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Top 30 Beautiful Quang Nam Tourist Places You Can’t-Miss

Comes to the tourist destination of Quang Nam, surely everyone is all too familiar with names such as Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son, and Cham, … N -heartedly place did flutter know Many tourists come here because of the ancient, wild and majestic beauty of this land. Come, let’s also Vinlove go adventure to the top 30 of the tourist attractions in Quang Nam!

1 Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An – A Place To Go In Quang Nam

VinPearl Land Hoi An is an amusement park located in the VinPearl tourism, entertainment, and resort complex. This is an amusement park that brings the most exciting and new experiences. Let’s find out what  VinPearl Land Hoi An has to offer!

2 Memories of Hoi An – A Place To Go To Da Nang

Hoi An Memories is a large-scale, outdoor stage art performance program with a capacity of 3,300 spectators. The stage background combines mountains and rivers, the stage length is up to 1km, using more than 500 actors. The real scene show applies state-of-the-art sound and light technology, with the organization and production of international experts, the father of the scene performance industry.

Top 30 Beautiful Quang Nam Tourist Places You Can’t-Miss

Ganh Da Ban Than Quang Nam – Quang Nam Tourist Place

  • Address: Tam Hai island commune (Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province)
  • Ticket price: Free Miễn
Ban Than Rock Rapids

It is a place that is favored and created by nature. Ban Than Rock Rapids has become a tourist destination in Quang Nam attracting many tourists to come here to admire its beauty. Located in Bai Rang, Tam Hai island commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province. With many beautiful beaches, stretching in harmony with the cool coconut forest. Bringing to the place a wild, salty charm like the personality of the people of Quang. When you come here, don’t forget to check in with these majestic rapids a picture to save a beautiful image of this poetic place.

4 Hoi An Ancient Town in Quang Nam – Tourist Attractions in Quang Nam

  • Address: Located in the downstream area of ​​Thu Bon river, in the coastal plain of Quang Nam province
Hoi An

Among the TOP 10 most attractive cities in the world in 2018 according to America’s leading travel magazine – Travel and Leisure. Hoi An is a destination that attracts a huge number of visitors when thinking about a tourist destination in Quang Nam . Hoi An Ancient Town is an ancient town located downstream of the Thu Bon River, far from Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang 30km to the south.

The most fortunate thing, experienced many cruel wars. This city still stands by the river, living forever over time. Now, not only in the country, Hoi An Ancient Town has taken on an international stature. With ancient architectures and works, there is no mixing. If you want to look for the ancient, but no less sophisticated and charming. Then Hoi An will be a destination that will never disappoint you.

5 My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam – An Attractive Tourist Place in Quang Nam

  • Address: Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province
My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is a relic of Vietnam recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1999. With a complex of more than 70 temples and towers with many architectural and sculptural styles of the Champa Kingdom. It is not difficult to get here from Hoi An. Only about 50km apart and you can go in many different ways. It will be very interesting for young people who are passionate about backpacking and exploring. My Son Sanctuary is really a tourist destination in Quang Nam that is worth a visit.

Cu Lao Cham Quang Nam – Tourist Places in Quang Nam

  • Address: Located in Tan Hiep island commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province
Cu Lao Cham

Is a cluster of islands in Tan Hiep Commune, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam Province. Cu Lao Cham consists of 8 islands: Hon Lao, Hon Dai, Hon Mo, Hon Kho Me, etc. Speaking of which, you must have imagined somewhat of its diversity, richness and greatness. Coming to Cu Lao Cham, you will experience interesting tourist services such as: coral diving, paragliding, …

Visit famous sites such as the Museum of Marine Life – recognized by Unesco as a World Biosphere Reserve. In addition, you can also enjoy fresh seafood at extremely affordable prices, swinging by the cool coconut forest. Visit Quang Nam tourist sites, don’t forget to visit Cu Lao Cham island cluster!

7 Seven-acre Coconut Forest – Da Nang Travel Places

From Hoi An ancient town, you can reach Bay Mau Coconut Forest by both river and road. If you take a boat, start from the boat station on Bach Dang street, right near Hoi An market, you will follow the flow of Hoai river down to the East, go about 5 km to arrive. If you go by road, you run along Tran Phu route, go straight to Nguyen Duy Hieu, see the intersection, turn right onto Tran Nhan Tong street, go about 4km more and Bay Mau Cam Thanh Coconut Forest has appeared in front of your eyes. friend.

