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An Bang Beach – the gentle beauty of the sea of ​​Quang

An Bang beach is located in the area of ​​Cam An ward, 3km from Hoi An city center and 22km from Da Nang city center. The sea is clear, clean, not too crowded, the space is just enough for people to feel surprisingly relaxed from what the sea offers. In 2011, An Bang beach was voted one of the 50 most beautiful beaches in the world by the prestigious tourist website CNN GO. So, what is An Bang that captivates foreign friends so much?


We arrived at An Bang beach on a warm summer afternoon, it took more than 30 minutes by motorbike from Da Nang city center, the way was very convenient. Traveling along the coast that used to be a fishing village before, you can watch the sea and admire the daily development of the beautiful city of Central Vietnam with the luxury resorts and international class. and under construction.

An Bang – wild but ecstatic beauty – Photo: Collectibles.

From Bien Street, continue to go straight Lac Long Quan, to the intersection, turn left on Hai Ba Trung Street, go to the end of this road is An Bang beach. Go close to An Bang beach, there is a small street on the left, turn here and find a small bar / coffee shop called Surf Bar.

An Bang Beach – the gentle beauty of the sea of ​​Quang

Relax with friends after hard working days – Photo: Collectibles.

Surf Bar looks small and decorated in the style of old European architecture. Walking in the middle of the narrow nameless road into the restaurant, it feels like being lost in a small alley in the heart of Europe, the sides are full of bicycles and electric bicycles, only one or two motorbikes. The small road is simply a path for visitors, in the middle are square rocks arranged in a straight line to the end of the road, flanked by white sand with the taste of the sea.

Sunrise up on An Bang beach – Photo: Collectibles

Opposite the restaurant or bar / coffee shop there is a very clean and safe small parking lot, you can comfortably keep the car without lock, just arrange the car neatly. If you are unsure, lock the car and arrange it in an appropriate corner, leaving space for the following vehicles.

Blue sea, white sand, gentle waves, An Bang will be an interesting destination for everyone – Photo: Collectibles.


Visitors to An Bang mainly travel by bicycle, mostly Westerners. They entered this road, making us feel like we were on a typical European paved road.

Order a Moska with my ice cream and favorite drink and choose a simple little outdoor table to sit on. Summer weather has a warm, clear blue sky and soaring. Hastily glimpse the surrounding space, apart from the two Vietnamese girls, we are all foreigners. They are very comfortable, choose for themselves a large hut or a bed here to read or relax listening to music, sipping a glass of water or swimming. We come here to leave the chaos of urban life with rice, clothes, rice, money, enjoy our own space, immerse ourselves in that space and relax.

An Bang beach is viewed from above – Photo:

Surf Bar like other shops operating are about one meter higher than the beach, from that height we can capture the whole peaceful sea view of An Bang into sight. Guests can come here to swim from the stairs on the two sides of the restaurant.

Visitors can sunbathe on huts built on white sand – Photo: Collectibles.

We do not swim in the sea, what we want in An Bang is just holding a glass of water like that and enjoying the same scenery. An Bang beach is clear and blue, with small waves, gently hitting the shore. The special thing is that although one beach is famous, it is not as crowded as other beaches. Tourists swimming here can feel secure, although there are no bathers, An Bang always has a security guard to control the safety.

A peaceful afternoon, with your loved ones and your favorite drink, the scenery is like being in love with people. The blend of everything like a multivitamin melts all fatigue, all negative thoughts from the mind. Your spirit is cooled again by the ocean breeze and water of An Bang.

In the afternoon, relax with a sea of ​​books – Photo: Collectibles.

The calmness of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches

Although it is well-known, An Bang has not developed massively or modernized. Quang Nam owners always try to keep An Bang strangely wild and simple. You will love this new thing, a space with sea, earth, wind and sky that acts naturally as what has been operating for millions of centuries.

The basket boats are arranged at the entrance to the sea – Photo: Collectibles.

Come to An Bang to understand and feel, why An Bang, although not attracting the attention of domestic tourists, is very popular with international tourists and the prestigious CNN GO site.

Many foreign tourists choose An Bang beach as their destination – Photo: Collectibles.

Be civilized and join hands with the local people, keeping An Bang beach always a unique tourist destination that no other place can get.


Transportation: If you are in a remote province, from Hoi An you can rent a bicycle to travel about 15 minutes or from Da Nang city you can rent a motorbike to travel more than 30 minutes.


In Da Nang:  From Song Han Bridge to the end of Pham Van Dong beach, turn right on Pham Van Dong Street, go straight to Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Truong Sa Street, Sea Road and Lac Long Quan Street, turn left at the intersection. Hai Ba Trung street, at the end of the road is An Bang beach. Note: Despite having different names, they are all located on one stretch of the road, because this route goes through many different boundaries.

From the Han River Bridge – Da Nang you can also easily move to An Bang beach – Photo: Collectibles.

In Hoi An: From An Hoi Bridge, go straight Hai Ba Trung to An Bang beach.

From Hoi An bridge you can go straight to Hai ba Trung street to An Bang – Photo: Collectibles.

All these moving paths are beautiful and easy to walk, with no potholes or bad roads.

Services: At An Bang beach there are many services, but along the small street mentioned above, there are only 2 bars / cafes, 2 small restaurants serving American / European food and 1 specialized restaurant serving Vietnamese specialties. Eating or drinking at these restaurants, guests can freely choose seats without reservation and swim.

At the entrance to the sea, there are a number of small restaurants – Photo: Zing

Price: Drinks are affordable, ranging from VND 25,000 to VND 50,000, self-service. The food depends on the type, you can refer to the restaurant menu located in front of the entrance.. Follow Mytour

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