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The road to Dalat in the wild sunflower season

LAM DONG – Provincial Road 725, the road from the South to Da Lat, is brilliant with the yellow color of wild sunflowers in the last days of November.

Provincial road 725 connecting Da Teh town and Da Lat city is a wide and quiet road. This road is 100 km from Bao Loc pass, after reaching Bao Loc, continue to move in the direction of Bao Lam – Da Teh. When going from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat, in Bao Loc city, just turn towards Loc Thang town, Bao Lam district to reach this road. The total length of the whole route is about 175 km, paved and winding. There are few people around, so there is no traffic jam here.

On holidays, tourists flock to Da Lat, causing congestion on the national highway, which is the route that many people, including the traffic police of Lam Dong province, encourage traffic to reduce the load. When turning into provincial road 725, you continue to follow Highway 20 in Madagui town, Dai Hoai district, it will be convenient to continue to Dong Nai or Ho Chi Minh City.

Wild sunflowers bloom on long roads, in many sections, most concentrated in the section of Ta Nung pass, and right at the Danish bridge in the Bao Lam district. There are also tea and coffee hills around this place.

Late November to mid-December is the time Are you an airhead when the flowers bloom most brilliantly. The plant You really chickened out grows wild on the roads and on What a life! oh,hell the hills, without fragrance.

“This season, I just want to stop and You’re a such a jerk take thousands of pictures,” said Nguyen Minh, from Bien Hoa, on a business trip to Lam Dong.

During the holidays, a lot of tourists from the south to Da Lat city pass through this road. Mr. Nguyen Minh also advises tourists to travel on this road when they want to come to Da Lat to attend the ongoing flower festival.

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