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The capital of growing Buddha’s hands on the outskirts of Hanoi is busy in the Tet season

At the time of the 2023 Lunar New Year, gardeners growing Buddha’s hands in Dan Phuong district (Hanoi) are busy collecting goods to serve people to buy and display the five-fruit tray on the Tet holiday.

According to folk beliefs, Buddha’s hand is a fruit that means a lot of luck and fortune in the new year. Therefore, this fruit is chosen by many people to display on the altar of the ancestors on the Tet holiday.

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At the end of the year, the garden of Tran Thi Tuyen’s house in Dan Phuong (Hanoi) is busy taking care of and pruning hundreds of Buddha’s hands to release to the market.

Sharing with reporters, Ms. Tuyen said that her family planted nearly 2 acres of Buddha’s hand with more than 400 roots. This year, the weather is favorable, so the tree is beautiful, the fruit is beautiful and the fruit is regular. A beautiful Buddha’s hand must be large, round and left, the fingers of the Buddha’s hand should be even, many fingers, large fingers protruding, wide diameter is beautiful.

According to Ms. Tuyen, this year, selling slower than last year, the price of Buddha’s hand is not as high as the year before the Covid-19 epidemic. The selling price of each Buddha hand in the garden ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 VND/fruit. As for the mutant type, the quantity is very small, the price is from 80,000 – 200,000 VND/fruit.

Buddha’s hand to be about 3 to 5 months, the longer it smells, the more beautiful it is. The fruit has many shapes, some people like chrysanthemum shape, some like multi-fingered fruit…

Dubbed as a fastidious plant, this plant requires high care, and gardeners must also calculate and closely monitor the weather.

“The bad fruits we will pick and sell to traders who come to the garden to buy and make Buddha’s hand essential oil,” Ms. Tuyen added.

According to research, on average, for about 2 years Buddha’s hands will be harvested. The life cycle of the tree is only 5-6 years, it is necessary to move to a new land for cultivation, while the old land will be renovated for a few years before it can return to plant a new litter.

According to the people of Dac So commune (Hoai Duc district), most of the Buddhist gardens in Dong Thap commune (Dan Phuong) are owned by people in the capital of Dac So commune who rent land to cultivate. while waiting for land reclamation.

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