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More than 100 light poles “bloom” in the center of Hanoi

More than 100 lampposts around Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi) are decorated by the Ecopark Group with bright flowers, attracting a large number of people to check-in and visit.

On the morning of March 8, people around Hoan Kiem lake were surprised when the light poles suddenly turned into colorful bright flower pillars. Flowers are meticulously decorated, curving around the pillar body, forming a unique check-in point on International Women’s Day. Photo: Ngoc Thanh.

From early morning, many delegations came to visit, take pictures at the flower lanterns around the lake. Girls and uncles wear ao dai to keep beautiful moments together. “The idea of ​​turning inanimate light poles into points of fresh, colorful flowers is very unique and meaningful to women on this occasion,” said a tourist. Photo: Ngoc Thanh.

More than 100 light poles “bloom” in the center of Hanoi

Many children also expressed interest when they first saw the lamp “bloom”. Photo: Ngoc Thanh.

The flowers used such as chrysanthemum, baby, wall orchid, salem … blooming in the cold early spring weather of Hanoi. Photo: Ngoc Thanh.

The Pen Tower also became strangely brilliant thanks to the decorative flower strip. Photo: Ngoc Thanh.

A lamppost in front of the Metropole Hotel “wears” a new coat of fresh flowers. The Ecopark Group, which performs this decoration activity, says the idea of ​​turning electric poles into flower poles comes from the desire to bring nature into the city. “When nature touches, dull, monotonous things like electric poles, road signs also become beautiful and valuable,” this taste shared.

According to representatives of the organizers, around the area of ​​Hoan Kiem district there are more than 100 places to place flowers, distributed in most of the wards of Hang Bac, Ly Thai To, Hang Dao, … The focus will be the area around Hoan Lake. Earn will with 10 set points.

In addition to the lampposts, the road signs are also decorated with fresh flowers. Many families are attracted by the new look, appearing on the streets of Hanoi for the first time. “The central area of ​​Hanoi is like wearing a new shirt. The flowers make the boring electric poles and road signs unique. Since morning, my whole family has been eager to take pictures,” said Nguyen Trung Tin. – Residents living on Hang Bo street share.

“Nature has been a hallmark of Ecopark’s specialty for a long time. On March 8 this year, the group wants to convey the message of Ecopark’s nature: Things no matter how dry, when nature touches, they will return to In addition, the group also wants to bring a part of the colors of the flowers to the people in the central districts of Hanoi, “he added. Photo: Ngoc Thanh.

This is also a gift Ecopark wants to give to women on International Women’s Day. “Flowers are for all women. But today, there are many women for their living … there is no chance to receive flowers or greetings. The flowers on the streets of Hanoi are also their way. I send the fragrance to all women today, “said Ecopark’s representative.

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