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Fishermen hit with herring

QUANG NAM – Drop the net 1,000 m long, 10 m wide into the sea at 3 am, two hours later the fisherman collected the net and spent the whole morning removing the herring.

These days, An Luong fishing port, Duy Hai commune, Duy Xuyen district, welcomes dozens of boats ashore every morning. Each ship carried a dense net of herring.

Fishermen said that this year herring is in a good season, the output of each vessel is double that of the same period last year. It took many hours to remove fish, it was sunny again, fishermen had to cover tarpaulins, nets and umbrellas right at the port to create shade.

Mr. Nguyen Van Ba, Duy Hai commune, owner of a 45CV boat, said that the herring season from October of the lunar calendar lasts until May next year. 3 hours a day a ship with three to four fishermen reaches out to sea more than 3 nautical miles from the shore, using detectors to detect fish.

This fish lives in the surface water layer, follows the school, when they see them, they drop a net of 1,000 m long and 10 m wide to catch them. “At 5 a.m. the net was collected, a few quintals a day less, nearly 2.5 tons a day,” said Mr. Ba.

When the boat docked, the fishermen used two bamboo poles as a truss and let the net lie on it. A person holding the buoy, the person holding a lead clip, pulls the net and removes the fish.

Mr. Huynh Phuoc Cuong (middle) pulled the net while observing that there were fish caught to remove. “This trip, my boat caught 5 quintals, took more than 3 hours to finish. One day, the fish caught 2 tons and removed until the evening,” he said and shared that standing for many hours to remove the fish, his tired hands were tired, but he was happy. when you catch a lot.

Fish are washed before being sold. Each trip to herring fishery invests 500,000 VND, after selling the fish, the boat owner receives half the money, the other half is divided equally among the boatmates.

Herring with slightly green skin, long body, many small bones, wholesale 11,000 VND/kg, retail 15,000 VND/kg. This species is used to process salad, bake, fry, dry, make canned fish…

Traders buy fish and put them in ice-cold trays to grind, then transport them for consumption in the locality and many neighboring provinces.

Fish are stored in plastic bags, loaded on trailers and sold to restaurants and pubs.

A corner of An Luong fishing port, Tam Hai commune, Duy Xuyen district, bustling with boats catching herring.

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