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Top new check in point in Hanoi of unique Bat Trang Ceramic Museum

Built inspired by the curves of pottery earth on the turntable, Bat Trang Ceramic Museum is becoming one of the new attractions of Hanoians.

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Top new check in point in Hanoi of unique Bat Trang Ceramic Museum

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New check-in point of young people. Photo: Petrotimes

Bat Trang Ceramic Museum is located in hamlet 5, Bat Trang commune, Gia Lam district. About 15 kilometers from the center of the capital, Hanoi started construction in 2018 on 3,700 square meters. The work is part of the "Center of Vietnamese Craft Villages" project of Quang Vinh Ceramics Co., Ltd. and Hanoi Craft Village Association to develop craft villages.

Outstanding works next to simple high-rise buildings. Photo: luhanhvietnam

Bat Trang Ceramic Museum is designed to grow larger like spirals, extremely solid. Even those "curves" are meaningful in terms of images and have beneficial uses, such as making ceramic shelves and stairs to the upper floors.

Photo: Petrotimes

To achieve that unique look, they are built by builders with thin linear fiber reinforced concrete that has a small load but can withstand the force very effectively. At the same time, the traditional materials of Bat Trang, such as traditional ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, are also utilized to the fullest extent to create true colors.

Unique photography angles. Photo: Petrotimes

Bat Trang Ceramic Museum is becoming one of the new places to visit and check-in of Hanoi people. The museum's first floor is a "Ceramic square," a place dedicated to artists to display their works, thereby connecting visitors with artisans. Besides, because the open space here is very large, it is very suitable for big events or traditional cultural festivals.

Photo: Petrotimes

The 2nd and 3rd floors are the places to display many artistic ceramic products throughout the formation and development of Bat Trang ceramic village. Products include enamels from ancient to modern, with changes in color, shape, and decorative motifs on ceramics to help visitors overview the village's history.

Statues simulating each stage of pottery making are displayed in the museum. Photo: Petrotimes

Photo: Petrotimes

The top floor is considered the most special area at Bat Trang ceramics museum because it is like an outdoor cafe on a large scale. Therefore, people can admire the surrounding scenery and zoom in on the North Hung Hai canal opposite with beautiful shooting angles.

How to get to Bat Trang?

Bat Trang ceramic village is about 15 kilometers from the city center, in Gia Lam district, Hanoi. With such a distance not too far, you will have many means of transportation to move here. Here are a few suggestions for you.

Traveling by bus:

Traveling to Bat Trang ceramic village by bus is a smart and convenient choice, so many people choose this vehicle. Moreover, with the price of only VND 7000 (US$0.3)/ turn, the cost of the excursion will be greatly saved. At bus points in the inner city of Hanoi, you look for buses with stops at the Long Bien bus interchange station, then get on bus route 47 and stop at the last point. To enter the ceramic village, you need to walk about 200 meters more.

Traveling by motorbike:

Besides traveling by bus, motorbikes are the priority means of transport to Bat Trang. You need to move to Vinh Tuy bridge or Chuong Duong bridge, or Thanh Tri bridge. Then, turn right according to the signpost and go straight to the destination.

Tips when visiting Bat Trang

Means of transportation: Should choose a vehicle such as a bus, if you ride a motorbike, you should travel together to save on gas costs and parking money.

It would be best if you were very careful when visiting the pottery market. Avoid playing around to cause a collision to break pottery.

Buy ceramic as a gift: Ask people to help you avoid buying ceramic goods from China. Remember to bargain the price too!

Traveling to Bat Trang pottery village is ideal for those who love and want to learn about ancient cultural beauties. Here, you can visit pottery workshops, Bat Trang Ceramic Museum, hand mold pottery, visit pottery markets and ancient villages.

A day in Bat Trang pottery village. Video: Wanderlust

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