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Thousands of people have gone to the Hung Kings Commemoration since the dawn

PHU THO – Thousands of people flock to the historic Hung Temple area to attend the death anniversary of the To, from 4:00 am on April 21 (ie March 10 in lunar calendar).

During the night, some families from afar have spread mats to rest on the campus in front of Hung temple festival center waiting for the ceremony.

The incense offering ceremony to commemorate the Hung Kings on the occasion of Hung Vuong’s death anniversary in Tan Suu 2021, took place at Kinh Thien Palace (Thuong Temple) on the top of Nghia Linh mountain in the Hung Temple special national historic site, morning 21 / 4.

The more people come in the morning, the more people flock to the central area. Many families bring incense, flowers, and chicken sticky rice to the ancestors.

7:00 am, the incense offering ceremony begins, the procession moves in blocks. This year, due to the influence of Covid-19, Hung Vuong’s death anniversary limited entertainment activities, only organizing ceremonies.

People on both sides of the main road carefully watched the procession.

Functional forces set up stiff fences and human fences along the two sides of the road to the ruins. Police soldiers carrying loudspeakers continuously reported people to ensure separation from the Covid-19 epidemic room.

People sat down on the hillside and waited for the ceremony. “I came here from 5:00 am, although I knew that today would be crowded, I wanted to celebrate the Patriarch on the right day”, Ms. Quynh Trang, from Hanoi, said.

On a hill corner, military soldiers use binoculars to track flying objects.

At 8am, the number of people poured into the central area was too crowded, the functional forces changed the plan of diversion, moving the goods to block across the steps to the temple.

With the new channeling plan, thousands of people congregate in the fence area, functional forces continuously broadcast loudspeakers to suggest people to calm down.

“Currently the entrance to Thuong Temple is full of people, people can be in danger when squeezing in the aisle,” a police soldier announced and suggested to narrow the fence.

Many tired children are carried by their parents on their shoulders to avoid jostling. Functional forces create conditions for families with young children to go first, but due to the large number of parents unable to move.

According to the Hung temple relic management board, during the main holiday, more than 20,000 people are estimated to attend the death anniversary. Follow vnexpress

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