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Noodles ‘itchy tongue’ of Hanoians

It is a light dish that is considered easy to eat, but many diners do not like vermicelli along the net because it feels “itchy to the tongue”.

Along the crispy mosquito net, thinly sliced ​​pork and turmeric-colored pork leg… are what visitors can imagine about a bowl of vermicelli along the mosquito net. The dish is also known as bun bung, vermicelli… is especially popular and sold in Hanoi .

This is a dish with a simple and gentle processing, but to keep the clarity of the broth requires meticulousness. Because it is considered a cool dish, a good bowl of vermicelli along the mosquito net must keep the water clear, maybe just add a little yellow from turmeric. When bones are boiled, they must open the lid, reduce the fire, and immediately skim off the scum. If the bowl of vermicelli has cloudy water, it is difficult to arouse cravings in the summer, when diners are looking for a cool, light food from both color and ingredients.

Noodles ‘itchy tongue’ of Hanoians
The bowl of vermicelli along the net is cool, the water is clear, only the color of turmeric is yellow. Photo: Trung Nghia

Vermicelli along the mosquito net is considered easy to eat, can be cooked at home and can be eaten outside. In addition to pork and pork leg, the vermicelli bowl can add sprouts, ribs, tongue… But the undeniable highlight is still along the mosquito net, which makes the bowl of vermicelli “contradictory”, not everyone likes and eats. If done incorrectly, this plant can cause itching just like when touching the sap of the sweet potato plant.

Preliminary processing along the mosquito net must remove the thin green outer shell and then cut it into bevels, soak with dilute salt and then wash it with cold water many times to remove the plastic. Along the mosquito net can not be boiled for a long time, drop into the pot of broth, boil, and then take it out immediately, so the crispness is guaranteed. However, many diners still feel “itchy tongue” after eating along the mosquito net, even after it has been carefully prepared.

Just like that, those who like it are very fond of it, and those who can’t eat it will not like this noodle dish. However, no one can leave the mosquito net out of the ingredients because this is the highlight, crunchy and delicious, the taste is cool and light in the mouth. This is also the reason why vermicelli is named along the mosquito net, not pork vermicelli or pork vermicelli.

Along the mosquito net is what makes people criticize and love this noodle dish. Photo: Trung Nghia

Anyway, vermicelli is still an indispensable popular dish in the culinary map of Hanoi. Because the broth is light, when eating, diners can freely add spices to their mouth without fear of spoiling the taste. Those who like sour can squeeze more kumquats or add a little vinegar, those who like spicy can add a lot of fresh chili… because no matter what, the bowl of vermicelli is still difficult to lose flavor, unlike the way people often argue about “beef noodle soup” must be eaten with vinegar, chicken noodle soup must be squeezed with lemon”. In particular, the owner often mixes a bowl of black soy sauce, mixed with vinegar, garlic and chili sauce for people to eat meat or pork leg. Don’t forget to ask the shop owner to give you a lot of food, cool and happy.

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