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26 Quang Nam specialties as a “must-try” delicious gift

When visiting Quang Nam, visitors will enjoy Quang Nam specialties, rich in flavor, holding visitors’ feet that anyone leaving this place will remember forever.

26 Quang Nam specialties as a “must-try” delicious gift

Quang Nam specialties as gifts

1. Quang Noodles

Quang noodle is the most famous dish in Quang Nam. There is not a single street or corner that does not sell Quang noodles. When you come here, you do not enjoy this dish, it is regrettable. Surely there are no people from Quang who do not know how to cook noodles at home. Cooking and enjoying Quang noodles has become a regular habit in every family.

Noodles are made from rice paper and sliced ​​into fibers, soft and chewy. Diverse broth, processing many different ingredients such as chicken, eel, snakehead fish, frog, beef, shrimp, crab … Eating Quang noodles is indispensable for grilled rice paper, chili, lemon, peanut seeds, cup Pure fish sauce, raw vegetables accompanying. Raw vegetables are carefully prepared, needing 9 types of raw vegetables: split water spinach, bean sprouts, spicy cabbage, banana … Perhaps, when eating noodles, there is no feeling of being bored, dry despite less broth, noodles. bold taste of Quang origin, delighting visitors.

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Quang Noodles is a popular dish for the people of Hoi An. Any visitor who enjoys it will always remember its taste. Perhaps that is why Noodle Quang is recognized as one of 12 Vietnamese dishes with Asian culinary value.

2. High floor

Hoi An high-rise building has some similarities with Quang noodle, but it is much more elaborate. The essence of the high-rise dish is to fear that the golden and crispy noodles are meticulously processed, to use the ashes from Cu Lao Tram to soak the rice, the rice grinding water must be Ba Le well water, famous for its coolness and non-alum level. High-rise buildings do not need broth, but instead are tiny meat, water sprinkled on, shrimp fat. 

Raw vegetables served with the high floor are very simple, only 2 types are young cabbage and bitter vegetables. To add extra points to this delicious dish, people add a little pork skin or a piece of dried, deep-fried squares. In addition, to have a little more flavor like Quang noodles, people add little crushed peanuts. When eating upstairs, the crispy feeling of the noodles and the sweet, sour, spicy, bitter flavors of raw vegetables blended with the crispy fat shrimp.

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There are many high-rise places to sell, but probably only Hoi An retains the traditional taste of the Central region. High-rise buildings seem to contribute to keeping the ancient soul in Hoi Street, is a typical dish that any visitor coming here must try. Like Quang noodles, high-rise is recognized as one of 10 dishes with Asian culinary value.

3. Pork rice paper rolls

In addition to Quang noodles, high-rise buildings, when coming to Quang Nam, visitors must not miss the unique sophisticated pork rolls originating here. If you want to be supple, tough and delicious, you must choose genuine Dai Loc rice paper. Rice paper includes 2 types of rice paper and rice paper. The dry rice paper, also known as the girdle cake, has a moderate length to be used to roll, not as thin as the Northern rice paper and not too thick like some other localities. Wet rice paper is a rice paper cake that is finished using in the same day, not dried. Pork here is bacon or meat with two ends fat. Next can not help but mention raw vegetables to roll with. If raw vegetables are eaten from Tra Que vegetable village in Hoi An, then perhaps it would be wonderful. RRaw vegetables are chosen as broccoli, lettuce, basil, fish lettuce, green onions, herbs, bitter vegetables, bean sprouts, cucumbers, bananas … are fresh and indispensable thin banana corn, split spinach . And lastly, the indispensable thing contributing to the flavor when eating it is a slow bowl of Quang origin. Especially, you should add green chili to the bowl of sauce, then enjoy the same bowl of fragrant fish sauce and still have the golden color.

Photo: Collectibles

The unique pork rice paper, rich in flavor of Quang origin, has retained many flavors for visitors. This delicious and famous dish has echoed everywhere. You can find many pork rolls in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to enjoy if you do not have the opportunity to go to Hoi An. 

4. Nest cake

Cake to – Tet flavor of Quang Nam. According to legend, the nest cake was made by Au Co’s mother and gave it to hundreds of children to eat along the way when going up the mountain and into the sea. There is also a story that the cake to appear in the late 18th century Quang Trung, when the king marched to the North to suppress the Qing army, made this cake to ensure food along the way.

