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Chill out at the “café in the middle of the forest, view of the hills” right in Da Lat – In The Forest Da Lat

The team that loves Dalat is checking in the cafe located in the middle of the “chill” pine forest, In The Forest is located under the slope at Khe Sanh Street. Make sure to come here to live virtual every corner is beautiful. A small shop selling coffee, tea, juice, wine, and food is located in the middle of the pine forest in the center of Da Lat, open from 8 am to 9 pm.

Chill out at the “coffee shop in the middle of the forest, hilly view” right in Da Lat – In The Forest

In The Forest Dalat is an old wooden house nestled in the middle of a vast forest, the restaurant has indoor and outdoor spaces with classic style, combined with green trees to bring a sense of peace and ease. bear. In The Forest is located in the middle of a green hill about 5km from Da Lat market, the 16-seat car can go to the place (the car park is 1-minute walk from the shop). The restaurant serves all kinds of food and drinks and accepts small parties on request.

The most impressive point is the “divine” virtual living chair and small swimming pool. In addition, you can organize a cozy party in the middle of the Dalat pine forest. Or in the afternoon, if you don’t know where to go, you can go to the forest at the shop, quiet space, order a glass of wine, a plate of sausages, or dry chicken, and then chill a little in the mountains with friends is a full day in Da Lat.

Address In The Forest: 86/7 Khe Sanh, Ward 10, City. Da Lat (google maps can search Thai Long Rose Garden, the shop is located at the end of the street).
Contact: 0877919180
Opening hours: 8am – 9pm / Photo: In The Forest

Those who love the unspoiled beauty of Da Lat certainly cannot ignore the 4 “chill” cafes below.

Not only dubbed the “homestay mecca” of the country, Da Lat is also considered the “coffee kingdom” with a  dense map of shops that keep popping up day after day. Any style is available for you to choose freely.

Besides the well-known names such as Still Cafe, Mo To Bag, The Wilder Nest, etc. The foggy city still has 4 coordinates located isolated between the vast pine forests, extremely suitable for those who like ” so chill”. 

1. Current

Launched a long time, but Quan Duong is still not known to many people, only at the beginning of this year 2020 has it begun to be noticed. Not noisy, bustling, and too busy like many other popular places, Duong has a very own “quality” with the image of a wooden house nestled in the middle of a sunny pine valley, at the foot of a small hill. . No wifi, no bustle, coming here you will feel the most famous song of Den Vau: “If you are too tired, in the middle of the city, live on top of each other. At best, I will return to my hometown, raise fish and plant more vegetables”.

Chill out at the “café in the middle of the forest, view of the hills” right in Da Lat – In The Forest Da Lat

The outside space of the restaurant

Small dispensing corner at the shop

The outside space of Duong restaurant with a direct view of the beautiful pine forest

The people who “keep the fire” in Duong are gathering together around lunch

To get here, you can type the address number 31/13 Ba Thang 4 Street on the map and follow the directions. Just a few hundred meters past Horizon Coffee, looking to the right, you will see a high winding slope leading down to a small valley, the top of the slope has a signboard with the name of the restaurant with the symbol of a rooster. You just need to drive or walk to the end of the slope to see Quan Duong.

The shop is located below a small valley, surrounded by pine forests

And here is the road leading down to Duong (Photo: @kyuubei)

Photo: @ccduck106

Coming here, you are like being returned to the 1900s “back then” of Da Lat (Photo: @shangbasto)

– Address: 31/13 Ba Thang 4 Street (near Horizon Coffee)

– Opening hours: 8am – 9pm

2. Latitude No. 6

Just past the gate to welcome Van Thanh flower village, look on your left hand and count to the 6th lamp post, you will see a small path leading into the pine forest. Just run straight up there, at the junction, turn left and then go a bit more and you will immediately see “Sixth Parallel”.

Photo: @jasmine141099

Photo: @raiii.iii

Photo: @trungkhieu

Photo: @tienkhi196

Opened in December of last year, until now, Latitude 6 is still a rare-known cafe coordinate in Da Lat. The shop is nestled in the middle of the pine forest with the highlight of a “big” persimmon tree, the front view looks directly down to the greenhouse valley of Van Thanh flower village. Another special feature is that nearly 80% of the shop’s utensils are collected and recycled, extremely environmentally friendly. Coming here, you are free to enjoy an ancient and wild Da Lat in the true sense of the word!

Photo: @qyhmei

Photo: @nha37.nha37

Photo: @vituyensosau

– Address: 27 Van Thanh, Ward 5, City. Da Lat (opposite homestay Chu Ba Nam)

– Opening hours: 9am – 8pm

3. Thong Oi

Just hearing the name is enough to know how “chill” the restaurant is, right? To come here, you just go to Phuong Trang bus station, look to the opposite side and you will see an alley next to Bui Van Ngo cafe. Just run straight down the alley and look on the right-hand side, you will see another small street next to Khanh Ha guesthouse. Now just need to go down one circuit to reach Thong Oi.

Photo: Thong Oi

Photo: Thong Oi

Photo: @tienkhi196

Photo: @jb_hai

The space of the restaurant has 2 floors with a view overlooking the beautiful pine forest. The entire restaurant is decorated and built from wood, creating a cool and close-to-nature atmosphere. In addition to the coffee area, Thong Oi also has a homestay for those who intend to stay overnight in the forest of Da Lat.

Photo: @tir.minl

Photo: Thong Oi

Photo: @linhi.98

Photo: @phngen

– Address: 31/8c 3/4 Street, Ward 3, City. Da Lat

– Opening hours: 7am – 6pm

4. In The Forest

Also, a cafe located in the middle of the “chill” pine forest, In The Forest is located under a slope at Khe Sanh Street. To get here, just search Google Maps by the name of Thai Long rose garden.

Photo: In The Forest Dalat

Photo: @qimenguyen

Photo: Tu Tran

Photo: @everywherewego.dp

Seen from above, In The Forest is an old wooden house nestled in the middle of a vast forest, enough to understand how peaceful this place is. The shop has both indoor and outdoor space, the most impressive point is probably the “divine” virtual living chair and a small swimming pool. In addition to water dishes, the restaurant also serves food and wine for those who like a cozy party in the middle of Dalat pine forest.

Photo: Tu Tran

Photo: @truong.huyyy

Photo: @everywherewego.dp