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The carp “eats rubbish” at Hai An beach

The appearance of a large ‘carp’ in the middle of Hai An beach (H.Hai Lang, Quang Tri) has made many people wonder. It turned out to be a product of the youth …

“Carp eat trash” at Hai An beach. PHOTO: THANH LOC

After a period of construction, on the morning of April 16, the Hai An Border Guard Branch (located in Hai An commune, Hai Lang district, under Quang Tri CPP Command) organized the handover and put into use the project ” Carp garbage collection ” for the Union and the Management Board of My Thuy Beach.

This is an initiative of Hai An Border Guard Branch to contribute together with the people and local union members to protect the sea ​​and island environment of their homeland, responding to the launching of the island tourism season. 2021.

The Youth Union of Hai An border guard handed over the carp to the local youthPHOTO: THANH LOC

Hang in exchange with Thanh Nien, Lieutenant Tran Khuong Hoa, Secretary of Hai An Border Guard Branch, said it took about a week to create this colorful “carp”. “The fish is welded with iron and steel, after being on the frame, it will be painted more to catch the eye, to attract people’s attention. From here on, everyone will pay attention to letting this “carp” “eat” trash, ” said Lieutenant Hoa.

It took a week to finish this carpPHOTO: THANH LOC

According to Lieutenant Hoa, in the near future, the unit will call for more sponsorships and the workdays of the members to make more fun trash cans, not only with a carp picture but also creating more models Other shrimp and fish live in the sea. Follow Thanh Nien Online

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