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The whole set of Dalat travel guides after the distance, believers should put in their pocket

Da Lat has begun to welcome guests back, which is hot news that makes foot-crazy believers feel excited. However, to ensure your own safety as well as have a complete trip, visitors also need to pay attention to such important information. 

After a period of hiatus due to the influence of the epidemic, Da Lat has now begun to welcome guests back, this is also the most beautiful season of the year in the foggy city for visitors to comfortably enjoy and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Traveling to Da Lat after the distance, you will have the opportunity to discover the beautiful scenery of the foggy city at the end of the year with the roads of wild sunflowers blooming white, the pink grass stretching endlessly, or catching a numbing cold. of this highland winter. Da Lat is waiting for you with many wonderful things, but to have a complete trip, you also need to note some useful information and manuals. 

Da Lat tourism has begun to reopen after a long time being affected by the epidemic. Photo:@mamadala

What to prepare when traveling to Da Lat after the distance? 

Traveling to Da Lat after the distance, visitors need to comply with 5K as well as prepare all the necessary documents, the new trip can be most complete. Before the trip, visitors need to have a “Covid-19 green card” certifying that they have had 2 doses of the vaccine over 14 days. If it is F0, it is necessary to have a certificate of healing for no more than 12 months.

The whole set of Dalat travel guides after the distance, believers should put in their pocket

You need a covid19 green card. Photo: @minhhhthao

In addition, you also need to have a negative result on the Covid-19 rapid test or the PCR test in 72 hours. You can choose to get tested at local hospitals or go to checkpoints in the Banana Pass area, but testing locally is more convenient and safer. You also need to prepare the necessary information for convenient medical declaration when required. 

You also need to have a full medical test and declaration when you arrive in Da Lat after the quarantine. Photo:@hvanh66

In addition to the above, before the trip you also need to prepare enough luggage like normal travel, especially on this occasion the weather in Dalat is cold from 16 to 21 degrees, so prepare warm clothes. and medicine to ensure health too. 

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Moving when traveling to Da Lat after the distance 

Currently, you can go to Da Lat by air or by road depending on your needs. Airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air and Bamboo Airways have started to welcome back passengers, and the fares are also quite affordable from 500,000 VND/way from Hanoi or 400,000 VND/way from Ho Chi Minh City. If you go by road, you can choose a bus, from Ho Chi Minh City or Can Tho you can take a bus from Thanh Buoi to Da Lat with fares from 230,000 – 360,000 VND/person. When coming to Da Lat, from Lien Khuong airport You can take a bus, a taxi to the center, if you stop at the bus station, you can go by taxi quite easily. 

Movement in Da Lat after the distance is quite limited compared to before. Photo: @ghiendalat

Staying when traveling to Dalat 

After a long break, homestay hotels in Da Lat have also reopened, but there are still some places that have not yet officially opened, so you should check hotel and homestay booking information carefully. when ordering online. You can refer to some accommodations such as Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat, Kings Hotel…or J’adore homestay, La Nha, Di House..with prices from a few hundred thousand VND per night. 

You can stay in hotels or homestays. Photo: travelwithus_88

Many places to stay have attractive promotions for visitors. Photo:@mamadala

Destinations in Da Lat not to be missed 

Traveling to Da Lat after the distance, you will surely be eager to visit the beautiful check-in points of this city. Besides the classic check-in points in Lam Vien square, Da Lat market, Xuan Huong lake, Da Lat station, Con Ga church … Then you also do not miss the super HOT places in Da Lat this season such as the palaces. Vibrant wildflowers at Cam Ly airport, Tuyen Lam lake …

Dalat Railway Station is a very familiar destination. Photo:@tramanhdothi9596

Lots of familiar check-in points you can visit. Photo:@zuntt__

The pink grass hills in the Golden Valley or the lonely pine tree area, cloud hunting in Trai Mat and attractive destinations such as Kombi Land, Yooberi, Still Dalat, Puppy Farm, Yen Garden Complex will also be attractive selections.

In November, Dalat pink grass hill is in season. Photo:@bong_dl197

Vu Dalat after spacing if you do not want to place too crowded, you can choose for yourself the resort privacy as Dalat Wonder Resort, Cadasa Resort Dalat, Binh An Village Dalat … to check-in and resort. 

Nature-oriented check-in locations are a great suggestion. Photo: FB/ Ghiendalat

If you don’t like crowds, choose private resorts. Photo:@voxtn.trammm

Discover attractive cuisine when traveling to Dalat 

Traveling to Da Lat after the break , you will surely miss the taste of the typical dishes of this city. The weather turns cold, the dishes for the cold season in this city are starting to take the throne, you can enjoy attractive hot pot dishes such as Ba Toa beef hot pot, chicken hot pot with e leaves, vegetable hot pot buffet. In addition, do not forget to do a great food tour with typical dishes of Da Lat such as grilled rice paper, strawberry shake, buttercream, soy milk, shumai bread, wet rice cake, grilled chicken rice …

Grilled rice paper, a specialty of Da Lat. Photo:@valinn_fe

Famous butter cream/ Photo:@tipikafe

The weather in Dalat at the end of the year is very suitable for eating hot pot. Photo:@lauxuyentieu

Chicken Tuktuk is very hot in Da Lat. Photo:@dalat.holic.

For the believers who move, traveling to Da Lat after the distance must be a “dream” that has been cherished for a long time. Then plan an exciting trip and enjoy a lot of fun in the foggy country and always remember to ensure 5K to have a complete and safe trip.

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