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56m² apartment warmly warm spring with hundreds of bonsai trees and flowers in Hanoi

The beautiful baby nest of Ngoc Diep’s family happily welcomes the New Year when adding flowers, ornamental plants, and a tray of five fruits.

The owner of the apartment is a young mother with two children born in 1993. Currently she is running an online business. After buying an apartment on high ground with a view of the city, the couple spent a lot of time renovating and taking care of them. Her husband has a hobby of planting bonsai trees, so although the house area is somewhat limited, he still cleverly arranges each green corner with the presence of plant pots.

On the first day of the new spring, her family’s small overhead space becomes even more cozy and beautiful with the presence of brilliantly blooming peach branches, beautiful little kumquat trees, brilliant flower pots on the dining table. Definitely indispensable five fruit tray. Each small corner is simply decorated with the traditional beauty of New Year’s Day, but her family’s living space is more cozy, jubilant and happier.

The idea of ​​Tet decorations came to her and her husband very quickly. Both went to choose peach branches right on To Huu Street, Ha Dong. In the evening, both of them assembled to make use of the available furniture in the house, added a five-fruit tray, buffalo bought from Bat Trang a long time ago … All gathered to create a lovely corner for Tet.

56m² apartment warmly warm spring with hundreds of bonsai trees and flowers in Hanoi

The couple bought peach branches and small kumquat trees and arranged their nests to decorate the New Year.

Lovely corner of aquarium and camellia tree.

Ms. Ngoc Diep shared about her home: “When I got home, this 56 square meter apartment was born. I gave birth to my first daughter, so all the ideas about choosing clothes were made by my husband. He did his research and arranged. 2 small bedrooms and 1 bathroom, so I do not rent a design.

There is one bedroom in the apartment with no window. Her husband Diep has opened two windows for the air. While cooking in the kitchen, you can also look after your baby.

The living room space is considered the center of the apartment, where her husband can place many bonsai trees, designing small scenes. This is also the place where Mrs. Diep loves to cleverly decorate the family photo on the wall, beautify it by arranging flowers, lighting the lights. From the living room you can see the sparkling city from above at night. In the living room, she and her husband set up a small wooden table so they could both enjoy tea and chat together.

Decor with beautiful flower basket.

Buffaloes bought in Bat Trang have long been brought to home decoration.

A corner with the taste of Tet.

Cherry branches bloom brilliantly.

Small space warm spring color.

An iron shelf close to the kitchen was installed by her husband a small aquarium. He also watched a clip of making an aquarium and gradually developed an affinity with fish and trees. Her husband’s hobby of taking care of trees and raising fish sometimes makes her “angry”. But looking at the current space, Mrs. Diep feels satisfied when the home becomes more and more beautiful, green.

Her husband’s hobby of growing bonsai is also very meticulous. Because when he brought the tree home, he was working hard every day to carry the pots to catch the sun, water bathe, and calf in the evening. In his free time, he pruned, knocked, repotted, bent branches …

A small scene with bonsai of her husband Diep.

Beautiful baby plants.

The space is cared for by her husband every day.

I really love this high-altitude home of her family.

Small bonsai corner connected to the green balcony area. She and her husband came up with the idea of ​​creating a fake tree wall on the balcony, buying the materials themselves and watching the clip to assemble. The decorations in the house are almost always Mrs. Diep to order.

The balcony area is only nearly 2m2, but everything is very neatly arranged, “hidden” behind the trees. Her husband works many floors to plant trees, so the tiny area is located about nearly a hundred kinds of mini bonsai of various types such as ruby, apricot blossom, and cedar … and also has a mausoleum, jasmine brought from the countryside.

The living area also has a balcony, where the couple have wall designs with fake trees.

Her husband placed hundreds of mini bonsai pots on the balcony.

At night, from the balcony you can see the sparkling city.

Apartment on the 24th floor but not stuffy thanks to the beauty of the trees. Every small corner is filled with sunlight and wind. Thanks to the tree, the air in the small apartment is always relaxed and fresh, making people love their home more and more every day.

Photo source: NVCC/ Nhịp sống Viet

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