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Camping spots for the day to return to Da Lat

A camping trip immersed in nature will help visitors recharge after a long time of not “moving”.

The season change is a beautiful time to travel to Da Lat (Lam Dong), especially camping, immersing in nature, and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the land of fog.

Encapsulated in a camping trip, visitors can not only breathe fresh air, enjoy the refreshment of nature and trees, but also hunt clouds, watch the sunrise, hold a BBQ party and enjoy the scenery. a night with friends.

Hon Bo Mountain

Address: Ward 12

The top of Hon Bo mountain is 1,700 m higher than sea level, a place that attracts young people to take outdoor photos and wedding photos. Here, visitors can combine trekking and camping.

Hon Bo mountain is considered a short and easy trekking destination compared to other places in Da Lat. To reach the top of the mountain, visitors only take about 1-2 hours. This place is peaceful, the space is cool and the scent of the old pine forest is faint, visitors can feel the cool and fresh taste gently touching the skin.

Experience camping overnight at Hon Bo mountain, you can organize a cozy barbecue with friends and spend time hunting at night. With a beautiful view overlooking the Thai Phien flower village right at the foot of the hill, visitors can both admire the scenery and catch all the photos of the valley shimmering with light.

Besides, rattan hunting is associated with camping at Hon Bo mountain. From the top of the high mountain, visitors can watch the sea of ​​clouds appearing and stretching from one hilltop to another around 4 am and gradually dissipating at 6-7 am, making way for the first rays of light.

Photo: Boon6969, Chinh_nguyen1407.

Da Phu Hill

Address: Ward 7

Da Phu Hill has a majestic and rustic landscape of the mountain town. Located about 10-12 km from the city center, the road up here is quite steep, very suitable for those who like to exercise.

Visitors can camp along the road or on the top of the hill. The chosen location should be an open place to see the sky and the whole of Da Lat. Da Phu Hill also has a view of the valley of lights at the foot and a romantic sunset.

Along with that, the scenery on the hill when welcoming the new day also captivates many people, with colorful rays of light piercing through the floating clouds. The blue of the sky, the white clouds drifting, and the brown of the earth, the green of the trees, blend together, providing a beautiful photographic background.

Photo: Whereizhanhan.

Tuyen Lam Lake

Address: Ward 4

Tuyen Lam Lake is a familiar name and symbol of Dalat tourism. The lake is located in the area of ​​the road going down the Prenn Pass, 2 km from Datanla Dalat waterfall tourist area and about 7 km from the city center.

As a place for recreational activities and tourism, Tuyen Lam Lake has fresh air and beautiful natural scenery to help visitors forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

Visitors can experience many activities such as enjoying yachts, kayaking, fishing, checking-in wooden bridges… or with friends setting up tents, making campfires, and organizing outdoor BBQ parties here.

You can contact the Tuyen Lam Lake Management Board for directions to the campsite. At the lake, there is also a rental of necessary camping equipment at a reasonable price, visitors can call if there is a need for advice.

Photo: Alice.041, Kib_ng.

Thien Phuc Duc Hill

Address: Ward 7

Thien Phuc Duc Hill is located opposite Langbiang mountain. From the inner city of Da Lat, visitors only take about 20 minutes to move to this place. The hill is a favorite destination for young people. With wild and poetic beauty, this place offers visitors impressive scenes to freely take pictures with many concepts.

On the other hand, on the hill, there is a large open space, flat and airy, very suitable for overnight camping. However, because it is a bare hill with few trees, this place often has strong winds and cold air at night. The area around the hill is also deserted, without many shops. Therefore, to camp here, visitors must actively prepare everything.

Welcoming sunrise and sunset at Thien Phuc Duc hill are one of the most appreciated experiences by tourists when traveling to Dalat. At these two times, the picture of nature appears most fanciful and alluring.

Photo: Whereizhanhan, Nguyengoc181.

Note when camping

– The choice of camping spot in Da Lat depends on the needs of visitors. If you don’t like adventure, you can choose places near the center like Tuyen Lam lake so you don’t have to climb much. While, if you want to hunt clouds, the top of Thien Phuc Duc hill or Hon Bo mountain is the ideal place.

– At the end of the year, the temperature in Da Lat may drop sharply, visitors need to check the weather forecast in advance to prepare warm clothes, avoid rainy days to make the trip smoother.

– Choose a campsite in a flat place, avoid steep slopes, rough rocks, or sharp objects that can tear the tent. When sleeping, visitors should close the tent door and preserve personal property.

– The city center also has many places to rent tents and camping equipment. If you cannot prepare fully in advance, you can contact the shops here.

– Here are suggestions for essential items for camping:

  • Camping tents, picnic mats, insulation mats, sleeping bags, warm clothes and accessories (blankets, towels, gloves, socks, thermal bags…).
  • Cooking utensils, barbecue grills, grills, food, pre-marinated ingredients, drinking water, coal…
  • Personal belongings (toothpaste, wet wipes, hand sanitizer…), flashlights, travel backpacks, sleeping blindfolds…
  • Preventive medicine, insect spray, mosquito repellent bracelet, anti-allergy medicine…
  • Other items such as decorative lights, speakers, boardgame decks, garbage bags…

– Visitors also do not forget to clean up after camping to preserve the environment.