The nest cake is made from 2 main ingredients: sticky rice and sugar. The starting materials must be selected to be the best in order to make the cake both supple and supple, with a sweet taste, not sweet. The cake has a shape of a bowl wrapped around a layer of banana leaves. Not called a nest cake, but called a nest cake. The cake is white, ivory, coffee with milk or black, depending on the amount and type of sugar used for processing. Above the cake is sprinkled with a layer of sesame seeds, when holding the cake, you will immediately feel the aroma of sesame mixed with the cake. There are many ways to enjoy this delicious cake. 

Can be cut to eat raw, grilled or deep fried. When eaten raw, you can feel the sweetness of sugar, the spicy taste of ginger and the sticky taste of sticky rice. If baking, the aroma of glutinous rice will rise, the hot sugar will be sweeter, more flavorful, and it is great to eat with rice paper. There are visitors who like to eat the cake is fried crispy, fragrant. A slice of crispy fried cake with scones is a favorite choice of many travelers. The nest cake also has one more good thing that can be kept for a long time, gradually eaten for a whole month. So visitors can buy as gifts for friends and relatives.

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In Quang Nam, there are many places to make nest cakes, but the most traditional flavor is still in the ancient town of Hoi An. So during Tet, Hoi An always attracts shoppers. However, due to the increasing demand for enjoying from visitors, on the occasion of the year when you come here, you can still enjoy the delicious and exotic cake. The name of banh chung says it all is to always remember ancestors and families. Every time Tet comes, the spring comes and sits next to the family to enjoy the nest cake, which is an imprinted image in the mind of every people in Quang.

5. Rose Wine

Hong Dao wine is the wine you will find everywhere when coming to Hoi An. Hong Dao wine appeared in the late twentieth century. The wine is pink in color, has a characteristic aroma, and is used in courtesy. When you bring the glass of wine to your lips, the scent is irresistible, as if if you don’t drink it, it will fly away. When the wine touches the tongue, the pungent taste radiates, when it comes down to the throat there is a sweet taste, as if urging us to drink more, and then grill, can not let go. Hong Dao wine is not only for drinking but also contains many deep emotions and feelings for the ancients. It is a reminder of homeland love, a deep, deep oath. Wherever you are, Hong Dao wine is always in harmony with love, rich in each flavor of wine. Because of that, ca dao has the following:

Quang Nam’s land has not rained yet

Hong Dao wine is not drunk yet

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Hong Dao wine is ranked as a fine wine to compare with Tay Nguyen celery wine, Binh Dinh stone gourd wine … Anyone who has come here will not forget to enjoy this passionate and irresistible taste.

6. Grilled spring rolls

The ingredients for this dish are very simple, just native pork, mostly lean meat, just to stick a little more fat. When baking the melted fat, spring rolls are cooked until they are cooked to emit an attractive aroma. This grilled spring rolls is also a favorite dish of tourists coming to Quang. Just an embers stove can have a delicious spring roll to enjoy a cup of wine.

Photo: Collectibles

7. Battered rice paper

Baked rice paper or smashed rice paper – A cheap, popular dish in Quang Nam that any Quang Nam child knows. The simple beating rice paper is only 2 layers, the outer layer is the crispy rice paper baked in gold on the charcoal stove, the inner layer is the sticky wet rice paper sandwiched between 2 layers of crispy gold, when pressed so that the two layers are close together. to eat.

Why is the dish called smashed rice paper? That is when eating, you must use your hands to beat, not beat, but use your hands to beat this rice paper and noodles. The baked rice paper, when lightly pounded, will break and stick to the wet noodles, then break the piece of cake about 2 fingers, put fish sauce into your mouth to chew crunchy, flexible, and fragrant.

This dish is delicious not only thanks to the thin crispy rice paper, the thinly coated noodles, the aroma of the anti-spread peanut oil, but also the sauce. Seasoning sauce is the special sauce for this dish. Seasoning fish sauce must be an anchovy sauce mixed deliciously with chili, garlic, lemon, sugar, a little oil with onion … and a little bit of Hoi An chili sauce to taste. Crispy crust crust, soft middle layer combined with the rich flavor of the fish sauce to make up the old taste of the beaten rice paper.

