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What month is the most beautiful and convenient to travel to Quy Nhon?

What month to travel to Quy Nhon? What is the best season to travel to Quy Nhon? Those are the questions that many people are interested in when planning to explore the beautiful sea paradise of Quy Nhon. The answer will be answered shortly. 

Quy Nhon weather features 

Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh belongs to the South Central Coast region. It has two distinct seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. Quy Nhon’s rainy season starts in October and ends in February. The remaining time is the sunny season (March to the end of September). Although there is a long rainy season, fortunately, Quy Nhon is usually not located in the area of ​​​​the center of the storm, so Quy Nhon’s weather is generally great for tourists to come here. In order to have a smooth trip and avoid storms, you should find out information about the weather in Quy Nhon in advance. Only then can you answer which month is the most beautiful to travel to Quy Nhon ? 

What month is the most beautiful and convenient to travel to Quy Nhon?
Quy Nhon weather characteristics. Photo: halotravel

What is the best season to travel to Quy Nhon?

Quy Nhon’s weather consists of 2 main seasons: the rainy season and the dry season, each season has its own characteristics suitable for each tourist’s needs. 

Quy Nhon rainy season

What is the best season to travel to Quy Nhon? The rainy season of Quy Nhon starts from September to February of the following year. If you travel in the rainy season, you should pay attention to the following issues:     

– Do not go to the sea or go hiking, especially during a storm.

– The weather in the rainy season is very unusual and difficult to predict. Therefore, when traveling in the rainy season, absolutely do not camp on the island or board a ship to spend the night on the sea because it will be very dangerous.

– It is best to choose the sunny season if you want to participate in outdoor activities such as swimming, camping.

But if you come to Quy Nhon to travel, you should choose the rainy season because this is the time when there are many preferential vouchers, especially in high-end resorts. You can enjoy and relax in the sea air at a very affordable, if not very cheap, cost.

– Quy Nhon rainy season there are many safe places such as Twin Towers, Han Mac Tu’s grave, or FLC Safari Park, Quang Trung Museum and especially Ghenh Tien Sa Rang .

Traveling to Quy Nhon in the rainy season, visitors cannot swim in the sea

However, it is undeniable that when traveling in the rainy season, whether in Quy Nhon or elsewhere, there will be difficulties compared to the dry season. But the rainy season trip will definitely bring special memories for you. When going in the rainy season, always remember to check the weather forecast and carefully prepare clothes and luggage. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate equipment necessary to deal with and promptly handle situations that may occur in the rainy season.

What’s attractive about Quy Nhon in the sunny season?  

What month to travel to Quy Nhon? The sunny season of Quy Nhon waters usually starts from March to September. And this is also the peak season of tourism in Quy Nhon. The temperature in the dry season is higher than in the rainy season and is usually at 25 to 32 degrees because the sun is quite hot.

When traveling to Quy Nhon in the dry season, also known as the dry season, you will fully feel the impressive beauty of nature here. With a clear blue sea, fine white sand beach, you can fully participate in impressive and fun outdoor activities. In the summer when coming to Quy Nhon, you will have the opportunity to participate and learn about the festivals of the people here such as worshiping Ong fish, boat racing…

Traveling to Quy Nhon in the sunny season, you can enjoy swimming in the sea. Photo: bookingquynhon


What month is the best month to travel to Quy Nhon?

Traveling to Quy Nhon at different times will see a unique beauty and unique features of this land. Of course, everyone’s eyes and aesthetic taste are not the same. Some people like the rainy season, some like the sunny season. So, find out the typical specialties of each season, and feel what beauty you like to choose the most suitable time to visit Quy Nhon.

Quy Nhon tourism January -2   

What month should Quy Nhon travel to ? January – February can be considered the most beautiful Quy Nhon season. The weather is neither hot nor dry. The temperature ranges from 23 to 28 degrees Celsius. The natural scenery in January makes even the most demanding tourists feel satisfied and want to be immersed in that nature: clear blue sea water, fine white sand. .

Quy Nhon tourism January -2. Photo: nucuoimekong


Quy Nhon tourism in March

What month is the best month to travel to Quy Nhon? March is also an ideal time to visit Quy Nhon. Quy Nhon now also enters the dry season, the temperature starts to increase but does not increase much, still maintaining at a temperature of 25 to 32 degrees Celsius. The temperature is at an average level, not too harsh.

Quy Nhon tourism in April

April is also a good choice to travel to Quy Nhon. No more rains. The sky is clear, blue with a temperature of about 22 to 33 degrees Celsius.

Quy Nhon travel from May to July 

From May to September is considered the right time to travel to Quy Nhon . The sun is beautiful, it is not raining, so you will definitely have a great trip. This is also the time of the summer vacation, so it is an ideal time for friends and family to hang out together and keep good memories.

Quy Nhon tourism from May to July. Photo: tourculaoxanh


Quy Nhon travel from August to October

From September to February of the following year is the rainy season. The sea waves are bigger, but they do not affect the trip too much because storms in this period usually do not have much impact on the Quy Nhon area.

Quy Nhon travel from November to December 

At this time, storms and heavy rains appear more often, which can endanger the journey of tourists. Therefore, travel should be limited at this time. If you plan to come to Quy Nhon this time, you need to pay attention to follow the detailed weather forecast.

Quy Nhon tourism from November to December. Photo: Alotravel

Necessary notes when traveling to Quy Nhon

Let’s “pocket” the necessary notes when traveling to Quy Nhon below: 

– Before you go, you should book a hotel room in advance to have the opportunity to receive many incentives and avoid falling into the situation of not being able to find a room.

– Follow the weather forecast before going to have a specific plan. 

– Prepare personal belongings and items for the trip to suit the weather that you travel.

Above are the answers to the most favorable month to travel to Quy Nhon . Hope you come here, you will have more useful information and have a memorable vacation in this beautiful sea of ​​Binh Dinh with family and friends. 

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