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The beautiful rose garden of the young mother

It’s only been a year since she planted it, but the beautiful rose garden of Ms. Pham Thi Huyen Trang (37 years old, Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak province) makes the “followers” of this flower have to admire. and admiring.

The blooming roses in Trang’s garden are so beautiful it’s hard to resist

Challenging journey to conquer pink

Young mother Pham Thi Huyen Trang is a construction engineer, working at the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dak Lak province. With a passion for growing a rose garden,  cherished for a long time but have not had the conditions and space to do so. After studying for a master’s degree in Thailand for 2 years, about June of last year, when she saw her colleague planting roses in her garden, her passion rekindled and Ms. This flower is extremely beautiful but equally difficult.

Colorful rose garden blooms

Colorful rose garden blooms

Ms. Trang, the owner of this enchanting rose garden

“At that time, I was still living with my grandparents, the yard was quite small, I hugged about a dozen pots of roses and 1 tree tezza with the experience of growing roses with zero. The tree had fungus, hemorrhoids, spiders. , flowers are small, the flowers are squishy… they all seem to be dead. So I started going to groups to learn how to take care of it but still lost 1 tree due to black branches. After that, I spent time re-reading the growth characteristics of flowering plants, pruning and care. Then starting the renovation of the rose garden, I changed the entire substrate, changed the pot with better drainage …”, Ms. Trang told about the equally arduous journey to conquer this flower.

Looking at the picture of Trang’s rose garden, I can’t help but feel heartbroken

After that hard journey at first, Trang now  owns a rose garden with about 50 roses of all kinds . Most of the infrared varieties are the most wrong flowers such as Miyabi, Shell shell, Summer snow, Kellogg, Lafont, Carey, Soeur… in addition to the infrared varieties, Ms. Trang also grows the varieties of indoor persimmons such as Sapa roses and peach persimmons. neck.

Now, with the rose garden, especially during the Covid-19 epidemic season   , the garden is a daily relaxing hobby for Ms. Trang’s family: “The last holiday of April 30 due to the Covid- 19 situation  , our family did not dare to dare. Let the kids go out everywhere, it’s also quite interesting to stay at home and watch the scenery at home. Not only that, taking care of roses helps me reduce stress after working at the office. Waking up in the morning, breathing in the fresh air mixed with the scent of roses makes the soul extremely relaxed.

There is no shortage of roses

There is no shortage of roses

Ms. Trang said that having a rose garden, her 2 children also have the opportunity to be closer and understand more about nature when they work with their mother to take care of the garden, catch bugs to eat leaves for roses… Currently, in addition to growing roses, Ms. also planted more fruit trees such as star fruit, pomelo, Thai rambutan and milkweed.

The secret of a beautiful rose garden

When asked about the secret to having such a wonderful rose garden, Ms. Trang said that it was only hard at first when conquering this flower, but once you get used to it, the care is quite easy.

“Normally, I get up at 5:30 am, it takes about 30 minutes to water the plants. In the afternoon, I go home from work at 5:30 and it only takes about 30 minutes to water. The fertilizing and pruning of the trees, I take advantage of my free weekend to do it, so I feel that with 50 persimmon roots, I don’t spend much time taking care of them, “said Trang.

But that is for someone who has experience and familiarity with her hands like Ms. Trang, and for those who are just starting out, Ms. Trang is also more detailed about the secret to growing roses: “Pink is a difficult flower to take care of because of the sun. Spider hemorrhoids, rain, black leaves and stems. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the technical characteristics and recognize the signs of the disease for treatment. For roses, the important factor is sunshine, at least 3 hours of sunshine for the new plant to be healthy and minimize leaf diseases. Pink loves moisture, so it needs to be watered twice a day, early in the morning and cool in the afternoon, watering the leaves to reduce fungal diseases.

In addition, Ms. Trang said that mixing media is equally important because persimmons love moisture but must be well drained to avoid waterlogging.

“My persimmon growing medium includes red soil, fresh rice husks, smoked rice husks and perlite to ensure the soil is always porous. In addition, when growing persimmons in pots, you need to choose a rose pot with many drainage holes, so you should use coal slag, porous lining underneath to increase drainage to avoid waterlogging for flower plants. As for fertilizers, I use completely organic fertilizers, before cutting branches, I add goat manure with a lot of phosphorus to help the plants develop roots to create momentum to prepare to sprout. Then from 7-10 days, I add chicken manure with more protein to make the sprouts bigger and fatter. The next week, I fertilize cows until the plant closes its buds, add a little potassium-containing banana juice to make the flowers darker and more standard,” Ms. Trang “revealed”.

For the prevention and treatment of persimmons, Ms. Trang uses completely organic methods. According to Ms. Trang, roses are often attacked by thrips, which can easily lead to leaf curling and blackening of buds, spiders sucking under the leaves, reducing photosynthesis, leaf fungus causing damage to leaves. Therefore, prevention is often more important than cure, so she often mixes emulsifying neem oil and orange essential oil to water the thrips and spiders weekly. For mushrooms, mix silver nano or lime water separately to prevent fungus if  the weather  rains often.

“The most important factor for persimmon is sunshine, then soil, healthy seedlings. Fertilizer regime should be diverse and prevent diseases for flowers. In order for the plant to flower at the same time, I prune once even the buds that have not yet bloomed so that the next flower always blooms simultaneously. The plants flower about 2-3 times, need to stop for a while to let the plants rest to regain their strength”, the young mother “reveals” all the steps to have a beautiful rose garden at home. Follow thanhnien

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