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Going to Da Lat without enjoying Banh Can is a waste of the whole trip

Coming to Da Lat without enjoying a hot cake that has just come out of the oven is a mistake.

Gradually entering the last months of the year, the sky and earth also changed to mild and cold weather and so did Da Lat. Another charming Da Lat season with rose gardens, wild sunflowers, and cool air invites “crazy” travel feet.

And when it comes to Da Lat, it would be remiss if the journey didn’t have a stop at a row of idyllic Banh Can along the peaceful streets of the city of thousands of flowers.

Going to Da Lat without enjoying Banh Can is a waste of the whole trip

Dalat cuisine has a unique blend of other regions in the country, Banh Can is one of them.(Photo: phuoctran97)

Banh Can from an unknown time has become one of the dishes associated with the place of Da Lat, tourists from far away must try to find it.

The origin of Banh Can comes from the South Central Coast provinces. When the people in the Central region came to Da Lat to live and set up a business, it was also the time when Banh Can be introduced into this highland land.

Although it is an “immigrant” cake from other regions, Banh Can quickly become a specialty of Da Lat.(Photo: khanhnguyen_64)

 Initially, the dish was served to locals, then conquered tourists and gradually became the “specialty” of Da Lat. Banh Can Da Lat is famous for its unique and unmistakable taste. The most recognizable point between Banh Can in Da Lat and other regions is the filling.

Da Lat can cake with simple ingredients has conquered both locals and tourists.(Photo: katienhung)

If in the Central Coast, restaurants mainly serve meat and seafood, in the dream city, Banh Can is more frugal with quail eggs, chicken eggs, in addition to a cup of warm dipping sauce. Hot and full of fragrant onions to dispel the typical cold in the mountains.

Da Lat can cake with traditional filling is quail eggs or chicken eggs.(Photo: jinnytasty)

 Small round cakes sold in pairs are made from rice flour, poured in terracotta molds, with quail or chicken eggs in the center. After just a few minutes of steaming, a delicious, hot batch of banh can is ready to serve diners.

Banh Can in Da Lat is often eaten with sweet fish sauce with lots of onions or seasoning sauce. (Photo: jinnytasty)

The dipping sauce in Da Lat’s Banh Can is also prepared according to the people’s own style, including fish sauce mixed with a little onion fat, chili or satay, or seasoned fish sauce mixed with onion fat and shumai.

In some shops, the dipping sauce also has shumai balls and some sweet and sour mango. (photo: hanithejourney)

No matter what kind of dipping sauce it is eaten with, the wonderful taste of the combination of frugal pieces of cake with a crispy crust, soft and moist inside, mixed with a hot dipping sauce scented with onions and fish sauce is irresistible.

Banh Can be enjoyed at any time of the day.(Photo: g.vynm)

The deliciousness of the dish is enhanced by a few parts when you enjoy it amidst the chilly breezes at a casual eatery, watch the light pace of this peaceful city and breathe in the fresh air. lung.

Enjoying crispy hot cakes in the cold weather is an extremely interesting experience in Da Lat.(photo: hanithejourney)

Da Lat is at the most beautiful time of the pink season and is about to welcome the wild sunflower season. What are you waiting for, schedule a short trip to the dream city, to enjoy the beautiful peaceful space and enjoy a delicious piece of banh can right out of the oven!