8 Tam Thanh mural village in Quang Nam – Check-in Location in Quang Nam

  • Address: Trung Thanh Hamlet, Tam Thanh Commune, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province
Tam Thanh Mural Village

Appearing in 2016, Tam Thanh Mural Village is a product of cultural and artistic exchange between Korea and Vietnam. And also the first mural village of Vietnam. Through the skillful and ingenious hands of artists. They have enchanted more than 100 houses and old walls into vivid and colorful 3D paintings. It attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to visit this place.

This place is very popular with tourists because it has so many advantages. There is no cost, a variety of rich images are displayed everywhere for you to freely take beautiful photos. The people here are also very kind and friendly. Save this beautiful Quang Nam tourist destination to create great photos with your friends.

9 Cua Dai Beach in Quang Nam – Beautiful Beach in Quang Nam

  • Address: Cam An ward, Hoi An town, Quang Nam province.
  • Ticket price: Free
Cua Dai Beach

A tourist destination in Quang Nam cannot fail to mention Cua Dai beach. The beach has marked Hoi An for a long time with its ecstatic beauty. Located about 5km from Hoi An Ancient Town. This is where the Thu Bon River like a baby merges into the mother’s lap, giving Cua Dai Beach something magnificent but also gentle and beautiful.

The coastline stretches for 7km, you can hardly imagine its vastness without seeing it. Visit the Old Town, don’t forget to go to Cua Dai, immerse yourself in the cool water, the white sand stretches here, sometimes you want to live in this place forever.

10 An Bang Beach in Quang Nam – Beautiful Beach in Quang Nam

  • Address: Cam An ward, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province
An Bang Beach

You want to find a beach with wild, idyllic beauty with white sand and blue water to relax and rest. An Bang is a tourist destination in Quang Nam that you definitely need to visit. Most of the tourists here are foreign. They come here to spread themselves on the fine sand, read books, listen to music and enjoy the rich taste of the sea. Not only that, An Bang Beach also has many restaurants, spoiled for gourmets to fully enjoy the salty aftertaste of the land here. If you want to find lightness and peace, don’t miss An Bang.

11 Rang Beach Quang Nam – Attractive Beach in Quang Nam

  • Address: Son Tra Peninsula, Son Tra District, Da Nang
Rang Beach

Located in Tam Quang Commune, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam, a beautiful wild place. And also a suitable choice for travelers looking for a tourist destination in Quang Nam to escape the noisy life of the City. There are no magnificent hotels, resorts, expensive services but still please visitors. Because of the unspoiled beauty made up of sea water and rocks, creating a strong and magnificent sea to infinity.

This place is no longer strange to the people of Quang. It is like a lifestyle. Every afternoon, adults or children all come here to play, eat, drink and mingle with the water. Contributing to making this place closer and more popular with diners.

12 Ha My Beach – An Attractive Tourist Spot in Quang Nam

  • Address: In Dien Duong area, Dien Ban Town, Quang Nam Province
Ha My Beach

Ha My Beach is a Quang Nam tourist destination selected by the British Telegraph as one of the top most beautiful beaches in Asia. Coming here, you probably just want to lie down all day without worrying about anything. Not only is it a white sand beach with clear water.

The scenery in the distance is also extremely wonderful when the long arc of the coast allows you to see a corner of the bustling city with lights at night. And the giant Buddha statue of the sacred Linh Ung Pagoda. And don’t miss the red sunsets in the sky and the scene where the fishermen start the trip so romantic and joyful.

13 Vung An Hoa Quang Nam – A Place to Have Fun in Quang Nam

  • Address: in Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province
Vung An Hoa

Crossing the Chu Lai white sand area with coconut trees stretching along the Rang beach. Crossing Truong Giang Ferry along Tam Hai sea coast 4km, we will come to the land of An Hoa Cape. Perhaps visitors will be surprised. Because the surrounding islands create an interesting and stimulating land for those who love to explore. An Hoa has two beaches: Bai But and Bai Nom.

Each beach is created by nature and bestowed with wild beauty, unmistakable anywhere else. From Bai Nom and Bai But we can go to the small islands to explore and camp. Exploring this Quang Nam tourist destination with friends is a great idea.

14 Islets Of Kem Da Stop Quang Nam – An Attractive Tourist Place in Quang Nam

  • Address: in Hiep Hoa commune, Hiep Duc district, Quang Nam province
The Rock Stopped Rock

tourist destination in Quang Nam that backpackers cannot ignore is Hon Kem Da Stop . Wanting to come here is also challenging with the long and difficult road. So only for those who like backpacking, exploring strange and beautiful lands. Don’t worry, you won’t feel any wasted effort.

