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Romantic pink fluttering on the slopes of Nha Trang pink reed grass

Nha Trang’s pink reed grass slope is a poetic, sweet attraction. This is not only a destination that gives visitors beautiful virtual photos but also promises to be an ideal relaxation space, taking you away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. 

Introduction about Nha Trang pink reed grass slope

Have you ever wondered if you came to a city to explore so many famous sights but accidentally missed the lovely little things. In Nha Trang, there is a beautiful place that makes people momentarily bewildered by the poetic scenery. That is the slope of pink reed grass fluttering in the very gentle wind. 

Nha Trang has long been compared to “the pearl of the East Sea”. Besides famous names such as: Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang Beach, Yang Bay Waterfall , etc., this land still has many lovely little corners waiting for visitors to explore and admire. Prominent among them is the slope of Nha Trang pink reed grass . This is a slope that was accidentally formed during the opening of the road but creates a poetic stop. 

Romantic pink fluttering on the slopes of Nha Trang pink reed grass
Nha Trang pink reed grass slope

Nha Trang’s pink reed grass slope not only attracts a large number of tourists to live virtual life, wander for a while in the midst of chaos, immerse in the gentle scenery, but also is a favorite choice of backpackers in their journeys. passing through the coastal city of Nha Trang. 

Pink reed grass is also known as foxtail grass. This is a type of grass with a slender shape, often growing and growing on cliffs, hills, forest edges, stream feet or sporadically in winding, winding roads, … Depending on weather conditions, cotton will be large or small. On the days when the reed flowers are in full bloom, visitors will be able to see the red and pink color that brightens up a space from early morning. When the sun shines on the top of the head, the color changes to a very poetic pink color. Because of that, the ideal time to visit this slope is from 5:30 to 7 a.m. or sunset. At that time, the grass reeds the most beautiful color. 

The pink flowers of the reed grass create a very romantic scene

The road to the slope of pink reed grass in Nha Trang

Coming to Nha Trang’s pink reed grass slope on a peaceful afternoon, visitors can feel this place as a gentle but attractive little corner and make visitors flutter. To move here easily, you can find the Z753 factory, the grass slope will be opposite this factory. 

Because it is located on the national highway to break the mountain, which means that the west side of the road is usually higher than the ground, the pink reed grass slope is higher than the road surface, below the slope is the North-South train track. Pink reed grass swaying gently in the breeze is already beautiful, when following the passing train, leaning to one side makes the scene even more poetic.

Because it is located on the national road breaking mountains, it means that the west side of the road will be higher than the ground, the pink reed grass slope is higher than the road surface, the bottom of the slope has a north-south railway track. The rows of pink reed grass swaying in the gentle wind, when a train passes by, the flowers are tilted to one side, making the scene become very poetic. 

Find your way to Z753 factory to reach the grass slope

The poetic beauty of Nha Trang pink reed grass slope

Nha Trang pink grass slope has no fixed entrance fee or opening hours. This is an unspoiled destination that packs in a bit of peace in the busy city of Nha Trang. It is the gentle pink color of the reed grass that makes this space strangely peaceful. Grass slope is located opposite the factory Z753, on the road to Vinh Luong village. If you just pass by, don’t pay attention, you will easily miss a little bit of light in this beautiful coastal city. 

Nha Trang is known for its sunny road, with dishes made from sweet seafood, about a region of bright yellow sunshine with a clear blue sky like our youth. But it seems that Nha Trang also has a self-love corner, in which we immerse ourselves, silently watching the sweet pink reed grass playing with the gentle breeze. Sunset or because of the beautiful scenery that makes people feel the sun? Only at that time, our hearts were stunned.

This is a free attraction

That slope, created from breaking rocks to pave the way, accidentally creates a beautiful and beautiful thing that makes people have one more thing to return to this coastal city. One of the things that makes this place so popular with someone who accidentally gets lost is the image of a winding train line. This place is a bit old-fashioned, a little quiet, but also very poetic. Lost in this place, just feel that every journey is so magical.

Famous for its sunny streets, delicious seafood dishes, Nha Trang is a land of brilliant sunshine, clear blue sky like youth, but Nha Trang also seems to have a self-love corner that makes visitors immerse themselves. in it, silently watching the pink reed grass gently play with the wind, making the traveler’s soul fall in love.

The pink color of the fragile reed grass seems to fly with the wind to new lands. In the hot afternoon sun , the beautiful Nha Trang pink reed grass slopes  like a fairy-tale place make people suddenly quiet, release their souls to the wind and caress their bodies, let the pressures outside, feel the peace. Quiet and sweet dominate the emotions. 

The slanted reeds drop with the wind

If there is an appropriate name to give this slope, perhaps the name “self-love slope” is the most appropriate. Because the scenery here is beautiful and gentle in the wind and knows how to caress the emotions of viewers. It is the delicate and tender pink color that makes many people feel excited and want to return. The happiness of a wandering heart sometimes just needs such spaces. A place that doesn’t need to be magnificent, majestic or make people gasp in amazement, but just a small beautiful slope is enough to make you slow down, think differently and give more love. 

A moment of amazement, a moment of bewilderment, a moment of love are fully summed up in the moment watching the reeds fluttering on the small slope. Surely when returning from Nha Trang after a trip, your thoughts are not only blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine but also a gentle moment when suddenly thinking about the dreamy pink space on the slope. that. 

Just the gentle pink color of the mop is enough to make many people flutter

Note when coming to Nha Trang pink reed grass slope

When you come to live virtual life on the slopes of Nha Trang pink reed grass, you should avoid making noise, affecting the surrounding houses, especially in the section around the train tracks. In addition, this ramp has no way up, only a ladder going up and down. So be careful when moving. Don’t forget to lock the vehicle because there is no parking lot or valet here. 

When you come to take photos, you should take care of your vehicle and property!

Perhaps many times you have wondered what the peaceful city of Nha Trang has that makes many people feel nostalgic every time they visit. This land can sow nostalgia in people’s hearts by all kinds of top dishes, friendly people, cool sea and even a little sweet dream dropped on that slope of Nha Trang pink reed grass .

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