “deaf person” instead of being called “normal person” and “disabled person”, helps you to be more motivated and not self-conscious about your shortcomings. The shop mainly communicates with eyes, smiles, gestures, and body language.
The price paid depends on the heart
One unique feature is that there is simply a box next to the counter instead of a price shown on the menu. You can pay as you please, without coercion, and very comfortable for your customers. 
It's not just tea and coffee
The shop is mainly tea and simple drinks such as coffee, etc., made by deaf people, the drinks are very good. Besides, to create more income, the shop also displays a lot of essential oils, soap bars, handmade items, convenient cloth bags, and lovely stone lotus pots. These are all really skillfully and meticulously made, and their prices are reasonable.
Space to preserve your youth
The shop does not have good views to watch the city light up or at an ideal height to watch the sunset. The shop is located on a small slope. Surrounded by green trees, the space is simple and rustic to rare, and the items to decorate the shop are made skillfully by disabled people. The tables and chairs are arranged reasonably, tables are along the aisle, and the odd sets are under the trees.
The most impressive thing is a wall studded with thousands of paper patterns. Those are the wishes, feelings, and promises sent here. The space is more melodious with the music of Ngo Thuy Mien, and Trinh Cong Son... everything here is almost perfect for those who love the peace of Da Lat.
A few notes when visiting this place
Although there is no charge for the tea or cakes in the shop, please consider sending a donation to the employees to express your appreciation.
Do not talk or joke loudly, affecting the common space.
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