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At last Alley Street – the corner of Hong Kong has landed in Thanh Hoa!

Street lights up, is a guest. Come check-in and enjoy a cool drink at Alley Street – Hong Kong Corner in Thanh Hoa for a refreshing drink this summer!

Just opened, but Hong Kong Corner Alley in Thanh Hoa was crowded with people. Join Vietnam Travelers to check-in lightly at the super-virtual corners and ‘examine’ the delicious drink menu at the Alley!

Search the coordinates of Street Alley – Hong Kong Corner in Thanh Hoa (Photo: Bimstudio)

Street lights up, is a guest HongKong Alley dressed up. Come check-in and enjoy a cool and refreshing drink this summer! With a bold Hong Kong atmosphere, Alley Street brings a new and different chill corner to Thanh Hoa’s people. Summer has come back, there is a corner to drink refreshments and smash the heat right away!

The chill corner of Hong Kong in the heart of Thanh Hoa

Chill at Alley Street – corner of Hong Kong in Thanh Hoa

Just opened in early May, but Alley Pho has become the ‘gut’ of many young Thanh Hoa. Even from the opening days to the present, Alley Street has not been overloaded with visitors.

At last Alley Street – the corner of Hong Kong has landed in Thanh Hoa!
Come to the Alley – Chill now!

Although open from morning to night, people are still eager for this unique and fragrant fragrance in Thanh Hoa’s heart. Street Alley is decorated inspired by the scenery of Hong Kong port with old decade-style photo walls, familiar color lights in Hong Kong movies, red lanterns, glowing billboards. alley. 

Balcony Corner at Thanh Hoa Alley (Photo: Phuong Thao)

Just getting on the foggy clothes, there are dozens of check-in boxes at the Hong Kong Street Alley in Thanh Hoa. From the “divine” staircase corner of Pho Street, next to the vintage wall, order counter, or simply standing in the middle of the alley, whether sitting or standing, holding up the camera is an auto with “genuine” photos! What is ‘to wear for a happy life?’ – Just ignore and go to Alley Street – Corner of Hong Kong in Thanh Hoa is to love life right away!

Super friendly staff at Alley house

If you have ever visited Hong Kong Corner in Hanoi or Da Nang, you will know the arched corridor, overlooking the whole alley with neon lights, concealed signs. Right at Alley Street in Thanh Hoa , there is also a super virtual corner, an arched corridor for a panoramic view, quality check-in, it seems like a real native port. No need to worry about finding a check-in address in Thanh Hoa !

Hong Kong’s bold decor (Photo: Bimstudio)

In particular, just enjoy the virtual vitality of checking in with the super-quality beverage menu but the price is super mini only from 15k, what are you waiting for without immediately pulling the close friends to visit Alley Street – Hong Kong Corner in Thanh Hoa right away?

There is also a ‘must try’ at Thanh Hoa Street, which is black-sugar buffalo-legged young tofu, a cool, fragrant, and greasy bowl of tofu is also very popular with young people. In addition, lemon tea is also a super-ordered drink in the Alley!

Super delicious and delicious lemon tea
Black sugar bubble milk tea – ‘must try’ in the alley
Cafe Matcha is rich in fragrant nose
Snacks accompanying
Sour rolls in accordance with Thanh Hoa standards

Come to the alley, you can not forget to enjoy the rich matcha cafe, try it out. Or the black sugar pearl milk tea with true HongKong flavor, with the smell of delicious and delicious tea, but the price is also quite soft, only 30k / cup. 

The alley is always busy with people visiting

Of course, summer cooling drinks are indispensable for super cool combos sipping fresh beer and fruit, or chill Strongbow relieves all troubles and bustles with friends, putting off the pressures of work life through one. side. Go to Alley, the chill corner for you to be yourself! 

Checkin is real, smooth shimmering space of Hong Kong night street. Always noisy, only the conversations with friends were peaceful. 

Dress up to check-in now!
  • Exact coordinates of Pho Street – Hong Kong in Thanh Hoa : Lot 13 – LK6 of the old People’s Theater, you can go to the number 138 Dao Duy Tu and then look over to ‘touch’ right the bustling Alley and Busy day or night!
  • Opening hours: From 9:00 am to 23:00 night! Peace of mind to choose virtual life and hang out with you guys!

You are wondering, do not know where this weekend with the chill party? Then go to Alley Street – Hong Kong Corner in Thanh Hoa right away, you will not want to go back there!

Photo: Page Alley Street – HongKong Night Street in Thanh Hoa

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