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A series of Vietnamese restaurants are extremely crowded in Korea, some of which have appeared in hit movies

The familiar dishes of Vietnamese people such as pho, bread, and Bun Cha, … appear more and more in the land of kimchi.

It cannot be denied that the attraction of Vietnamese cuisine to Koreans is immense. Even popular Kpop stars have repeatedly expressed their love for Vietnamese dishes. Many Vietnamese restaurants when opened in Korea in general and in Seoul in particular have received a warm welcome. Not only that, dishes such as pho, Bun Cha, … also constantly appear in popular Korean movies. So you can see, how “heavy” Vietnamese cuisine is!

Bun Cha Ra Boom

Hanoi’s famous bun cha is very popular with Koreans and Bun Cha Ra Boom, located in the center of Seoul, is the most crowded address. Sometimes at peak times, you have to wait for 15-20 minutes to get a seat.

A series of Vietnamese restaurants are extremely crowded in Korea, some of which have appeared in hit movies

Photo: @jsonatah, @shortshortfilm

In addition to bun cha, Bun Cha Ra Boom also serves many other typical dishes of Vietnam, especially Hanoi such as pho, fried spring rolls filled with shrimp and meat, etc. The dishes are still kept the same Vietnamese style with bun cha. grilled directly on charcoal and dipped with sweet and sour diluted fish sauce. Particularly for pho, there are 3 options: traditional beef noodle soup, special noodle soup with seafood broth and spicy pho from chicken and pork served with vegetables. More specifically, you will find popular dishes from home here such as stir-fried morning glory with garlic, Yangzhou fried rice, fried bok choy,…

Photo: @lungo_love, @_____vanilla_

I invite you

Located in the Jongno district (Seoul), Emoi is not only impressed with its pho, but also by the style of decoration and eating utensils with bold Vietnamese traditions. Not only that, Emoi shop was also “promoted” in episode 8 of the movie “Hidden Beauty”.

Quan Emi appeared in episode 8 of the movie “Hidden Beauty”.

A full bowl of pho at the shop includes large cut beef, soft white noodles, onions, coriander and assorted sauces. The broth here is quite clear, stewed from bones, so it has a sweet taste, strong aroma of bones. Besides pho as the main dish, which is loved by most of the customers, the shop also sells other dishes such as bun cha, pancakes, fried rice, fried morning glory with garlic, …

Photo: @suri_seo, @eeekha1, @champagne_princess_

il Pho

Having appeared in the popular Korean movie “Beautiful sister buys me rice” in the scene where the two main characters and their colleagues have lunch, Vietnam’s il Pho restaurant also quickly emerged and attracted a lot of customers. come enjoy.

Scene of 2 main characters having lunch at il Pho in Vietnam (Photo: Producer)

il Pho is located in Mapo district (Seoul), mainly selling traditional Vietnamese dishes such as beef noodle soup, fried spring rolls, spring rolls, fried rice or fried crab cakes,… with beautiful decoration. There are two types of beef noodle soup here: shredded or thinly sliced ​​meat, accompanied by a rich broth, rice noodles, onions and lots of green onions. In addition, il Pho also serves a number of Vietnamese drinks so that Koreans can fully experience our country’s cuisine.

nh: @goooooooooom, @l22jji


The Festival is a Vietnamese restaurant located in the luxurious Itaewon neighborhood with a golden wall of Hoi An and familiar items such as wooden tables and chairs, lanterns and menus written in Vietnamese. A few years ago, this restaurant was also mentioned more when the couple Bi Rain and Kim Tae Hee came to enjoy and gave many compliments.

Photo: @b.qqq_, @yojinene_, @oksusuyang

At the shop, there are many dishes such as beef noodle soup, broken rice, beef vermicelli, vermicelli, fried corn, etc. If the bowl of pho has a sweet and salty taste from the broth, the broken rice is fragrant and rich with a cup of garlic fish sauce. chili is right. In addition, the burger served in a “very Vietnamese” looking basket at the restaurant also won the hearts of many diners.

Photo:, @oksusuyang

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