Because when you come here, the scenery will definitely make you gasp. Like the place of Bong Lai fairy scene, this place has high mountains, winding around the branch of Thu Bon river. Creating a wild, magnificent, and breathtakingly beautiful landscape. There is also no investment for tourism here, so coming here you should carefully prepare everything to have a great trip!

15 Quang Nam Fragrant Holes – Tourist Places in Quang Nam 

  • Address: in Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province
Giang Thom Hole

Still a Quang Nam tourist destination for genuine backpackers . 7km from Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam, you have to overcome an extremely difficult road with muddy mud and slippery slopes. Not the wide roads that Oto could easily cross.

That trade-off will be nothing if you go there, immerse yourself in the white foaming waterfalls, the blue and clear lakes. Immerse yourself in nature in a true way. This place has not been affected by human hands, so the wildness and wonder are still there. Attracting hundreds of young people who are not afraid to come here to enjoy the aftertaste of nature.

16 Quang Nam Gran Waterfall – Quang Nam Beautiful Waterfall

  • Address: Ta Bhing commune, Nam Giang district, Quang Nam province
  • Ticket price: Free
Grang Waterfall

Grang Waterfall is located in Ta Bhing Commune, Nam Giang District, Quang Nam Province. A tourist destination in Quang Nam is equally attractive and challenging for visitors to visit. To reach the waterfall, in addition to the long way to Nam Giang District, we also have to walk a long way to reach the waterfall. It will not be a loss when you can see the flowing Gran waterfall, like white hair from the motherland. All that has created a poetic waterfall marked in the hearts of every visitor until today

17 Khe Lim Quang Nam – Tourist Attractions Near Hoi An Quang Nam

  • Address: Highway 14B, Dai Hong Commune, Dai Loc, Quang Nam
Khe Lim

Khe Lim is a famous tourist destination in Quang Nam located near the city. Hoi An. This name originates from ancient times when this waterfall flows through a forest of Lim – a precious wood that is hunted by many people until today. Visitors will be able to watch the water pouring from a height of 20m into the lake creating a large stream, many large and small stones covered with green moss stacked on top of each other. Give this place a majestic, fierce but equally beautiful and poetic scene. On both sides is a large forest with a variety of animals and plants, making visitors feel like they are living in one with the vast nature.

18 Phu Ninh Lake in Quang Nam – Beautiful Lake in Quang Nam

  • Address: in Trung Dan village, Tam Dai commune, Phu Ninh district, Quang Nam province
Phu Ninh Lake

Phu Ninh Lake is a potential Quang Nam tourist destination that helps Quang Nam have more plus points for visitors to visit here. Phu Ninh Lake is one of the largest man-made reservoirs in Vietnam. The lake is separated by a system of dams with a main dam over 35m high and 350m long.

Coming here, you will be able to see the harmonious and beautiful painting of Son Thuy with a vast space surrounded by forests as if protecting the children of Mother Earth. Thanks to that great favor, Phu Ninh Lake has brought visitors an impressive and memorable experience. In addition, this place also has quite good travel services, beautiful joyful experiences for visitors to visit here.

19 Fairy Stream in Quang Nam – A Place to Play in Quang Nam

  • Address: in Huong An commune – Que Son district, Quang Nam
Fairy Stream

Suoi Tien has existed for a long time with a complex of 14 high waterfalls, with an altitude of about 400m. Each waterfall has its own beauty, when it comes to this, surely visitors want to come to this tourist destination in Quang Nam. This place has been exploited for tourism. Becoming Suoi Tien Eco-tourism area with full range of entertainment, entertainment and resort services.

Coming here, visitors will admire the majestic waterfalls, be immersed in the “Fairy” water. After the chaos of city life, coming here, immersing in nature is something worth thinking about, isn’t it?

20 Tien An Bat Cave – New Tourist Place in Quang Nam

  • Address: in hamlet 3, Tien An commune, Tien Phuoc district, Quang Nam province
Bat Cave

As a tourist destination in Quang Nam is not very famous for tourists. Listening to the name, you must have figured it out. This is a small cluster of caves located deep in the forest of Tien Phuoc District. Getting here is not easy at all. You have to move through each step to the place where you have to ask specific questions to be able to go to the right place.

The populations of limestone caves formed millions of years ago are called Upper and Lower Caves. Each cave has different entrances that zigzag hundreds of meters deep. It makes anyone who comes here extremely excited because they can discover a wild mysterious place like being lost in a different world.

21 Dong Giang Tea Hill in Quang Nam – The Best Checkin Location in Quang Nam

  • Address: in Jo Hay commune, Dong Giang district, Quang Nam province
Dong Giang Tea Hill

Dong Giang Tea Hill belongs to Quyet Thang State Farm. This place has long been a stopover for many young people who love to experience and explore on the mountainous road of Tay Quang Nam. It is about 100km west of the city center. Dong Giang Tea Hill is always full of young people who come here to hang around the green tea tops like a carpet.

