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In Pu Luong, the rice season is ripe and golden everywhere, if you don’t go, you will regret it!

The pristine Pu Luong is now even more attractive with the golden color covering the terraced fields when the rice season is ripe. Come now to be immersed in romantic and poetic scenery, explore nature, and especially capture memorable moments.

Why should you come to Pu Luong in the ripe rice season?

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is located in Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa. Bordering and close to Mai Chau of Hoa Binh. With high mountainous terrain, wild, peaceful and poetic scenery, this place is likened to the “Sapa of Thanh”. A place where you can watch the ripe golden rice season, go sightseeing and freely check in “virtual life” without having to move too far to the highlands of the Northwest or Northeast.

Photo: @duongtronghiep

Besides, it is a place that still retains the attractive beauty of nature, a suitable place to stay away from the dust and noise of the city. Although in the hot summer, in Pu Luong you can still feel the cool and fresh air. Traveling Thanh Hoa to Pu Luong, you can breathe in the new scent of rice and see the beautiful terraced fields from above that are hard to describe in words.

In Pu Luong, the rice season is ripe and golden everywhere, if you don’t go, you will regret it!
Photo: @meiitenn

The yellow color of ripe rice stands out against the sky and the green color of the mountains creates a beautiful and vivid landscape picture. Amidst the immense clouds, Pu Luong seems to put on a new shirt. The image of people harvesting rice by manual method, and children following their mothers to harvest rice peacefully makes anyone who witnessed it not from being “fascinated”.

Photo: @lisa.vu91

The best time to see Pu Luong in the ripe rice season

During the year in Pu Luong, there are two ripe rice seasons, in May, June and the end of September and October. At this time, the terraced fields lying gently on the hillside bring a poetic scene, like weaving. soft carpets, iridescent in the sunlight. The countryside atmosphere throughout the peaceful villages is very suitable for you to admire and record yourself the impressive scenery.

Photo: @tuyen.t.duong

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Beautiful places to see ripe rice in Pu Luong

1. Check in the terraced fields

– Ban Hieu terraced fields : this is one of the most beautiful villages in Pu Luong that you should come to see the ripe rice season. Located at an altitude of 1,000m, Hieu village still retains its typical peaceful features. You can combine watching ripe rice with visiting ancient villages, visiting sage farms or climbing waterfalls to cool off.

Photo: @belzeneflazy

– Ban Uoi terraced fields : this place has an impressive beauty not inferior to the golden season of Mu Cang Chai . The golden rice terraces are surrounded by rustic villages, palm forests or deep green limestone mountains. Here you can join the people to harvest rice, and learn about traditional weaving.

Photo: @Ban Uoi

– Chieng Lau terraced fields : This village is located along the Cham river, so when you come here, you will experience rafting, admire the water and especially watch the ripe rice fields. Step on the wooden bridge that crosses the river to the peaceful green village and watch the rice fields ripen far away.

Photo: @linhlinh88

– Rice terraces in Eo Ken village : Experience going to Pu Luong in the ripe rice season Eo Ken village is one of the places with the most brilliant scenery here. The village is surrounded by majestic mountains, stopping by the stream with the people to chat and then drop your soul on the bright yellow rice fields will make you fall in love with this place ever since.

Photo: @nhasanpuluong

2. Pu Luong Peak

Pu Luong Peak is located at an altitude of 1,700m above sea level, this is the destination for the famous cloud hunting experience. Wake up early together to cross the zigzag roads to the top to try the feeling of reaching out to the clouds. When the sunlight turns the way, the clouds will appear in front of your eyes, the beautiful and pure golden terraced fields will surely make you bewildered to watch forever.

Photo: @baolaodong

3. Visit the villages

The villages in Pu Luong in the harvest season are bustling with excitement. People are busy harvesting to preparing for the new crop, coming to villages such as Kho Muong valley , Ban Pon, Ban Thanh Cong, Cao Hoong, Ban Quan, … in addition to checking in, taking pictures of “virtual living” or sniffing. Ha ha the sweet scent of new rice chooses a place to stay with a direct view of the terraced fields to enjoy more viewing. And don’t forget to experience other unique cultural activities.

Photo: @heidypham

Pu Luong cuisine in the ripe rice season

On the journey of “hunting” the impressive moments of ripe rice in Pu Luong, enjoying the unique cuisine of this place is also an experience you should not miss. The specialties bearing the local flavor of this place such as: grilled wild boar, grilled stream fish, hill chicken, bitter bamboo shoots, mountain snails, lam rice, can wine, … are worth enjoying. Especially, Co Lung duck is typical of Ba Thuoc region, with soft meat, small bones, very delicious.

Photo: @maichoiquengiove

Where to see the ripe rice in Pu Luong?

1. Puluong Glaming

The rustic and cozy design of Puluong Glaming’s combination of stilt houses and tents brings closeness. Here, just open the window and the whole rice field will appear right in front of your eyes. Sitting to enjoy a cup of coffee or organize a relaxing outdoor dining party, watching the terraced fields of Pu Luong in the ripe rice season , there is nothing like “chill”.

Photo: @cherry_chu_917

2. Pu Luong Natura

Staying in Natura wake up early to welcome the dawn and admire the sea of ​​white clouds swirling around the top of the mountain, across the terraced rice fields, making it hard for many people to resist. Along with the infinity pool, there are also many miniatures so that you can check in and still see the whole golden rice valley such as swings, wooden bridges, stone roads, …

Photo: @naturabungalow

3. Pu Luong Retreat

Located in Don village, this impressive green-style resort has many room types such as: deluxe bungalow, suite bungalow and dormitory on stilts. You can choose to stay overnight at Pu Luong Retreat where you can watch the ripe rice from your room window or immerse yourself in the infinity pool by the terraced fields without going far. 

Photo: @qanh

4. Pu Luong Treehouse

The green eco-resort with a particularly impressive view of the rice valley. There is a lovely tree house or stilt house for the whole family to relax. The balcony is large to sit reading, drinking tea and enjoying the beautiful scenery. In Pu Luong Treehouse, there is also a swimming pool and opening cooking classes, yoga classes,… 

Photo: @anniesbucketlist

5. Pu Luong Boutique Garden    

A beautiful place to enjoy Pu Luong in the ripe rice season in Don village . Not only the rooms, the cool natural spring water swimming pool with a direct view of the ripe rice terraces is also a place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you love to explore, choose a tour to explore and experience to know more about the culture here.

Photo: @johnnyphongtran

6. Pu Luong Eco Garden

Located at a higher position compared to other places along with green architecture, Pu Luong Eco Garden is chosen by many people as a resort in the ripe rice season. No matter what time the surrounding hills and mountains make you fall in love, you can also choose to join a walking tour or rowing along the river to see the ripe rice and check in more.

Nh: @ jaem.isme

Pu Luong in the ripe rice season is like a lyrical “muse”, a peaceful place is waiting for you to explore and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Seeing the brilliant rice fields and checking in makes you happy and forgetful. What are you waiting for, go today!

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