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Nostalgic flower seasons in Da Lat, Vietnam

1. Apricot Cherry Blossom: The season of flowers causes memories in Da Lat.

It is not a coincidence that this place is known as a cherry blossom paradise. From any angle, you will see beautiful cherry blossoms every centimeter. Flowers are not picky about the soil, they can grow straight in the city, but they can be wild at the forest's edge. Everywhere flowers confidently show off their unique pink color between the sky and the green trees. In the city, they are shy, well-mannered, and graceful, and outside the wild forest, they are thorny, wild and blooming. Therefore, everyone's experience of watching Mai Anh Dao differs, but the common point is a passionate love for flowers, people, and Da Lat.
Mai Anh Dao blooms from about mid-December to mid-January next year, so those who want to see the flowers must hurry because the flowers bloom silently but also fade quickly without saying goodbye.
So, where can you see cherry apricots?
  • Along Xuan Huong Lake
  • Tran Hung Dao Street (the road has more than 500m of flowers).
  • Dalat University.
  • Towards Tuyen Lam Lake.
  • Xuan Truong and Xuan Tho directions (in this corner, many super big, super giant cherry apricot trees are so beautiful).
  •  The forest behind LangBiang (here, cherry apricot trees grow red in the forest, looking enchanting, but a bit far from the city center).
  • Xuan Truong direction (2 rows of trees growing on the street are very beautiful).
  • Da Sar (the people here often plant cherry apricot trees in front of the yard, both taking pictures of cherry apricots and taking pictures of the wooden house behind are also very beautiful).

2. Wild sunflowers bloom in the sky of Da Lat.

Wild anemone is a flower with wild beauty, appearing mainly in the mountainous areas of the Central Highlands or a few mountainous provinces in the Northwest. Da Lat wild sunflower season has become a typical symbol of miniature "Paris" in recent years, mentioned in tourist travel guides.
Seeing wild sunflowers is an exciting experience. You can enjoy the brilliant golden sky stretching across the plateau, along with the immense cloudy sky of Da Lat, creating an extremely sparkling and beautiful scene, making those who have come here once become should remember, remember forever and never forget.

If you want to admire the brilliant beauty of wild sunflowers, come to Da Lat in October. The lake's surface becomes calm and quiet in early October when the autumn wind shakes the old pine trees. The spot of wild sunflowers begins to bloom, the most evenly spaced and thickest, creating a beautiful natural scene, bright yellow covering the surrounding landscape.
Here are the top 5 most beautiful places to take pictures of wild sunflowers in Da Lat for travel followers:

  • Da Lat wildflower season returns on the way to Van Thanh Flower Village.
  • Wild sunflowers bloom on the way to Da Lat City.
  • Da Lat wildflower season returns on the Cau Dat - Dran - Don Duong - Phi Nom road.
  • Ankroet Road to the Golden Valley.

Da Lat wildflower season returns to the city: Da Lat station; Dalat University or on the sections of Pham Hong Thai street; the way to Minh Hoa Seminary.Read more: The list of places to see wild sunflowers in Da Lat are amazingly beautiful, you should not miss it » Breaking News, Latest World News Updates - VietReader Viet Nam

3. Da Lat purple phoenix flower season

The purple phoenix flower's purple color symbolizes poetic, romantic and gentle. In particular, when it comes to purple phoenix flowers, it refers to the faithfulness of color. Just like Ngan's affection for the Netherlands has remained unchanged in work "Mat Biec" by writer Nguyen Nhat Anh.
Referring to the Da Lat purple phoenix flower is always a flower that evokes feelings of longing and longing, which are hard to describe in words. Therefore, when traveling to Da Lat, everyone wants to see this flower with their eyes once.

When the sweet cherry apricot petals finally fall, it is also the time when the petals of Da Lat purple phoenix bloom. Purple phoenix blooms in the sky from March to the end of April. This is when you can immerse yourself in the dreamy space filled with purple. Along with that, you can also save yourself beautiful photos here.Also read: Da Lat has entered the beautiful purple phoenix season, ecstatic! » Breaking News, Latest World News Updates - VietReader Viet Nam

4. Bright white Ban flower on the corner of Da Lat Street

At the end of December, when the wild sunflowers fade, and the bare cherry apricot branches have not yet bloomed, Da Lat is filled with white flowers. However, Da Lat differs from the land of flowers abundant in the Northwest. But the flower ban streets in Da Lat have now become a unique feature of the foggy city.

At the end of winter, dreamers invite each other to the mountain town to see the white flowers. You can see flowers on roads such as:

  • Tran Phu – Con Ga Church – Palace 2.
  • Quang Trung – Da Lat Station – Phan Chu Trinh intersection.
  • Phu Dong Thien Vuong…

Especially Tran Phu Street, only a section about 1.5 km long. But hundreds of banyan trees bloom in white clusters, dyeing a corner of the sky white.

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