The white flowers adorn the wonderful picture. When visiting Dong Giang Tea Hill, you should go around spring. These are the days of the harvest season. The freshness of the tea tops will make you fall in love with it.

22 Monuments of the Second Mother of Quang Nam – Tourist Attractions in Quang Nam

  • Address: Phu Thanh Hamlet, Tam Phu Commune, City. Tam Ky, Quang Nam
Mother’s Monument

Take the image of Vietnamese Heroic Mother Nguyen Thi Thu. The mother with the most children and grandchildren sacrificed in the two resistance wars of our people. After nearly 7 years of construction and completion, the statue of Mother Thu was inaugurated in March 2015. With a height of about 18m made of sandstone and other types of granite.

The monument of the Second Mother is a heroic symbol of great sacrifices to make our country what it is today. Stop by this tourist destination in Quang Nam, don’t forget to leave a prayer for peace. Or a wish for a minute of remembrance for those who have devoted themselves to the country.

23 Quang Nam Thanh Ha Pottery Village – Places to Visit in Quang Nam

  • Address: Duy Tan, Thanh Ha Ward, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam
Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Coming to Hoi An, do not forget to visit Quang Nam Tourist Site Thanh Ha Pottery Village. The place has a history of more than 500 years of establishment and development, making a name in ceramic production in Vietnam. Here you can delight in taking extremely classic photos with the surrounding red ceramic surrounding the whole area.

Not only that, visitors will be raised by the hands of old and experienced pottery artists. To create a ceramic work for yourself and of course you can bring it home and own it as a gift from Thanh Ha pottery village. Come here to create products with your own personality.

24 Quang Nam Tra Que Vegetable Village – An Interesting Tourist Place in Quang Nam

  • Address: Cam Ha, Hoi An City, Quang Nam
Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que is not only known as one of the places with clean and quality vegetables but also an attractive destination for tourists when visiting Hoi An. This place produces a lot of clean, quality vegetables. Fertilizer here is also completely natural, made from the Rong of the Co Co river branch.

Vegetables in Tra Que bring a natural flavor but strangely special. Visitors here can also manually harvest, plant, and fertilize their favorite vegetables. The people are also extremely kind and friendly. So when coming to Hoi An, don’t forget to visit Quang Nam Tra Que tourist site to explore.

25 Azot Heaven Gate Quang Nam – Quang Nam Virtual Living Place Điểm

  • Address: Tay Giang mountainous district, Quang Nam province
Gate of Heaven Azot

Passing Que Dinh, deep into the border between Vietnam and Laos, there is a place that people call with a cool name that is “Tay Giang Heaven Gate”. Azut Heaven Gate is the name that people in Ka Dau village, Ka Dang commune, Dong Giang district, Quang Nam province often call. This place is a tourist destination in Quang Nam no less than famous places at all.

In addition to riding, you will have to walk deep into the forest if you want to reach this place. It will take about 30 minutes on foot to reach but its scenery will captivate you. Because this Gate of Heaven was formed by the hands of nature, its magnificence, wildness and enchanting beauty are still there. Become a beautiful symbol of the people of Western Quang Nam.

26 Quang Nam PoMu Primeval Forest – Quang Nam Ecotourism Site

  • Address: Tay Giang District, Quang Nam Province
PoMu . Primeval Forest

It is an old forest with pomu trees that are classified as endangered by the Vietnam Red Book. There are tall old trees in the blue sky. You can only see its foliage instead of the sky. In addition, there are big trees that 4 people can’t hug.

Covered with green moss as if you are lost in the early days of the earth. If you want to visit this Quang Nam tourist destination. You need to follow the group and must have a professional guide to be able to easily visit the big trees, look for the unique flora and fauna. And most of all, pass through this forest with ease.

27 Quang Nam Que Peak – Quang Nam Pho Tourist Place

  • Address: Tay Giang District, Quang Nam Province

In recent times, Dinh Que is more and more famous for the scene like “running on the clouds”. It is attracting thousands of young people and foreign tourists to this place. From Hoi An, it takes about 5 hours by car to reach the top of Que. The scenery of this place is high and looking down like a valley in front is very wild and majestic.

Young people also often come to this place “Virtual Living” by the railing brought to the front as if immersing in the clouds and sky very special. There is also a place to stay and spend the night here for those who like to enjoy life here. Do not miss this very hot tourist destination in Quang Nam.

