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9X Vietnamese couple sells wedding gold, collects money for honeymoon in all 63 provinces

After the wedding, the 9X couple from Lam Dong decided to sell a part of their wedding gold, plus their previous savings, to fulfill their dream of going to all 63 provinces across Vietnam.

Minh Khoa, 29 years old, and Thuy Ai, 28 years old, are both from Lam Dong. The 9X couple has known and loved each other since studying at the Foreign Economic College in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. After graduating from college, the two worked together at an import-export company, for nearly 7 years now.

9X Vietnamese couple sells wedding gold, collects money for honeymoon in all 63 provinces
The couple took pictures at Bai Xep, Phu Yen.

After the wedding held not long ago, the couple spent 2 months planning a trip around Vietnam. Both said that, along with a sum of money, if many people prefer to choose Europe to enjoy their honeymoon, then they want to travel to their own homeland.

“If you want to explore the world, you should first understand your country. This is the reason why we chose to go on a honeymoon across Vietnam in all 63 provinces,” Thuy Ai said.

Both visited Phong Nha, Quang Binh.

And for both, this is a trip more than “enjoying the honeymoon”, well worth it before reaching the age of 30. “The best thing is that I can do it with a partner with the same idea”, Thuy Ai happy to say.

Visit Sen Village in Uncle Ho’s hometown.

For the trip through Vietnam, the couple chose personal cars as a flexible means of transportation. Thuy Ai prepares all necessary items, from clothes, shoes, tents, folding tables and chairs, cooking kits for camping to snacks, electronic inflatables, drinking water. ..

Before and during the journey, both go to the car company for warranty, minimizing damage problems. She also saves emergency phone numbers in case of an accident in the middle of the road. Minh Khoa added that he does not drive at night to spend time resting and recuperating.

The couple returned to Hung Temple in Phu Tho.

Thanks to planning and researching the destinations quite carefully, the couple hardly encountered many difficulties. Only once when looking for the northernmost point of Vietnam, they looked it up on Google, but unfortunately, they were misdirected and almost lost their way to the border.

Visit Nho Que river, Ha Giang.

“Instead of a beautiful concrete road, Google led by a dirt road to the mountain. When we could not continue, we had to turn around, but got lost. Even though we asked the locals for directions, Due to the language barrier, I struggled to find the right path,” Minh Khoa recalled.

For the couple, the most memorable milestone in this journey is to experience most of the coastal roads , from Kien Giang to Quang Ninh, to set foot to the South – North poles of the country, to the two capes of Sa Pa. Vi – Ca Mau.

Together, they set foot on the top of Fansipan, reached the Indochina junction, went to the beginning and the end of Ho Chi Minh road, conquered the “four great peaks of the pass”, attended the flag lowering ceremony at Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum (Hanoi), enjoyed coffee. coffee in 5 provinces of the Central Highlands…

Also thanks to this trip, Thuy Ai realized that she had “absorbed” knowledge about Vietnam’s culture and geography in a very natural way. There are historical places, the couple can directly listen to the explanations of the guides, so they are even more moved and appreciate the country and its people.

When asked which is the most impressive destination, the two found it “difficult to answer” because each place has its own beauty.

The two arrived at Ban Gioc Waterfall, Cao Bang.

“The North is favored by nature with majestic landscapes, the Central is a paradise of sea and islands, while the Central Highlands has the wild beauty of mountains and forests. And the South is remembered by the scenery of rivers and people. kind-hearted, lovely”, Thuy Ai commented.

When the feet stop but the heart still wants to go, the 9X couple said, they still want to spend more time exploring domestic destinations in the future

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