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8. Hoi An cake soup

Cake soup can be cooked with pork rolls, snakehead fish, shrimp, crab, rolls, fish … but still have to start with the cake. Crispy cake fibers, processed from fragrant sticky rice seeds. The soup has a bold taste of the country. When enjoying, we must feel the fat of the cake, the rich sweetness of the broth. Anyone who has enjoyed the banh canh here cannot forget its taste. The cake soup depends on each person that you can eat, but you can add or remove ingredients and spices to suit the taste.

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9. Shrimp ram

Shrimp Ram is the next dish that attracts diners. Shrimp ramen is almost like spring rolls of the North, but it has its own flavors and recipes, simple, simple but no less interesting.

The ingredients for processing Quang Nam shrimp ram are very simple: bacon, shrimp, medium-sized spring rolls, 1 chicken egg, and spices: salt, main noodles, minced onion, garlic, pepper and scallions. Unlike the Northern spring rolls, the ingredients need to be chopped or pureed, Quang Nam shrimp ram has a special taste thanks to the ingredients are left.

Just like fried spring rolls, in order for the ram to be crispy, you should only fry it in low heat, when the golden ram is ready. Shrimp ram is best when eaten hot, because of the creamy and fragrant, fatty meat, with the crispy taste of the shrimp with its shell, green onions combined with a sweet and sour sauce, adding a little spicy chili, the taste will not be do you forget. Shrimp ram should also be enjoyed in combination with chopped raw vegetables, whether eaten with vermicelli, or rice, are appropriate. Among the many specialties of Quang, shrimp ram is a dish that easily meets the taste of all diners in different regions.

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10. Hoi An bread

When coming to Hoi An, start the day with a special bread. The bread here has been famous everywhere that any visitor must taste. Hoi An bread is not like bread in other regions, it is a bit long, flat and pointed at both ends. So when you put in the filling, the kernel swelled up, the sandwich did not go away, making the loaf look puffy, attractive and eye-catching. In which vegetables, butter sauce and Hoi An chili sauce are considered the ingredients that bring the delicious taste to the cake. There is a famous bakery here: Madame Khanh, Phuong’s bread whose delicious taste has echoed far from the S-shaped land, spread by tourists. It is not wrong to say that Hoi An bread is considered a favorite street food and the best bread in the world.

Photo: Collectibles

Photo: Collectibles

11. Grilled anchovies

Quang Nam waters during the anchovy season, from fishing boats to markets everywhere, you can see elongated fish with a silver glittering black stripe along both sides. Anchovy has many useful nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals … can process many different dishes: salad, cook soup, porridge, pepper, drying. Anchovies have many types: anchovies, red anchovies, anchovies, pepper anchovies, anchovies, anchovies, anchovies, … Sometimes people in the fishing village make anchovies spread with flour to eat with rice. Biting a piece of anchovy spread with flour, you will immediately feel the sweetness of the fish, the crisp aroma of the flour, the spicy taste of pepper, the fatty taste of oil … all merging with an irresistible taste.

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12. Quang Nam cactus dish

Cacti live in arid regions, hailed as a new superfood, and a specialty of the people of Quang Nam. There is a dry climate here, so there are many cacti. Here cactus dish is quite popular. The daily dish is easy to find, the taste is attractive and the way of processing is not too sophisticated.

Before processing, cacti need to be preliminarily processed by peeling off the outer thorns with the green film, then sliced ​​and then boiled to reduce the viscosity, until the cactus pieces turn yellow. These cacti pieces are then squeezed dry and can be processed into delicious dishes as you like.

Cactus can be processed many different dishes. Most popular when coming to Quang, visitors will enjoy stir-fried cactus. After draining, the cactus is served stir-fry with fat, adding a little fish sauce to serve the guests.

On hot summer days, cactus soup is the best cooling dish. In addition, the people of Quang also create a cactus salad. Just with a few pieces of boiled cactus and crushed peanuts can be a delicious salad.

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13. Hoi An green bean cake

Green bean cake is familiar, many and available all over the country, but Hoi An green bean cake is a dried green bean cake, filled with meat and is a specialty of this place. Hoi An green bean cake has a special flavor. The cake is sweet, easy to eat and fragrant with green beans, fatty but not greasy, and has a crispy taste of baked goods.

Moreover, thanks to the traditional recipes that the cake can be kept for 10-15 days while still retaining its characteristic delicious taste despite the flesh inside.

