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Thousands of fields of root crops in Con Son

The root tree in Chi Linh, Hai Duong in winter becomes green, blooms with tiny white flowers with a gentle fragrance, floating in the wind, which is an attraction for young people or couples to visit and take pictures.

The roots are located next to the pine forest at the southern foot of Con Son mountain, Chi Linh town, Hai Duong province. Walking among the vast fields of roots in the wind, the fragrance radiates gently, suffocatingly reminiscent of an old Nguyen Trai time, where “he planted pine, she planted roots”.

The root tree is also known as the Thanh Hao tree, with small branches stretching out, needle-shaped leaves, when harvested, used as a broom to sweep the house.

Root crops this season are green, blooming with tiny white flowers.

Rooted plants have enduring vitality, year after year without much care.

Root fields have been associated with generations of the Con Son people, becoming familiar symbols of this historic land.

Every year, people here harvest roots in the sixth lunar month.

The field of roots lies under the straight rows of pines, creating a beautiful landscape throughout the area.

The scenery at the foot of Con Son mountain is immense and poetic thanks to the green carpet of the root field, which always attracts many young people to visit and take pictures.

The peaceful village setting in the middle of a field of root crops is also an ideal place for couples to date or take wedding photos.

Visitors to the Con Son Kiep Bac relic site can visit the field of root crops, and relax under the old pine canopy to immerse themselves in the local wind.

Photo: Hachi8

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