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Xoi Xeo – An idyllic but attractive breakfast gift in Hanoi, especially when the monsoon comes

The image of baskets on the sidewalk with colorful legs is familiar to Hanoians. A basket of sticky rice with all kinds of Xeo, peanuts, black beans… But the most popular sticky rice dish is sticky rice.

Xoi Xeo is a familiar dish of Hanoians. If to explain why it is called sticky rice, is difficult for anyone to explain. Some people say that when making sticky rice, they have to cut the strips of beans on the sticky rice diagonally, some people explain that due to a wrong name of a street vendor, this unlucky sticky rice dish must have such a “terrible” name. . But no matter how you explain it, this dish is always attractive.

Xoi Xeo – An idyllic but attractive breakfast gift in Hanoi, especially when the monsoon comes

Photo: Uncle Hew.

Xoi xeo – a simple breakfast dish in Hanoi

In addition to pho, Banh Cuon, bread…, and sticky rice is one of the most attractive breakfast dishes. A pack of sticky rice costs from 10,000-20,000 VND but is enough to recharge in the morning. If you don’t hurry, the rows of sticky rice that are only open until the early morning are sold out. Xoi Xeo can be sold all year round, every season has its own characteristics, eating in winter is warm, and eating in summer is delicious.

Photo: Uncle Hew.

A portion of sticky rice consists of sticky rice, green beans, fried onions and fat, and a unique combination of simple but perfect ingredients. Holding a packet of hot and warm sticky rice, each grain of sticky rice is shiny yellow, fragrant with glutinous rice, green beans cut into thin slices, filling the packet of sticky rice and sprinkled with fat and onions. You scoop a spoonful of sticky rice with fried onions, you will feel a sense of refreshment, clean and pleasant aroma.

Hanoians are famous for their meticulousness in eating and drinking, but making sticky rice bags has really become a habit of many people and is an indispensable breakfast gift. Cooking sticky rice is not easy. From choosing rice, choosing beans, if so that the seeds are soft enough, yellow enough…

Photo: Uncle Hew.

In Hanoi, it’s easy to find sticky rice in the morning, almost every street or under the buildings near the companies, there are also images of girls and women in baskets. Here are some delicious sticky rice restaurants in Hanoi.

Delicious sticky rice dishes in Hanoi

1. Miss May’s sticky rice – Hang Bai

Photo: @ninheating.

As a name that is no stranger to Hanoians, “Xoi Xeo Co May” has existed for nearly 30 years. Although it is just a small corner on the sidewalk, the sticky rice shop is always crowded with customers. May’s sticky rice has a blend of sticky sticky rice, greasy fat and green beans and fragrant fried onions, creating a familiar breakfast dish for generations of Hanoians, with a unique character.

In particular, Co May’s sticky rice is also known by many foreign tourists. Around September 2019, this sticky rice restaurant appeared on Korean TV station tvN. It is known that everything on the basket of sticky rice is homemade, so it has its own flavor that is hard to match anywhere else.

2. Sticky sticky rice with Ms. Tuyet – Cu Loc (Thanh Xuan)

Tuyet sticky rice shop is located in Cu Loc alley (Thanh Xuan), which has existed for nearly 30 years. The owner of the sticky rice restaurant is Tuong Mai – a village famous for the best sticky rice in Hanoi. Sticky rice is wrapped in lotus leaves or green banana leaves, so it is very fragrant and retains its original flavor.

Tuyet’s sticky rice sold out very quickly, only about 8 hours later than it was difficult to buy. Every day, Ms. Tuyet will sell from 10 to 15 kg of rice. A serving of sticky rice costs from 10,000-20,000 VND/serving.

3. Xoi Nguyet – Dao Tan

Located on Dao Tan and Ba Dinh streets, sticky rice has existed for more than 10 years. From a burden of sticky rice on the sidewalk, thanks to the support of everyone, Nguyet sticky rice opened a restaurant for customers to sit and enjoy. The restaurant’s sticky rice is rated as the standard of Phu Thuong craft village. It’s different from foam, soft and supple, not crushed, and still flexible for a long time.

Photo: Nguyen Ha.

Sticky rice with peanut butter with fried rice is only 10,000 VND for the whole day, adding a piece of soft pork or spring rolls is only 15,000 VND. If anyone wants to eat sticky rice with meat, you can order sticky rice at the back of the restaurant, full option of egg rolls, meat, sausages, chicken, mushrooms, all kinds of 30,000-45,000 VND depending on the order. At peak morning hours, the sticky rice shop is crowded with people coming in and out.

Photo: Nguyen Ha.

Xoi xeo is always a dish that sticks with the people of Hanoi, a name that customers from far away look for. With a long history, the idyllic sticky rice stalls in the middle of Hanoi have always received the support of diners.

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