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The ‘Buddha’s hand’ village in the heart of Hanoi is busy with the harvest season to serve the Lunar New Year

These days, many households in Buddha’s hand village in the heart of Hanoi are busy with the harvest.

Many farmer households grow flowers and fruits to serve the Lunar New Year in Dac So commune, Hoai Duc district, Hanoi. Gardeners are busy harvesting to serve the display needs of the full moon day of December and the Lunar New Year.

The Buddha’s hand fruit of farmers in Dac So commune has a brand name because of its durability, beautiful color, and fragrance, so it is known by people in many localities.

The ‘Buddha’s hand’ village in the heart of Hanoi is busy with the harvest season to serve the Lunar New Year

According to the gardener’s share, from the beginning of transplanting, after nearly 2 years, the Buddha’s hand tree was harvested. Photo PT

In the garden of Ms. Chu Thi Huong’s family, it is recorded that there are nearly 300 fruit-laden Buddha trees of all sizes to serve people’s needs. The gardener said that the weather this year is quite favorable, so the yield of the Buddha’s hand is higher than in previous years and the code is also more beautiful. Gardeners like Huong are hoping that from now until Tet, they will harvest and consume all of this.

And at the garden of Mrs. Dinh Thi Vinh’s family, they are harvesting for customers who ordered in advance. Today, her family is harvesting 200 fruits to move to the South. According to Ms. Vinh’s share, with 250 trees, this crop her family harvested more than 10,000 fruits. Most of these have been booked by guests in advance. To transport, the garden owner must wrap each fruit with paper or straw and put it in a foam box, not letting the Buddha’s fingers get bumped.

Depending on each type, the price of Buddha’s hand ranges from 20,000 to several hundred thousand dong, even many fruits cost up to millions of dong because of their beauty – uniqueness – strange still being ordered by traders and customers early. .

According to the share of gardeners, there are two common varieties of Buddha’s hand: white flowers and blue flowers. Currently, varieties of both types are available in the gardens of households in the area. The white variety is usually of high value because the fruit is large and quickly harvested, but when ripe it is not as beautiful as the green variety.

The green variety is smaller, but ripe has a beautiful design. The white variety is more difficult to grow, and the green variety is stronger. The new white fruit variety appeared about 2 years ago, the growers determined that this is a valuable and high-yielding variety, so they will grow it more widely.

Buddha’s hand is known as a fastidious plant, so it requires high care, garden owners also have to calculate carefully and closely monitor the weather.

At this time, gardeners are busy harvesting to sell Tet.

Gardeners are busy packing to bring Buddha’s hand to consume.

“At this time, traders and traders in the provinces race to buy cars to sell on the occasion of the full moon, before Tet, so it is always busy” – Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai shared.

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