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Incense made from precious wood of 3.5 million/kg, thousands of bundles have been sold before Tet

This type of incense is made from expensive and precious wood, so the price is also quite high, up to 3.5 million VND per kilogram.($1=24,000 VND)

It is an incense made from agarwood, a precious wood, one of the most valuable raw materials in the world.

According to oriental medicine, agarwood has the effect of charging the kidneys, reducing gas, and curing a number of diseases such as shortness of breath, asthma, chest pain, etc. In Western medicine, they form medicine to treat diseases of the heart. nausea, diarrhea, heart failure…

Not only that, Agarwood also has a very light and pleasant aroma to help reduce stress, relax the mind, and calm the mind.

Agarwood incense is favored by many people because of its mild fragrance.

Knowing the good uses of frankincense, Mr. Chau Tu Trong decided to make and sell agarwood products. In particular, incense products made from agarwood are sought after by many people during this Lunar New Year.

“I have been producing incense from agarwood for nearly a decade now, but this item is the best seller around the Lunar New Year. This year is no exception, the bundles of incense sticks sell very well despite the higher price than other common incense.

Like this year, from the 11th lunar month until now, I have sold nearly 1,000 bundles of incense sticks of all kinds from popular to high-end and top-class,” he informed.

Currently, he has incense sticks, incense sticks and incense buds, with each type will have different prices and quantities and are divided into many segments from popular to high-end. He said that this year, the consumption market is slower than usual and he has more than 1,000 bundles left to serve this year’s Tet.

Incense buds are also bought by customers to come to the room.

According to Quyen, the ring incense is the most chosen by many people because it can burn within 12 hours.

Also producing and selling incense sticks for more than 3 years now, Mr. Ngo Tan Quyen (Quang Nam) said that this year’s consumption is somewhat slower than every year, but he still sells incense made from Agarwood.

Currently, he has many types of incense made from agarwood: incense sticks with toothpicks, incense sticks, incense buds, incense without toothpicks. During the year, incense sticks and incense buds are chosen by customers quite a lot, and at the end of this year, consumers tend to choose more round incense. Because the ring incense can burn slowly until 12 hours to end and leave a very long fragrance.

In the last 2 months, he has sold about 500 incense products of all kinds, calculated by kg, about 50kg. This number is much higher than the months of the year.

Talking about product prices, he said the selling price ranges from 1.5 million to 3.5 million/kg. He has separated into boxes weighing 100 grams for customers to buy and use and the price is suitable.

This year, he prepared 200kg of incense of all kinds to serve consumers. According to him, Agarwood incense is used by many people because when burned, it gives off a faint fragrance to help people relax. Not only that, that fragrance also lingers for a long time in the air, making the space clean.

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