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Runner eats free after running VM Ha Long

The organizers serve seafood spring rolls, sausages, instant noodles, ice cream, and electrolyte water… at the food court for free after running VM Ha Long.

After more than two hours, 11,000 athletes successfully conquered the challenge of VnExpress Marathon Amazing Ha Long 2022. Due to the hot weather, many athletes were drenched in sweat and weak when they reached the finish line.

To help athletes recover, the organizers prepared a free and cool food court with a variety of dishes such as spring rolls, sausages, fruits, water, beer… for everyone to rest and recover.

Khanh Linh, 27 years old, Hanoi, happily eats and chats with friends. “I think the running track is great. Now I can eat and drink pretty good food. The organizers are very attentive”, Khanh Linh shared.

Chu Thi Tham, 20 years old, also went straight to the food court when she finished the race. The girl from Bac Ninh said that VM gave her many valuable experiences and determination. Particularly attractive and rich food stalls. “After eating, I feel better, less muscle pain, even though I had muscle tension problems before,” Tham shared.

Hoang Huu Hanh, nicknamed “Barefoot Hanh”, ran 42 km today. He appreciates the good organization, the athletes have many incentives and support. Having attended many tournaments, but VnExpress Marathon is the one with an impressive food court. Many delicious specialties of Ha Long.

Athlete Quach Thi Hang hopes that the organizers will start the race earlier to ensure favorable weather to help athletes achieve high results. The track is long, there are slopes that test Hang’s patience.

In addition to food prepared on the spot, the organizers provide drinking water, cooling, beer…

Tens of thousands of boxes of chilled milk help runners replenish energy. Runners can choose to use on-site or take away.

Athletes drink beer after reaching the finish line. They could not hide their joy and excitement when conquering the roads at VM Ha Long.

Right on her birthday, 37-year-old Le Thi Tuyet decided to run 21 km to save her memories. After the tiring race, she stopped at the food court to recharge.

“Today is my birthday, so my food is stronger than usual. I eat a little bit of everything to help my body recover,” Ms. Tuyet said with a laugh.

The food court after running VM Ha Long will be open until 12pm to serve athletes who return late.

Photo: Phuoc Tuan

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