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‘I have a holiday in the sea of ​​people in Da Lat’

With cold weather, Da Lat (Lam Dong) is always an attractive destination for tourists. Amid the “sea of ​​people” pouring into the city of sightseeing and relaxation, I still have my own experience with friends.

Because of the worry of traffic jams like many other tourists, we chose to depart from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat at 23:00 on April 29. However, “running in the sun not out of the sun”, the 7-seater car is still stuck at Bao Loc pass. The lucky group only took about an hour to get through the pass. By 7 am, the group was present in the foggy city.

April 30: Coffee shop attracts visitors

The first place the group visited was The Wilder Nest, a cafe located between the three palaces of Prenn, Sacom and Tuyen Lam passes. The shop is in the process of repair, does not serve water, but still allows visitors to take photos freely. The overwhelming sunlight makes the space here becomes majestic.

Around 8:00 am, some people started to stop by to check-in, the space became more bustling.

The majestic space at The Wilder Nest.

Utopia Dalat is a homestay suitable for those who like quiet. Because of traveling on holiday, I have to book 2 weeks in advance to get a seat. The price of a 3-day and 2-night room is about 525,000 VND / person.

‘I have a holiday in the sea of ​​people in Da Lat’

The shop displays many beautiful small stone lotus pots.

The hostess is friendly, sponsors coal, the oven for the barbecue party of the guests. The plus point of the property is the giant confetti in front of the house, just step out the door, you have a lovely picture.

About 15 o’clock, we stop at Mo To Bag. The bungalows are designed in vintage style, making a strong impression. Each glass of water here costs 50,000-60,000 VND. I like the stone lotus house the most with many beautiful small pots, eye-catching pictures.

In the evening, we enjoy wet cakes and go for a walk to the central night market. Because traveling by private car, the group is quite active in time.

May 1: Early morning cloud hunting experience

From 5am, we were present at the famous Da Phu hill to hunt clouds, watch the sunrise. You can walk up the hill or rent a car with a round trip price of 50,000 VND / person. This off-road thrills experience is not suitable for the faint of heart.

After breakfast, the group buys tickets to visit Puppy Farm. This is a complex of puppy farm, flower hill, strawberry garden, stone lotus … with airy and pleasant atmosphere.

If you do not like the crowded scene on the shores of Tuyen Lam Lake, you can go deep inside and stop at Happy Hill. This area is quite large, so visitors spread out to many places. The price of drinking water is about 60,000 VND / glass.

Experience early morning cloud hunting in Da Phu and watch Trai Mat light up.

In the evening, we go to eat hot pot. Tao Ngo chicken hotpot is always on the list of restaurants you want to visit. The meal cost 400,000 VND, a lot of meat, just enough for 6 people.

Vu Thi Village Coffee, beautiful view, watching Trai Mat lights up, is a suggestion you can refer to.

The group also visited the square to drink hot soy milk – a familiar dish chosen by many tourists when coming to Da Lat. The sales aunt here has a good sense of prevention, everyone wears masks.

May 2: Da Lat returns to a quiet state

The next morning, I take advantage of cleaning things, check out and find a bar to have a cup of coffee when I return to Ho Chi Minh City, back to my busy office work.

During 3 days in the foggy city, I had the opportunity to visit many places to sell coffee, in which, the space in Bo Hem was the most poetic. Perhaps many tourists take advantage of early leave, so the shop is quite empty.

A reasonable schedule is the key for visitors to have a complete experience.

Before going home, we had delicious and cheap broken rice at Ms. Thu’s shop 118 on Hai Ba Trung street. The journey back to Ho Chi Minh City starts at 14am. The section below the people of Bao Loc pass is still congested, so the friend turns off to Binh Thuan. Great, we got home at exactly 10 p.m.

For me, choosing a destination and schedule when traveling to Dalat during the holidays is quite important. Even in the middle of the “sea of ​​people”, the group still found a valuable and unforgettable experience. Follow zingnews

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