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From time to time stop by alley 76 Hai Ba Trung, a famous super cheap dining place in the heart of District 1

Surely office workers near this area are no longer strangers to the image of a food alley that is always crowded with customers.

Who would have thought that in such a seemingly ordinary alley in the heart of the city center, a “food paradise” would open up?

Located in a “premium” location when surrounded by commercial centers and office buildings. When riding from the main road to turn into the alley, many first-timers will be surprised when this place converges almost all the familiar dishes in the city. Ho Chi Minh. Food stalls are lined up in a row like a small market in an alley. This place is the “station” of the office or students at lunch. In addition, at the end of the day, the alley is also crowded with customers coming to eat after a tiring day at work. The stalls in alley 76 serve food from about 2-3 pm to 7-8 pm. But there are also many shops that sell extremely fast and are sold out by 3 pm.

Initially, the alley had only a few shops serving the needs of the people around, but later it became known to more people, the more the alley was “upgraded” with more food choices. Not only Vietnamese, but also foreigners who come to Vietnam to travel are also curious to try this alley to eat and drink, making alley 76 Hai Ba Trung become busier than ever.

From time to time stop by alley 76 Hai Ba Trung, a famous super cheap dining place in the heart of District 1

The aunts and uncles selling in the alley are also very welcoming to customers, so thanks to such “comfortable” advantages right in the heart of District 1, the “good news” is spread more and more everywhere. Many diners commented that this alley should not be called Hai Ba Trung snack alley because it not only stops at snacks but also has “sure” dishes to enjoy at lunch or dinner.

Noodle soup is full of belly

There is no need to eat a piece of vermicelli in the stomach, but just looking through the glass is the place to store the food with the fragrant crab broth and want to “small saliva”. Bun Rieu also has a full range of ingredients: vermicelli, tofu, crab vermicelli, and spring rolls…, but the broth of this noodle soup at the top of this alley is very clear, with a sweet taste that costs only 25,000 VND for a bowl of vermicelli. quality.

Full of fried meat vermicelli

This rustic noodle dish is also included in the list of delicious dishes in Hai Ba Trung alley because a big box of meat vermicelli with all kinds of dishes on the surface is enough to satisfy diners. Stir-fried meat marinated with moderate spices, the smell of lemongrass and onion is fragrant, the fish sauce seasoning is very rich, making the overall taste very tasty but only priced at 30,000 VND.

Sour and sour Thai noodle bowl

The pot of broth impresses diners with the “toppings” on the surface that look extremely attractive. The side dishes in the vermicelli bowl such as beef, sausage, and vegetables are also neatly arranged by the owner on the table, making many people curious about Thai vermicelli in the alley. However, the broth is not really rich, but with the price of 35,000 VND, it is very good with the amount of vermicelli bowl.

Filter cake “small but martial”

After eating many dishes of water, the cake shop with beautiful small cakes will attract the eyes of diners. Each cake is the size of a knuckle with a clear crust filled with quality shrimp filling. Served with candied fish sauce filled with fresh chili, sliced ​​spring rolls and sprinkled with crispy fried onions, you can’t help but order 2 boxes right away to enjoy.

Fried rice with grilled meat “unique”

Grilled meat with fried rice are two dishes that are extremely delicious and easy to eat, so combining to form a dish that always sells out in this alley is not surprising. A full portion including grilled meat, fried rice served with kimchi is only about 30,000 VND with tender and flavorful grilled meat. Many people after eating are still craving for the taste of meat but buy more skewers to take home and sip.

When dining in alleys like this, it is often difficult to find parking and seats, but this alley “equipped” with spacious seats for diners. The parking space will be parked at the end of the alley which is very convenient, but there is a small minus point that diners have to buy drinking water to use this service.

“Hidden” is located on a busy road in District 1, but this small alley is always covered with the attractive taste of many familiar dishes, making many diners come to enjoy or accidentally pass by. hard to resist.

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