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Coffee shop looking at dó paper paintings

HANOI – In addition to serving drinks, the small cafe also displays do paper according to the modern art school for visitors to enjoy.

Located at 25A Ly Quoc Su Street, only about 150 meters from the Cathedral, Do Cafe & Art stands out with its elegant red color. At first glance, the cafe looks like a gallery. In fact, this place is a combination where guests can both sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the paintings.

The shop owner, Ms. Thu Hang, said that the shop was named Do after her interest and preference for dó paper – the type of paper used for painting in Vietnamese folk art. At the restaurant, guests can admire the paintings painted on this type of paper with their own eyes.

The paper paintings at the shop are not folk paintings but according to the modern art school, by painters Ngo Thi Phuong Binh and Dinh Y Nhi. What makes the female owner passionate about this paper material is because it bears the typical Vietnamese imprint and needs a certain meticulousness. “Drawing on dó paper requires high technique and care, because the paper is very thin and easy to tear,” said Hang.

Each picture has its own story, guests can drink coffee while enjoying, and at the same time contemplate the meaning of the picture for themselves. In the picture is a painting by artist Ngo Thi Phuong Binh, with the image of a man’s face assembled from countless women’s bodies. Hang shared, the number of paintings will increase in the future and the way the paintings are displayed at the shop will change after a certain period of time.

The restaurant space consists of 3 floors. In addition to dó paper paintings, the shop also displays collections of oil paintings and sculptures. Both the 2nd and 3rd floors have balconies for guests wishing to smoke.

The place that many guests love is the spacious 2nd floor balcony with a view of the street.

In addition to viewing paintings, the shop also has its own bookcase for guests to choose to read, most of which are famous Vietnamese literary works.

The menu of the restaurant costs from 30,000 to 70,000 VND. Featured drinks include chocolate layer and espresso egg coffee. Chocolate layer consists of 3 layers, drink bar, pleasant. Ms. Hang said, she created drinks with enough nutrients for diners to use instead of breakfast. The only minus point of the restaurant is that there is not much parking space.

In particular, at the shop, there are two plates displayed by the late writer Nguyen Huy Thiep, dedicated to the owner. In addition, in the space of the shop, there are also many sculptures to help guests have more experience to enjoy, besides looking at paintings. Follow vnexpress

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