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Pink reed grass hill in Da Lat

LAM DONG – Seen from above, the reed hill in the Tuyen Lam lake area looks like a colorful carpet, attracting visitors to check-in at the end of the year.

More than 10 km from the center of Da Lat city ​​is the Lavender tourist area located in Tuyen Lam lake area, ward 4. This place is not only famous for its purple lavender hills but also attracts visitors with the color of red reed flowers. is weasel grass. The hills of pink flowers attract tourists to take pictures in the last days of the year, around the end of November and the beginning of December, when it is winter, the wind is cool.

Red reed grass grows in clusters, close together, high above the head, stretching across a hilly area. The flower has a gentle, shimmering beauty with soft pink flowers, slightly turning pink-purple, red. Seen from above, this place is covered by a colorful carpet, attracting all eyes.

Pink reed grass hill in Da Lat
The red reed grass hill in the Tuyen Lam Lake area looks like a picture. Photo: Nguyen Khac Tung

Nguyen Khac Tung, born in 1991, currently working in photography in Da Lat city, said that the red reed grass hill in the Tuyen Lam lake area began to become famous and attract tourists about 3 years ago. Last year, he used to bring guests here to take pictures in the early morning or after 3 pm.

“Red reeds bloom for about 2 weeks, so young people take advantage of the right time to check-in. To take good photos, you often choose bright, light-colored clothes to stand out and contrast. With the red and pink color of the grass, especially the girls who often choose to wear feminine flared skirts on the picture will be very beautiful”, Mr. Tung added, the road to the grass hill is easy to go, visitors buy tickets to the tourist area 50,000 VND. /people.

In addition to the red hill, the Tuyen Lam lake area has many beautiful destinations such as the Sculpture tunnel, Da Tien tourist area, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, maple leaf forest tourist area … for tourists to combine sightseeing.

What are some outstandingly beautiful Dalat reed flower fields? 

The land of thousands of flowers is not only famous for its fields of roses, sunflowers, and hydrangeas but also beautiful reed flowers. The white flowers gently sway in the wind, causing nostalgia. Vinlove will introduce to you detailed information about the outstanding Dalat reed flower fields in this article.

1. Introduction to reed flowers

Reed grass is associated with the memory of each of us through the story of a young general who used grass as a flag to practice war against the enemy and grew up to become a national hero. The field of reeds has long known simple but powerful beauty that rises up in the arid land without requiring meticulous care. 

The field of reed flowers grows white all over the hills

Reed grass is a wild plant that often grows along the outskirts of Da Lat city. Nature has endowed this land with a temperate climate and fertile soil. Trees grow and spread into a wide field all the way up to the foothills and edge of the forest. The tree grows in clusters of lush green leaves, the stem is quite tall, the tiny white salt flowers are soft and smooth when they bloom brilliantly and then quickly fly away with the wind.

Even in harsh weather conditions, the trees still grow well, grow closer together, the reeds represent the beauty of strong vitality and resilience. Belonging to the water-bending plant, whose roots are deeply rooted in the ground, helping to retain the fertile alluvial layer on the alluvial ground, people cultivate many other trees. 

Dalat reed flower field is a symbol for the summer of the land of fog. According to folk experience, when flowers bloom in this city, it is a sign that the flood season is over, the sun is dry and warm. Just looking at the flower field gently swaying in the white, clear wind is enough to make the soul young and peaceful. 

The life cycle of reed grass is like many other wild plants, in the dry season, the flowers bloom until the end of the season, the wind blows the flowers away, leaving the seeds to fall to the ground. At the beginning of the rainy season, the grass seed sprouts again and becomes a large tree that blooms the following season. 

Every year around May-June in the summer, when the rains begin to fall in the late afternoon, in the hills outside Da Lat, there are thousands of pure white flowers of reed flowers stretching to the horizon. The summer sun shines down on the fields of brilliant flowers for reed flowers to bloom. 

Reed flowers growing at the edge of the forest stand out with pure white color

The special thing is that in Da Lat, there are many flowers that grow along the roadside, cliffs, and forest edges that do not need to be taken care of and still bloom for their enchanting beauty. The vitality of the reed flowers is so magical that it unfolds itself to the fullest extent, making the viewer bewildered and lingered for a long time, stepping forward, gently playing with his hands and scattering, forgetting the way back. 

Reed flowers in the mountains of Da Lat are different from those in other areas, that is, the stem is smaller, the flower is also a bit smaller. In return, the tree grows into a field and becomes a symbol of the wild beauty of the great plateau. Beautiful when the clusters of pure white flowers sway in the wind under the thin reflection of sunlight, in the distance is the majestic mountains and forests creating a very peaceful feeling. Just looking at it once will be engraved in everyone’s mind. 

2. When is the best time to see the reed flowers?

Reed flowers usually bloom around April-June every year, depending on the area, the time of blooming varies for several weeks. The season of reed grass reaches the fields in the hills, forest edges, alluvial fields, and white roadsides that stand out among the green grass. The color of red flowers in Da Lat is different from white and fresher than in many other places. 

May-June is the season when reed flowers bloom

Summer when flowers are in full bloom is also an ideal time for you to visit and admire the scenery. Da Lat’s climate is not hot and sunny, the average temperature only ranges from 18-22 degrees Celsius, cool, the wind blows gently. Walking around in the fields of flowers and reeds in Da Lat will give you interesting experiences.