Photo: Collectibles

14. The Banh Booong

Boong deck is one of the famous fruit specialties of Quang Nam. This fruit is abundant in Dai Loc, harvested in May, June and July of the lunar calendar. If you want to enjoy this fruit, come here to travel at the end of summer to autumn. The fruit has a surprisingly sour, fragrant, and sweet taste. Many people affirm that only in Quang Nam is the famous delicious beefong.

Dandelion tree is a tree of the same family with mulberry tree. Its fruits are clustered in the trunk and branches. It has a single cluster, a double cluster, has a cluster of two and a half feet long, fruit shape looks like a bunch of grapes. Juicy fruit is not large, medium-sized with the tip of the thumb, slightly oval, white yellow skin, slightly puffed up. The big toes-sized fruits look good but have few delicious ones. The round fruits with dark yellow skin are usually not delicious, slightly sour. The fruits look quite beautiful on the outside, but peeled out to see that the zone with many big seeds and green is the sour fruit, the pods with some green tinge are the unripe fruit to eat very sour. The small fruits are mostly not delicious, but there are also sweet fruits, these fruits are flat in size.

When peeling the outer shell, the inside reveals 5 tightly attached zones, white, clear and fragrant. When eating into one pack, you feel a stream of fresh water gradually absorbed.

Photo: Collectibles

Photo: Collectibles

15. Dai Loc rice paper

Dai Loc is a district located in the north of Quang Nam province, most of the people’s life here is associated with agriculture. The craft of making rice paper in Dai Loc has been around for a long time and has made it a famous national brand. Dai Loc rice paper is one of the specialties of the homeland, eating one piece can feel the taste and people of Quang.

Dai Loc rice paper, apart from eating, is also a very meaningful and precious gift. Quang Nam rural people often bring rice paper rolls to their loved ones, a gift that is both practical and native to the country. Special rice paper is indispensable on the dining table, each tray is available for the holidays. The people of Quang far from their hometown, remember that the rice paper from their hometown has to find to buy, but they still lack the aroma of new rice, lack of toughness and crispness of Dai Loc rice paper.

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16. Beach sea squid beach

The season of squid rice in Quang Nam beach starts from late March to the end of August, especially in May. Squid rice in the meat season is thick, sweet, delicious, and is a favorite seafood dish every summer.

Steamed squid (Photo: Collectibles)

Although the squid of rice in Quang’s land is only a little bigger than an adult’s thumb, but the toughness, deliciousness, sweetness and flavor of the sea cannot be ignored. Squid rice also contributes to many strange menus such as squid fried rice with pineapple, fried squid with ginger fish sauce or squid with meat, but the most unique and most delicious sea flavor is still steamed squid.

If you have the opportunity to visit Quang Nam, please visit the beautiful beach here and enjoy the popular but very tasty and delicious squid.

17. Calves Mong Bridge

This is a specialty dish of Quang for half a century, the pride of the people of a small village located in the north of Cau Lau bridge – a bridge over Thu Bon river, on Highway 1 in the commune. Dien Phuong, Dien Ban town, Quang Nam.

Photo: Collectibles

Calves here are better than other regions because the calves are harvested from calves for 5 months and harvested by the mulberry grass on the banks of the Thu Bon river, the sweeter the meat becomes. the skin is yellow without drying, not chewy and smoky. This dish must be processed by the people living in Cau Mong village to be delicious.

To make the veal dish more attractive and attractive, it is indispensable to serve dishes such as sauce, rice paper and raw vegetables. The dipping sauce must be the right kind of fish sauce for anchovy, pure green fish processed from the coastal fishing areas of Hoi An and bring it back to crush the body, filter it for water, add sugar, crushed garlic chili, and some ginger, roasted sesame. The rice paper for rolling veal must be a small, thin and chewy rice paper made from famous bakeries in Dien Ban. In addition, a few crispy baked rice paper pieces at the meal are a habit of the people here for centuries. Besides, there must be a tray of Tra Que raw vegetables including many types: perilla, cilantro, lettuce, baby cabbage, star fruit, thin iron banana, basil, basil, bean sprouts, green mango …

When enjoying, spread out the rice paper, put on it a few slices of veal, rolled with vegetables, dipped in a cup of fish sauce, bit a piece of green pepper and chewed slowly, carefully to feel all the sweetness of meat, the rich taste of fish sauce, the aroma of vegetables. And everyone who has tasted Cau Mong veal once will love this attractive flavor.

