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‘Terraces’ of wild sunflowers dyed yellow by R’Chai volcano

Wild sunflowers stretch from the top to the foot of R’Chai volcano, on the slopes, making the mountain this season look like terraced fields in the Northwest of the ripe rice season.

R’Chai is located along provincial road 724, in R’Chai 3 village, Phu Hoi commune, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province , about 40 km from Da Lat center in the direction of Lien Khuong highway to Saigon.

Like many other places in Da Lat, around the end of October and early November, wild sunflowers in R’Chai begin to bloom, coloring the whole mountain in bright yellow.

R’Chai is inhabited mainly by the K’Ho Cil people. In the language of the K’Ho Cil people, R’Chai is understood as a double mountain

R’Chai is a dormant volcano for thousands of years, with lava remnants leaving fertile basalt-red soil. This is the largest crop-growing area in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province

Seen from above, the mountain is covered with a brilliant yellow color, at the foot of the mountain are green fields mixed with beautiful basalt red soil color. This season, the blooming wild sunflowers have attracted many visitors from near and far to check-in

If you are in good health , it will take you about 45 minutes to walk from the foot of the mountain to the top. Or you can ride a motorbike along the trail leading to the vegetable fields of local people to the heart of the volcano, about 15 minutes.

Although growing wild, the shape of wild sunflowers in R’Chai reminds visitors of the terraced fields in the Northwest mountains. Each flower bed is regular, intertwined with plants stretching to the foot of the mountain like a carpet of yellow flowers

Wild sunflowers grow along the banks of corn and potato fields. When reaching the top of the mountain, in addition to seeing the yellow color of wild sunflowers, visitors can also mingle with the pink color of foxtail grass and the green color of crops cultivated and cared for by local people.

The sunset covered R’Chai with a brilliant picture of the scene. The yellow color of wild sunflowers matches the yellow color of the sun at the end of the day, the same basalt red color, the green color of the leaves… making R’Chai’s space unmistakably beautiful.

To avoid getting lost because this is a new check-in point, when you arrive at provincial road 724, in R’Chai 3 village, Phu Hoi commune, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province, you go straight to Xom 3 residential area, alley 3 /2 will reach the foot of R’Chai mountain. From here, you can ride a motorbike to the center of the volcano and enjoy the beautiful space…

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