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Earn tens of millions of dong per sea trip thanks to soft fish like porridge

During the opening sea voyage at the beginning of the year, fishermen in the coastal areas of Quang Binh won a big hit with potato fish. With fishing near the shore, the price of fish is high, each trip, fishermen earn tens of millions of dong.

In the past few days, along the beach of Hai Ninh commune, Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province, the atmosphere of fishing to start the year of fishermen has become bustling. From early morning, fishing boats were busy in and out, and on the beach, traders were waiting to buy fish and potatoes.

As soon as the boat landed, fisherman Nguyen Van Binh, residing in Tan Dinh village, Hai Ninh commune, and his crew members urged each other to transfer each other plastic crates full of fish and chips to traders to continue their new sea trip. Because of fishing near the shore, every day, Mr. Binh and his boatmate can go out to sea 2-3 times.

Earn tens of millions of dong per sea trip thanks to soft fish like porridge
Fishermen rushed to bring fish ashore to continue the new sea.

According to fisherman Nguyen Van Binh, yams usually follow the channel near the shore, which is very convenient for fishermen to catch. Potato fish appears a lot in the first days of the year, so fishermen in the coastal areas of Hai Ninh commune open the sea and go out to catch a bit earlier than in previous years. In the past few days, about 70 small fishing boats of Hai Ninh commune have been catching fish continuously and all have been hit by fish, bringing in tons of fish.

“Because we catch fish near the shore, we go out to sea 2-3 times a day and collect a ton of fish. The ship has 5 crew members, so the price of the fish is good, so minus the cost, each person also earns 2-3 million VND. /day. At the beginning of the new year, it is very exciting to win the sea fortune like this”, Mr. Binh shared.

The type of seafood that Hai Ninh fishermen catch a lot at the beginning of the new year is potato fish.
Thanks to taro fish, fishermen in the coastal areas can earn millions every day on this occasion.

Experienced fishermen in Hai Ninh commune said that the potato season only lasts until the end of January, so this is the time when fishermen actively go out to sea and reap great benefits from the sea. On average, a small boat of Hai Ninh fishermen can catch 1-2 quintals of fish per day, if hit by a stream, sometimes it can reach 3-5 quintals of fish, earning tens of millions of dong.

Taro fish caught by Hai Ninh fishermen are all purchased by traders at the price of 150,000-170,000 VND/kg. Good season, good price, fishermen are all very excited.

Potato fish costs 150,000-170,000/kg and is bought by traders.($1=24,000 VND)

“Our boat has 4 people, go fishing at 4 o’clock, and when we come ashore around 8-9 o’clock, we transfer fish to traders, then we go back to sea. On each trip like that, we can also catch from 7 oats to 1 quintal of fish. , sold about 12-15 million VND”, said fisherman Mai Van Vu, Hai Ninh commune happily.

For fishermen catching fish near the shore, hitting fish and squid in the early days of spring is a happy and prosperous sign for the year of the Rabbit, both bringing economic benefits to the family and providing seafood in a timely manner. , serving the needs of residents and visitors.

Taro fish (also known as fish porridge), is a type of seafood that provides many nutrients for the body and is processed into many delicious dishes such as hot pot dishes and soups. Taro fish has a round body, the head is quite small but the mouth is relatively large, the back has long fins. In particular, taro fish has very few bones, only one tendon running along the spine, and the meat is as soft as porridge.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hang, Chairman of the Farmers’ Association of Hai Ninh Commune, said that now the whole commune has about 800 fishing boats, most of which are fishing boats near the shore. In the first days of the new year, local authorities have come to encourage people to go fishing and take advantage of seafood resources for economic development.

According to Mr. Hang, the season of fish and potatoes is also a positive signal for people in the opening days of the sea at the beginning of the year. After the cassava crop, fishermen in the coastal area of ​​Hai Ninh are waiting and hoping for a successful herring crop next March.

According(Dan Tri)

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