18. Deo Le bamboo chicken

Chicken has become a specialty, present in many places, familiar to everyone. But if you want to eat delicious and bold chicken, you must find them at the foot of Le Pass in Quang. Because the bamboo chicken here is classified as a famous delicious among chickens in Vietnam, processed with the cool fresh water of Nuoc Mat stream – a famous tourist destination of Que Son.

Deo Le chicken is a bamboo breed, raised completely naturally, each weighing only 0.5 – 0.7 kg. Many dishes from bamboo chicken can be processed such as grilled, boiled, steamed .. But the most popular is boiled because diners do not have to wait long to enjoy this dish. Chicken Deo Le is boiled with purple onions, crushed, served with vegetables, small iron lemon leaves.

The special thing here is that the chicken is served in the form of a whole chicken with a very eye-catching shape. The restaurant or restaurant here has scissors and plastic bags ready for customers to cut the chicken themselves. It is also quite interesting to cut the chicken yourself, mix with coriander and salt and pepper and enjoy. In addition, served with chicken often has a bowl of hot porridge cooked from chicken broth and heart set.

Photo: Collectibles

Having the opportunity to visit Que Son, do not forget to take the time to explore Nuoc Mat stream and eat chicken Deo Le. This place promises to bring many interesting things to visitors.

19. Cassava Pho Quang Nam

Cassava is processed into many attractive and exotic dishes, but the best dish is still Pho. Many visitors to Quang Nam come to the communes of Que Thuan, Que Chau, Que Long, Que Phong, Dong Phu town to enjoy this dish. Cassava after being harvested is removed from the skin, sliced ​​into thin slices and dried for use all year round.

Que Son tapioca is delicious, difficult to mix with any kind of home gift because the ingredients are filtered from the essence of the cassava tree and the ingenuity and suffering of the people here. From cassava noodles, Que Phuong people can be processed into many different dishes in which the unique way is mixed pho. Break the noodle into many parts, soak it in boiling water to cool or warm water for 3 – 5 minutes to make the pho soft, take out to drain, then mix with a few slices of lean meat, fresh shrimp and some herbs.

Cassava pho mixed with the people (Photo: Collectibles)

But the best is still the pho water. The chewy, rich taste of pho is mingled with the sweetness of snakehead fish, the crunchy taste of young porcelain banana vegetables, the aroma of basil, perilla and the sour taste of lemon, spicy chili…. All create a delicious and rich bowl of pho here.

20. Grilled dragonfish

Quang Nam region has a plentiful source of seafood, and especially flying fish, is a popular dish in the daily meals of the people here. As a Nui Thanh person, no one does not know the grilled green dragonfish dish, rolled raw vegetables with chili fish sauce, while eating and breathing in the sunset on Rang beach.

Flying fish can process many delicious dishes: crispy compressed dragon fish, dragonfish soup cooked with spinach, water spinach, cooked rice porridge, boiled … Grilled. Flying fish are cleaned, made intestines, marinated with a little fish sauce, lemongrass and chili, … Leave for about 20 minutes for the spices to penetrate the fish meat, then roast on the charcoal stove for about 30 minutes to enjoy the fish dish. delicious. Flying fish are especially fragrant when processed with compression, making the aroma complex in a space. So when baking, you can crush the peanut oil to cover it or press it in the middle of the fish intestine.

Photo: Collectibles

When eating, eat with raw vegetables and pepper sauce. You will eat and taste, the fatty, salty taste of salt, the spicy taste of fish sauce, the attractive aroma of the compress gradually melts into your mouth, making you enjoy and be captivated by this taste.

21. Tien Phuoc deck beef salad

From Tam Ky city, follow the road DT616 about 25km to the West, you will reach the center of Tien Phuoc district, where everywhere selling bovine fruit. With the skillful hands of the people here, deck beef is processed into many different dishes, including wine immersion to improve health. Especially, there is a rustic dish that has become a unique culinary cultural feature in Tien Phuoc district, which is the deck beef salad.

To process a delicious salad, you must choose ripe boiled beef clusters with pale yellow or ivory-white color to make salads. The accompanying ingredients are bacon, shrimp, chili, garlic, peanuts, herbs, fish sauce … the way is simple but also very skillful. Shrimps have to choose the right type of land shrimp and dance, press the head, press the tail. Whether or not the deck beef salad dish is delicious or not depends much on the technique of preparing fish sauce, for every teaspoon of fish sauce is mixed with 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 lemon juice, and 1 minced chili.

