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Raising species that sleep day and night, only love vegetables, gently pocket 6 billion VND/year

Quitting the construction profession, in the past 9 years, Mr. Chuc has risked raising many kinds of wild animals such as bats, donkeys, and weasels… This new direction helps the farmer pocket 5-6 billion. VND/year.

Get rich from rodents

After nearly 10 years of pursuing wildlife breeding, Mr. Nguyen Van Chuc (51 years old, originally from Nam Dinh) has owned 3 farms in Hanoi, Dong Nai, and Can Tho. Which, the camp in Can Tho is located on Highway 91 (Binh Thuy district), with an area of ​​1,000m2 and is keeping more than 300 individuals of moldy weasel, donkeys and parents. 

Taking advantage of the space that used to be a factory, Mr. Chuc designed it into a captive breeding area for animals with 2 main areas including cages for mutts, the rest is a cage for don and ferrets. Clean, spacious breeding space helps breed healthy, low odor. 

Mr. Chuc shared, depending on the nature of each type, he built different cages. The bat likes to dig burrows, so make a cage with floor tiles, especially weasels and donkeys should be raised in an iron cage, inside a box as a place to sleep.

Raising species that sleep day and night, only love vegetables, gently pocket 6 billion VND/year
Mr. Chuc successfully started a business from a bat, then switched to raising ferrets and donkeys (Photo: Bao Ky).

“These rodents have the characteristics of day and night, so feeding is quite convenient. Their food sources are quite easy to find and similar, so I decided to raise these three animals on the same farm,” Mr. Chuc said. .

Mr. Chuc said that before turning to farming, he had a long time in the construction profession. About 9 years ago, while building a house in the Northwest, he saw the owner of the house. While there, he learned the techniques and profits from raising “bamboo rats”. From what he heard and saw, he decided to quit his job as a construction worker and switch to working as an animal farm. 

A musty ferret’s favorite food is ripe bananas. In the evening, Mr. Chuc will feed the ferrets with chicken, duck and pig intestine porridge (Photo: Bao Ky).

“Initially, I bought 10 pairs of ducks to raise behind the house. After some time after breeding, I sold profit and increased the herd. In the process of raising, there were losses and losses, but thanks to research on the internet, my friends raised them. I know how to prevent diseases, how to help them stay healthy and grow steadily, so the farm grows more and more,” said Mr. Chuc. 

After the success from the bat, Mr. Chuc moved to raise the moldy mink and then combined with raising more donkeys. 

The donor, also known as the hon or the long-tailed porcupine, has a sharp head like a mouse, but the body has spines like a hedgehog. Compared to hedgehogs, don is smaller and has a tail, coarse, short and flat spines, with an average weight of about 3-5kg. 

The donkey belongs to the hedgehog family. In the North, donkey meat is very popular (Photo: Bao Ky).

With many years of breeding experience, Mr. Chuc evaluates that all three species, including the bat, don and weasel are easy to raise, and the cost of feeding is very low. During the day, the moldy weasel’s food is ripe bananas, for the donor it is sweet potatoes, corn, pumpkin, papaya… especially bamboo, sugarcane, and dried corn. At 6 p.m., Mr. Chuc will feed don and weasel with chicken head porridge, pig intestine… to supplement protein for livestock. 

Earn billions of profits

Regarding reproduction, the animals he raised for about 1 year were able to breed. The bats give birth 3 times a year, each litter is from 2 to 6 children. Don and ferrets give birth twice a year, each time about 3-5 children, there are also children that only give birth to 1-2 children / litter.

With small donkeys or ferrets, Mr. Chuc will choose to sell commercial products. Mr. Chuc always screens new quality seeds for pairing. 

“The time for breeding and selling are both about 1 year. Pushing the peach cheeks to raise for about 1 year, the weight is from 3-5 kg/head, don’t 4-5 kg/head, ferrets 7-8 kg/head can can be sold,” said the billionaire farmer. 

The wild animal farm helps Mr. Chuc earn 5-6 billion VND/year (Photo: Bao Ky).

Currently, Mr. Chuc provides seed and commercial products from North to South. Peach cheeks are priced from 500,000-800,000 VND/kg depending on the breed, don’t cost from 1.4-1.6 million VND/kg, mink price is 1.8-2 million VND/kg. With 3 farms raising wild rats, it is estimated that Mr. Chuc earns 5-6 billion VND per year in profit. ($1=24,000 VND)

Sharing with us Mr. Chuc confided: “Recalling that year, I was also very reckless, daring to quit my job to work in animal husbandry. Fortunately, I succeeded.

I expanded the farm in the West partly because the weather here is favorable, the food source is abundant, on the other hand, I want to help the local people develop their economy through the model of raising strange and poisonous animals.” . 

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