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9X turns eggshells into mesmerizing works of art

From quail egg shells, chicken eggs, duck eggs to ostrich eggs – parts that seem to be discarded only after use, young Hoang Van Chien “turns” into impressive artistic egg carvings.

Among the topics, inscriptions are chosen by many young people as gifts – Photo: NGUYEN HIEN

Interested in making crafts since he was in high school, 9X guy Hoang Van Chien (Hanoi) learned about the art of eggshell sculpture during a Facebook surfing session. Fascinated by the unique beauty of egg carving works, Chien has been tinkering with this art since then.

“When I first started carving eggs, there were many days when I just sat for more than 10 hours to carve. This is a job that requires patience and meticulousness, just a little bit too strong and the egg will break right away,” Chien said. To share.

The works from simple to complex require meticulousness and ingenuity of the engraver – Photo: NGUYEN HIEN

Depending on the request of the customer, Chien will choose the right type of egg to make. Eggs selected for engraving need to be round, smooth, and uniform in color for high-quality finished products.

This guy shared, engraving is the most difficult step because the engraver needs to coordinate different techniques (carving, grinding, sharpening, cutting) to produce the final work. To do that, the engraver must choose the right drill bits.

The set of drill bits are functional enough to “turn” eggshells into works of art – Photo: NGUYEN HIEN

To complete an egg carving work, it is necessary to go through many stages, from cleaning the egg’s intestines, drying it, detailing it, carving, and mixing decorative lighting. Selected themes for engraving on eggshells are also very diverse, from cute cartoon characters like Pikachu, Garfield cat to love or portrait themes.

“Portrait is the most difficult subject because a portrait needs to depict many small details. Engraving time will be longer. Normally, it takes about 3-4 hours to carve a portrait on chicken eggs and ducks, which is a lot of time. The work can hardly take more than 7 hours,” Chien said.

The portrait subject must perform a feat, combining many engraving techniques – Photo: NGUYEN HIEN

Currently, a product engraved on chicken eggs costs from 150,000 to 300,000 VND, depending on the effort that the engraver needs to spend to complete the work. For the carvings of ostrich eggs, the price can be up to several million dongs.

Not only keeping her passion for herself, right from the first days of coming to this art, but Chien has also connected with brothers with the same passion across the country through the social network Facebook. They exchange works and share experiences. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the club in Hanoi regularly held meetings to share their passion for this art.

Familiar cartoon characters are beautifully portrayed by Hoang Van Chien on eggshells – Photo: NGUYEN HIEN

Each of these egg carvings is being sold for 150,000 – 300,000 VND – Photo: NGUYEN HIEN

The topics engraved on eggshells are very diverse, customers can choose what to engrave to express their personal impression – Photo: NGUYEN HIEN

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