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Breeding ornamental crabs, ornamental ants, and exotic animals

Different from common pets such as dogs and cats, these animals are more unique, have fewer people, and also have more special care.

Colorful frogs

Although few people play, ornamental frogs or colorful frogs are not too strange in Vietnam but have been around for about 10 years. Within 4-5 years, this trend has blossomed and is known by many people, especially in the South. In addition to colorful colors, many people also love ornamental frogs because of their chubby appearance, stretchy skin, and easy sympathy.

Tuan Duc (HCMC) – who has studied and raised ornamental frogs for 2 years, said that in Vietnam, there are many ornamental frog breeds such as Pacman, Bullfrog, Budgett’s Frog, Brazil Horned Frog, Fantasy, Ornate Horned Frog, toad. cane… but the most popular are still the first two.

In which Pacman frog is native to South America, the average size is about 13cm, the life span is from 7 to 15 years. The Bullfrog (also known as the goblin frog or African bullfrog) can weigh 2kg, with a maximum length of 12 to 24cm depending on gender.

Breeding ornamental crabs, ornamental ants, and exotic animals

Pacman frogs (left) and Bullfrog (right)

The price of ornamental frogs also depends on the growth stage. Pacman frogs range from 200,000 VND to 2 million VND (1$=25,000 VND) depending on the size and Bullfrog is a bit taller. And the most expensive is the Ornate horned frog which can be up to 2.5 – 3 million for each small one.

Although classified as domestic animals, the care of ornamental frogs also needs to pay attention to two factors: food and habitat. Van Tai – another ornamental frog farmer in Ho Chi Minh City shared that frog’s favorite foods are fish, crickets, worms, mice… and should be fresh, clean, not rancid food. Regarding the cage, just a plastic box with a pad to create humidity but have to change the water daily or 2 to 3 times a week depending on the frog species. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that the frogs’ living quarters are cool, do not keep the same frogs and adult frogs to avoid cannibalism.

Many people are interested in the colorful and chubby appearance of colorful frogs


Compared to frogs, ornamental ants are quite new in Vietnam. Nam Cuong (Hanoi) – an ant breeder said that there is almost no official source of documentation, he has to find out and learn from his predecessors. Most types of ornamental ants raised are non-venomous, serving the needs of decorating living rooms, offices,…

Nam Cuong and 1 ant tank

According to Nam Cuong’s share, raising ants is not too expensive because the food is only sugar water, honey, insect meat, etc., so it is quite cost-effective and labor-intensive. However, two important factors that directly affect the life of the ants are humidity and temperature in the aquarium, and how to make it look like the most natural environment. Therefore, the ant nest must be moistened daily and carefully shielded to ensure that the ant nest is in the dark and maintains the right temperature.

The price of ornamental ants is calculated by herd. The price of an ant colony is expensive or cheap depending on each ant line and the size of the herd such as the number of queens in the flock, the number of queens in the herd, etc.

Close-up of ants in the aquarium

Crab scene

Crab is also an emerging hobby in recent years and is loved by many young people. One of the pioneers for this hobby in Vietnam is Xuan Loc (Hanoi). He has known about ornamental crabs since 2016 after going to Thailand once. Curious about this crab species, he bought Thai native crabs to try and study how to care and breed.

Xuan Loc and colorful ornamental crabs

According to Xuan Loc, ornamental crabs have a lifespan of about 10 years or more. In the artificial environment, crabs are raised in plastic boxes or glass tanks with water level of 50 – 60%, with abundant oxygen. However, it is not easy for crabs to have an eye-catching color. Because in the process of eating, crabs gnaw the soil and create color pigments, so farmers have to bring soil from the areas they live to bring back artificially.

Currently, the price of ornamental crabs depends on the horizontal size of the apricot (from 3 to 7cm), ranging from 80 to 350 thousand VND(1$=25,000 VND).

Leaf beetles

Recently, the leaf beetle is an animal that impresses animal lovers. Many people are interested in this animal because of its clever camouflage ability, which looks like real leaves.

Khang (HCMC) with 5 years of experience in learning and raising leaf beetles said that he often imports eggs from abroad and waits for them to hatch into children to take care of. Breeding leaf beetles does not need to be too fussy, just net cages and guava or plum branches as food for bugs. The most important thing is to maintain humidity in the culture environment. To ensure this, farmers need to change leaves regularly and occasionally spray water to mist.

Khang’s leaf beetles

However, Khang also noted that leaf beetles are somewhat feisty and have a shorter lifespan than other insects, only months to a few years old. The price of each bug is also not cheap, depending on the size, it ranges from 400 thousand VND to millions. Therefore, he thinks that only those who are really passionate should pursue this type of animal.

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