28 Quang Nam Tra Kieu Ancient Citadel – Quang Nam Tourist Attractions 

  • Address: Duy Son commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province
Tra Kieu Ancient Citadel

Belongs to Duy Son commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. Located on the banks of the Thu Bon River, about 45 km south of Da Nang. This Quang Nam tourist destination used to be the capital of Champa. It preserves a large amount of Asian culture. Especially Champa Civilization: Capital – Mausoleum, Holy Land, Temple to worship the kings, gods…

According to research, Cu Lao Cham, My Son Sanctuary and Tra Kieu have an extremely close connection to the Champa civilization. Here you will admire the ancient publications, which have been found about the Champa civilization. And the special thing is that this place has not been excavated thoroughly, so there are many attractions for visitors to come here.

29 Lang Springs – Beautiful Tourist Place in Quang Nam

  • Address: in Nuoc Lang village, Phuoc Xuan commune, Quang Nam province
  • Ticket price: Free
Spring Water Lang Suối

Nuoc Lang – is the name of the stream located next to National Highway 4E, in Nuoc Lang village – Phuoc Xuan commune – Phuoc Son district. Arriving here, you follow the long trail of Keo la cajeput from afar, you will hear the running stream of Suoi Nuoc Lang. Surely when witnessing firsthand all fatigue and anxiety will disappear. The body just wants to be with the flow.

The water is clear, the small rocks everywhere create a murmur to help relax the mind after a long journey. This Quang Nam tourist destination is also quite unknown, so don’t worry about someone disturbing you. You can lie down all day long or camp by the stream together to catch fish and fruits and create the right party!

30 Que Minh Conical Villages in Quang Nam – Quang Nam Tourist Attractions Attracts Visitors

  • Address: Que Son district, Quang Nam province
Que Minh Cone Village

Que Minh hat village – Que Son district today is still standing and keeping the tradition of making hats from the past. Thanks to the meticulous, skillful hands, strict for each hat. But today, many people still use Que Minh hats for daily activities. With more than 80 households still carrying in the tradition of making hats and more than 100 skilled women.

The generations here follow each other to maintain the tradition of making hats of their grandparents. Coming to this tourist destination in Quang Nam, you will see the artisans performing each stage of making a complete hat. And maybe you will fall in love and learn how to make a hat, it’s great.

31 Loc Yen Ancient Village in Quang Nam – Quang Nam Discovery Tourist Place

  • Address: Tien Phuoc district, Quang Nam province
Loc Yen Ancient Village

Don’t be too surprised to get lost here. After a long time, the people here still have to admire the beauty of their own homeland. Loc Yen Co Village is a potential tourist destination in Quang Nam and attracts tourists with more than 20 ancient houses dating from 100 to 150 years. From the roads, the stone slabs are older than most. Here, people always pay attention to preserving and honoring the nostalgic beauty.

They always take meticulous care so that the houses, fences, and walkways always have their own shape, never fading away at all. Thanks to that, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the unique ancient architecture, the sculptural art of the ancestors, the feat of strength. And the mind that creates the scenes, even after a hundred years of age, still retains its own beauty.

32 Quang Nam Indochina Buddhist Institute – A Tourist Place in Quang Nam Quảng

  • Address: Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province
Indochinese Buddha Vien

In 875, “due to his belief in Buddhism, the King erected a Buddhist monastery (Vihara) and the temple of Laksmindra Lokesvara Svabhyada”. Later, people called Dong Duong Buddhist Institute. This place is an interesting tourist destination in Quang Nam. Once a center of Buddhism not only in the ancient Kingdom of Champa but also in Southeast Asia.

This is considered a Holy Land that has spread and influenced the ancient Southeast Asian countries. Today, Dong Duong Buddhist Monastery has only one ancient citadel left with a break and a void due to the ravages of time and events in the country’s history. But its beauty and influence live on forever

33 Co Tu People’s Villages in Quang Nam – An Attractive Place to Discover Quang Nam

  • Address: Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province
Co Tu’s Village

To Dong Giang tea hill, Tay Giang’s Que Peak, do not forget to visit the village of the Co Tu people. Up a steep slope will reach a cluster of houses on stilts of the Co Tu people. This place is free to visit for anyone. You will discover unique stilt houses, learn the history of the development and formation of Co Tu village. And freely save beautiful photos for your own trip. The above tourist destination in Quang Nam is a place not to be missed when visiting Tay Giang, save it to experience the trip with friends and relatives!

Above are the top 33 tourist destinations in Quang Nam that Vinlove has just shared with you! Hope this will be a useful article that you are looking for.