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Winning 3 tons of “sea fortune” gold fin, fishermen earned 600 million overnight

A fisherman’s boat in Ha Tinh hit 3 tons of yellowfin pompano. Sold out in the morning, earning 600 million dongs ($100=2,4 million dongs).

On the evening of June 28, Mr. Tinh (residing in Tam Hai 2 village, Ky Ninh commune, Ky Anh town, Ha Tinh province) drove a boat out to sea carrying 9 fishermen.

In the sea about more than 10 nautical miles from the shore, through the light from the lights installed on the cabin, the group of fishermen discovered a school of yellowfin pompano. They used seine nets to delineate the schools of fish.

Winning 3 tons of “sea fortune” gold fin, fishermen earned 600 million overnight
Fisherman’s boat docked after a night out at sea (Photo: HT).

A few hours later, 10 fishermen brought a catch of yellowfin pompano weighing more than 3 tons. This morning (June 29), the boat docked.

Knowing the news, many traders and local people rushed to buy all these fish.

On the afternoon of June 29, Mr. Hoang Trung Thong, Chairman of Ky Ninh Commune People’s Committee, said that more than 3 tons of yellowfin pompano were sold out in the morning by the group of fishermen. They collected 600 million VND.

Yellowfin pompano is put in plastic trays to be transported ashore (Photo: HT).

According to Mr. Thong, this fish stream is rare and rarely appears. “The stream of yellowfin pompano is like a sea bud, the fishermen are very excited. The last time, our local fishermen caught this catch 5-6 years ago,” said Mr. Thong.

Yellowfin pompano has a flat body, silvery color, and yellow fins. This fish is sold very well in both domestic and export markets. This is also an easy-to-cook food, which can be made into many delicious and nutritious dishes such as galangal stock, sweet and sour sauce, lemon butter sauce, reishi mushroom sauce.

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