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Tourists enjoy the season of golden yellow flowers on Tam Ky river

In the early season, golden blooming on the banks of the poetic Tam Ky River, the whole street of Tam Ky in the golden season; Tourists enjoy enjoying the lotus flower and keep beautiful memories with the melon flowers.
Tourists enjoy the season of golden yellow flowers on Tam Ky river
Every April, the people of Huong Tra village in particular and Hoa Huong ward, Tam Ky city (Quang Nam) are generally very pensive and proud of the season when the yellow rose flowers bloom on the road about 3km long running on the bank. poetic Tam Ky river.
According to Tam Ky City’s Culture and Information Department, the flower festival taking place from April 3-17 this year is expected to welcome about 8,000 visitors here to enjoy and have fun.
Visiting the flower season this year, in addition to being immersed in the vibrant and fanciful yellow color, visitors also attend meaningful and lively activities here.
Women in ao dai are photographed in their Ao Dai, Huong Tra village, Hoa Huong ward, Tam Ky city – the place where the annual flower festival is held. According to the People’s Committee of Hoa Huong ward, currently, on this road there are about 180 trees of all kinds with the age of 40-500 years old.
The pictures taken with the wild flowers at the Coconut Garden during this year’s rose flower festival are the spiritual food of women.
This year, due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, Tam Ky city does not organize festivals but only implement some practical activities to serve the people when they come to enjoy the flowers, thereby contributing to promoting activities. tourism activities of the city and Huong Tra ecological village become a tourist destination of Quang Nam.
The golden yellow flowers bloom a whole corner of Tam Ky city, adorn the color of the peaceful city in the early days of April.

At this time, all streets in Tam Ky city were yellow with flowers and a tender, seductive scent that captivated the hearts of people. Whenever it is windy, flowers fly across the air in the city, on visitors’ hair and clothes.

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