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Visit Thanh Hai Water Puppet Village – a unique traditional destination in Hai Duong

Going to Thanh Hai Water Puppet Village to see unique water puppet shows performed by talented artisans will be a great experience during your trip to Hai Duong. 

Coming to the land of Hai Duong, in addition to visiting the scenic spots and enjoying the local products, visitors certainly hardly miss the opportunity to visit the traditional craft villages, especially the destination with cultural beauty. Northern culture is typical like Thanh Hai water puppet village. This place is the cradle of Vietnamese puppetry art hundreds of years old, Through many changes in history, generations of Thanh Hai village are still passionate and keep the fire for the sport. This wonderful art. 

Visit Thanh Hai Water Puppet Village – a unique traditional destination in Hai Duong
Thanh Hai Water Puppet Village is an attractive destination of Hai Duong. Photo:

Visit Thanh Hai Water Puppet Village to enjoy the fascinating traditional culture 

Thanh Hai Water Puppet Village, also known as Thanh Hai Water Puppet Ward, is located in Thanh Hai Commune, Thanh Ha District, Hai Duong Province, this place is considered the origin of a unique traditional art only in Vietnam. this. 

Thanh Hai village is the origin of the art of water puppetry. Photo:
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According to the elders, Thanh Hai water puppetry village has had a history of formation and development for hundreds of years since the Ly Dynasty. Most of the artisans of this water puppetry village are from farmers. They are used to working in the fields all year round, with their feet covered in mud. However, with a strong love for traditional art left by their father, they still regularly practice and perform, even though they still worry about their daily meals. The unique feature of Thanh Hai water puppetry village is that the performances are all devised by the ward chiefs or the ward members, most of which are about love for the country, daily activities, and culture. culture, traditional customs, practices of worshiping gods, teaching people to live according to what is or is right. 

The artisans in Thanh Hai are always fresh with the traditional craft left by their fathers. Photo:@duyenphanchef

Currently, in Thanh Hai water puppet village, there is an active club with 36 people, many of whom regularly go to water puppet shows in provinces/cities across the country. Thanh Hai water puppetry has even appeared in many big events and competitions such as puppetry festival in Hue, puppetry festival in Hanoi, Hue Culture week festival, Hung temple festival, large and small festivals in the country. province and outside the province. In which, in many competitions, Thanh Hai village puppetry has won great prizes. 

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Like other villages in the North, Thanh Hai water puppetry village also has a peaceful appearance with the beauty of the communal house roof and the water wharf. Coming here, the first thing visitors will enjoy is the beautiful scenery, bold countryside, which brings a sense of peace and relaxation. Especially the beauty of this village becomes more prominent with the traditional art of water puppetry.

Visiting Thanh Hai village , visitors will have the opportunity to learn about this famous traditional art. The first important step in the art of water puppetry in Thanh Hai village is to make the puppets so that they can turn their bodies and turn their necks flexibly. The game is made from fig wood and is chiseled, hewn with stylized lines according to each character and then polished, painted, painted…

The puppet is made from fig wood. Photo: @duyenphanchef

The puppet will usually have two parts, a floating body and a base where the underwater controller is installed. When performing, the artists will manipulate and control the puppet’s activities to match the music, lyrics, drums, etc.

Visiting Thanh Hai Water Puppet Village, do not forget to admire the water house, which is built in the middle of a pond, symbolizing the roof of the Vietnamese countryside. If coming to the village on the right festivals, at the end of the year or at the beginning of the year, visitors will enjoy the top-notch water puppet shows of the village’s artisans. Being able to enjoy the unique performances with your own eyes, you can see all the talents of the artists and the beauty and beauty of this art. 

The communal house was built in the middle of the lake. Photo: thangnguyenphotos

Talented artists stand behind the fascinating puppet performances, Photo: VSL

After visiting Thanh Hai water puppet village, don’t forget to visit other famous tourist sites also located in Thanh Ha district area such as Bach Hao pagoda, Dong Ngo pagoda, Perfume river eco-tourism area to have a tour. The program is completely complete. 

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