When tasting a piece of beefong deck salad, we will feel all kinds of aromatic sour, sweet, and spicy flavors. And when eating this dish remember to eat with crispy shrimp crackers or scones.

Photo: Collectibles

22. Quang Nam mixed mountain shoots

Throughout the forests of Dong Giang district, there are many types of bamboo families for bamboo shoots such as bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, dang…. The bamboo shoot season is from May to September of the lunar calendar, the girls of Co tu and the women here go to the forest early in the morning to pick bamboo shoots. Aggressive, will be peeled old shell, dry hard outside, only take white, young inside. Depending on the processing method, cut long strands or circle. Usually, if you cook soup or mix, you will be afraid to cut it, but if you cook it, you should cut it into round slices. The characteristic of mountain shoots is a very fragrant aroma, not bitter and still not turning yellow when boiled in boiling water.

The special thing about mixed bamboo shoots is that there is no need for sauces, soy sauce, shrimp or anything else. Just making a bowl of fish sauce with chili and hot pepper paste is enough. To make the dish more fragrant and fatty, take some non-aromatic peanut oil with crushed bulbs until it turns yellow.

Photo: Collectibles

The sweet and chewy aroma of Quang Nam bamboo shoots blends with the salty spicy taste of fish sauce, and the peanut pulp is extremely appealing when enjoyed.

23. Pancakes

Banh Xeo is a typical folk dish of Vietnam, but in each region, banh xeo has different flavors. In Hoi An, the culinary city is famous for its pies, pancakes are also one of the famous snacks here.

Photo: Collectibles

Quang Nam pancakes are not crispy like Saigon pancakes but have a certain softness, the cake is also somewhat simpler with bacon and ground shrimp or just shrimp soil is enough to make a delicious cake. Quang Dat banh xeo is usually only cut in half, even if it is small, left on. The fragrant, soft, hot cake is rolled with many kinds of raw vegetables, but broccoli leaves are indispensable. The bitter taste of the cabbage when eaten with the cake will help prevent it from getting sick and make the cake more delicious. When eating, take a piece of rolled cake with raw vegetables and rice paper and dot with a dipping sauce made from fish sauce, rice, ginger and ground peanuts. The cake is simple but addictive for how many people.

24. Green eel congee

When having the opportunity to come to Quang Nam, it is difficult for tourists to hold their hearts to the traditional dish that has been around for generations, such as green eel porridge or rice eel porridge. Because eating eel porridge with broccoli, the people here call it green eel porridge. This dish is cooked with si rice, a local rice variety dating back to ancient times, is sticky, fragrant and has a very sweet taste.

Photo: Collectibles

When eating, Quang has two ways. Someone put one piece of cabbage and vegetables, broken rice paper into a bowl of porridge, blowing while scooping each spoon into his mouth to rub. Others leisurely put each stalk of broccoli into each porridge to see the spicy taste of broccoli, the pulp of beans, the fatty taste of eel, the sweet taste faintly the scent of home rice. But all of them eat hot and sometimes bite a piece of green pepper, making everyone sitting near and craving to eat.

25. Cake donuts

Banh banh is a traditional Tet cake of the people of Quang. This is a specialty cake with resounding deliciousness in all four directions. The cake has a very specific taste, sweet sweetness of sugar and the aroma of eggs. Holding a golden cake in your hand like a blooming apricot blossom and then taking a slow bite will bring you an interesting feeling.

Quang Nam people often use donut cake as an item to worship their ancestors, as gifts to each other every Tet to spring. Tourists visiting here remember to enjoy delicious cakes and buy them as gifts for friends and relatives.

Photo: Collectibles

26. Banh dough filter

For those who have come to the land of Tam Ky – Quang Nam, it is really impossible to forget the wonderful taste of this cake. Unlike the Hue people who make filter cake wrapped in banana leaves, Quang Nam people often make bare flour cakes. The transparent cake, wrapped around the red shrimp, along with the shiny oil outside, looks very attractive and makes people want to enjoy it right away. When you come here, try to enjoy the cookies with a bold dipping sauce that will make you lingering forever.

Photo: Collectibles

When you visit the beautiful land of Quang Nam, you will discover new lands, famous places and especially do not forget to enjoy the “addictive” specialties here!

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