3. Beautiful fields of flowers and reeds in Da Lat

Grass hill is located in Tuyen Lam Lake area

Address: Located on the road to the Clay Tunnel, about 5km from the center of Da Lat city

Directions: You depart from Da Lat city center and follow TL723 to Da Sar commune. If you cross the Da Sar bridge for more than 1km, you will see a new concrete road. After going through this road, you turn to the right for another 100m, then meet the residential group and turn to the dirt road on the left. Continue to go to the cemetery at the top of the hill, then you can park your car and walk down another 1km and you will see the grass hill. 

Da Lat’s field of white flowers and reeds is extremely beautiful, located on a vast hill range, giving a feeling of being overwhelmed and excited by anyone who gets lost in this area and wants to linger for a long time. Going with a lot of friends, everyone will surely enjoy taking lots of beautiful pictures with many magical angles. Go when the sun is slightly up or in the afternoon, the light is the most beautiful. 

The space is cool and comfortable. Any photo taken is like being lost in another sky that is not on earth. This area does not take tickets to enter and there is no time limit for visitors to have fun. 

Da Lat Pedagogical College

Address: 109 Yersin, Ward 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

The field of red flowers near the College of Education

Directions: You start from the fountain and follow the direction of Lam Vien square about 1.3km. You will see the fork and then turn right onto Yersin street go about 400m more and you will see the fork turn left again. Then you go straight on the 800m long road, you will immediately see Da Lat Pedagogical College.

Right in the College of Pedagogy, you will see a field of extremely beautiful white reed flowers. Going to this place, you will visit the road many interesting things with beautiful and poetic scenery. Reed grass is planted in a large field, if you go closer, you will see that the delicate reed cotton is lightly touched and it seems that it can disappear in the wind. 

You do your research before the flowers bloom to capture the perfect moment. Each flower season will save a lot of wonderful memories, remember to bring a camera to take pictures. 

The field of reed grass at Cau Dat

Address: Cau Dat Hamlet, Xuan Truong Commune, City. Da Lat, Lam Dong.

Directions: You start from the big C supermarket (Lam Vien Square) and move along Quang Trung street about 4km. You go and then turn right along Tran Quy Cap street for about 500m, turn left along Hung Vuong street for another 5km and then follow Tu Phuoc – Trai Mat street. You drive to QL20 road, you will meet Cau Dat market, then turn left into the big market junction and you will see a field of reed grass growing along both sides of the road.

Dalat reed flower field in the Cau Dat area in the blooming season is extremely beautiful. Where the land is fertile, the climate is cool, you can also enjoy the green tea hills that follow each other to the horizon. The field of reed grass grows naturally lush green, each bunch of reeds fluttering in the wind, giving off a light fragrance. 

Phu Dong Thien Vuong reed hill

Address: Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, City. Da Lat.

The luxuriant reed flower field on Phu Dong Thien Vuong street

Directions: If you start from the city center, follow the direction of the intersection of 5 universities, then look to the left of Hai Quan Hotel. You continue to drive straight on the road, you will come to Phu Dong Thien Vuong street. 

Reed grass grows in clusters on the side of the road which is extremely beautiful, stepping down you will feel like you are lost in a fairy tale world. The plants here grow well and luxuriantly, looking out into the distance, you will see a tall green pine forest that is extremely eye-catching. This location looks poetic from any angle, the blue and white color adorns the impressive vast sky.

In harsh weather conditions, trees still grow up into a forest, coming here you will see the vast grassy hills running long. From a distance, the white stretch makes everyone’s heart flutter, the wildness contains something that makes everyone bewildered. Standing in the field of excellent photography, needless to say, you keep bringing up the camera continues to give unique photos. 

Cam Ly Airport

Address: Ward 5, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Directions: You start from the city and drive in the direction of the road to Van Thanh flower village towards Ta Nung pass. Then you ask for directions to Cam Ly airport, people will show you there.

The airport area is large with many vacant lots, few people know that there is an extremely beautiful luxuriant reed field. Flowers grow only wild but everyone is fascinated to see, the beauty is not too flowery but has a strange attraction. In the midst of this vast space, the wind blows cool, the mind immersed in the natural scenery will be much more relaxed, leaving behind the troubles in the busy and hard daily life.

The field of reed flowers at Cam Ly airport

The flowers of reeds that grow everywhere bloomed out, releasing small white seeds that were swept away by the wind and then fell to the ground to continue to proliferate. Sunset is the moment many young people choose to admire this beautiful scenery. Watching the sunny sky appear bright yellow, the reed grass just swayed slightly as if it wanted to melt into heaven and earth. High and low branches undulate naturally. 

4. Some notes when going to see reed flowers in Da Lat

  • If you want to hunt for beautiful reed flowers, you should find out in advance where the field is, until the flower season is in full bloom to enjoy the beautiful white flowers.
  • Many fields in the suburbs far from the city are on difficult roads, so you should choose the right vehicle, go carefully to ensure safety.
  • Summer in Da Lat is not too hot but still sunny, remember to bring umbrellas, hats and sunscreen to walk for many hours without burning.
  • The fields of flowers and reeds in Da Lat are dirt roads, you should wear low shoes so as not to get entangled or comfortable to run and jump to create a unique beauty.
  • If you are looking for a place to take pictures of art, virtual life, wedding photography, remember to note the blooming season of reeds to catch all the wonderful moments.
  • Visiting the reed garden even if there is no manager, you should also keep the awareness not to crush and break branches to damage trees or litter unhygienic or damaged landscapes.

Through this article, you already know specific information about Dalat reed flower fields. The land of thousands of flowers always contains such a sweet and wild natural beauty. To catch a beautiful moment, remember to visit the blooming season.

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