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Festivals in Hai Duong are unique and interesting

Hai Duong is a lovely person, with unique cultural features, unique festivals, always attracting the attention of many visitors. If you want to learn more about the culture of this beautiful land, join us in exploring the festivals in Hai Duong through the following article.

Festivals in Hai Duong

Con Son Spring Festival – Silver Era

One of the most famous festivals in Hai Duong,  first of all, in the early spring festival of Con Son – Kiep Bac, starting from the 15th, 16th, and 16th of the first lunar month every year. Visitors attending the festival not only can immerse themselves in the exciting, bustling space, watch the dragon lion dance performances, but also visit the Con Son scenic spot, with a wonderful natural mountain and forest landscape. The forests were hazy in mist and white clouds, creating a fantasy.
– 7km from Con Son is Kiep Bac, a sacred place to commemorate the national hero Tran Hung Dao.

Festivals in Hai Duong are unique and interesting
Con Son Festival – Silver Life

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Attend the sacred festival of Bach Hao pagoda

Is there a unique festival in Hai Duong that you should join?  Bach Hao Temple Festival is also a great suggestion, because it not only has a spiritual meaning, but also has many folk games, interesting and memorable experiences for tourists. Opening the festival is a program to offer incense, sacrifice to the ancestors, at this time you can go in to offer incense, wish health, good luck for the whole year. Then participate in folk games held around the festival such as sailing, catching ducks, cooking rice on the river, … In general, all games at the festival are extremely interesting, guaranteed to come. With  the festival in Hai Duong  you just want to stay and not go home.
– It is held on the 5th and 6th of the first lunar month every year.
– Address: Thanh Xa, Thanh Hao, Hai Duong.

Muong pagoda festival, Hai Duong

Continuing  the traditional, special festival in Hai Duong  , that is the Muong pagoda festival, a festival that carries two elements of God and Buddha. The festival is held for a long time, starting from January 24-27, and each festival has its own tasks such as:
– Day 24: It is considered a naturalization day, at this time, the festival is held. Vegetarian and the monks in the temple keep chanting all night.
– Day 25: The festival of bringing thick cake to the front of Thanh To street. But before passing here, you will have to process thick cakes around the temple, with the aim of wanting a good harvest for the whole year.
– Day 26: Is the day of procession to prepare for the great ceremony on 27. Normally on the 26th, people will review the procession process so that they are mature, so as not to encounter any mistakes in the main holiday.
– Day 27: The most important festival day of Muong pagoda festival, attracting a large number of visitors creates an exciting and noisy atmosphere. The procession of the procession will be carried out in temples and communal houses.
– Address: Ngu Phuc, Kim Thanh, Hai Duong.

Muong pagoda festival

Mao Dien Temple Literature Festival

The festival is meant to honor the tradition of fondness of the people here, and it is also expected that through the festival, the young people will be encouraged to learn, so that the future will become talented people for the country. Similar to other festivals, Mao Dien Temple Literature Festival is divided into 2 parts, the first part is the procession ceremony and the second part is the fun activities, extremely attractive sports.
– Time to organize the festival on February 18 of the lunar calendar every year.
– Address: Mao Dien Temple and Literature Relic, Cam Dien, Cam Giang, Hai Duong.

Temple Festival

Also on the  list of interesting festivals in Hai Duong should not be missed . The festival is held on a large scale, attracting visitors from all over the world to attend. Because in addition to participating in the festival, visitors are also offered incense offerings to Buddha, pray for health, luck, and also watch the peaceful, relaxing, and incredible natural space. The special and impressive feature of the festival is that it is the beaten show, also known as the tiger fighting – An extremely unique and interesting folk show, which ensures you will be impressed with this Sao temple festival for but see.
– The festival takes place on March 9 and 10 of the lunar calendar every year.
– Address of the festival: Thanh Cuong Village, Thanh Binh, Hai Duong.

Temple Festival

In addition, there are still many other special and attractive festivals such as:

  • Ceramic Temple Festival: The festival commemorates the national hero Tran Khanh Du with unique events such as ceremonies, folk games, …
    – Time: On the 13th – 21st of the eighth lunar month.
    – Location: Co Thanh Commune, Chi Linh, Hai Duong.
  • Tuan Tranh Great Festival : Is the Than Song festival with rituals such as: Going to the field, singing chau van, …
    – Time: On February 14th of lunar calendar
    – Location: Ninh Giang town, Ninh Giang district, Hai Duong.
  • Sinh Temple Festival: With exciting and exciting rituals and folk games.
    – Time: On the 11th of the 8th lunar month.
    – Location: An Mo Village, An Sinh, Kinh Mon, Hai Duong.
  • Yet Kieu Temple Association : Rewarding to remember the wise general, Weak Kieu. Participating in the festival not only has the opportunity to understand more about the history, but also to participate in many games here.
    – Time: Held twice a year on: January 15 and August 15 of the lunar calendar.
    – Location: Quat Hamlet, Yet Kieu, Gia Loc, Hai Duong.
  • Earth Firecrackers Festival: The festival not only attracts tourists, but locals are also very excited about this festival.
    – Time: In the third lunar month.
    – Location: Minh Duc Commune, Tu Ky, Hai Duong.

Earth firecrackers festival

Above, I have just suggested to you the happiest and most impressive festivals in Hai Duong. So, if you have the opportunity to set foot in this beautiful land, do not forget to choose the right time to travel to Hai Duong to participate in the festivals here.

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