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Teacher 8X created a beautiful and lush vegetable garden in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City by himself

Although the roof garden area is only a few tens of square meters, the 8X teacher in Ho Chi Minh City has grown many lush vegetables and fruits and built them into a very romantic place.

Mr. Li’s lush garden . PHOTO: TAN DAT

“The destination is the present moment, right now”

In the last days of April, we visited a small garden located on the rooftop in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City apartment of Mr. Nguyen Li, who is currently a lecturer at a university in Ho Chi Minh City. Mr. Li’s garden is nearly 70 square meters wide but grows a variety of flowers such as roses, narcissus, fresh green vegetables such as lettuce, pineapple, tomatoes, eggplants, okra, bitter melon … they make up. a poetic scene in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

Vegetable garden on the terrace in the heart of Ho Chi Minh CityPHOTO: TĐ
They grow lushPHOTO: TĐ
Farming right where I livePHOTO: TAN DAT

Mr. Li shared his garden was created more than a year, started the holiday translated Covid-19 extends itself in 2020. Mr. Li likes farming, also had the intention of leaving the forest city of birth living peacefully and dreamily living in a place where there are no people, but after all, the job is not easy for those who have not had experience, so this young teacher begins to experience in himself. live.

The scene is full of dreamsPHOTO: TAN DAT
Passion fruit full of fruitPHOTO: TĐ
Mr. Li experiences farming where he livesPHOTO: TAN DAT

“This is not where I was born, but I have loved and given me so many things. On this journey, I want to inspire a little bit of inspiration to live “green” right in the city, which belongs to the busy noises, … But I realize that the mind will be safe no matter where I am It is really a journey so that each day is a new lesson, the destination is the present moment, right now but nowhere far, ”Mr. Li said.

In this garden, everyone can find a peaceful cornerPHOTO: NGUYEN LI

Watching the blooming flowers , the fruit trellis of the passion fruit or the lush vegetable beds in a poetic landscape … everyone could more or less welcome Mr. Li, who cultivated them with their own love.

Green vegetablesPHOTO: NVCC

In the early days, I had to carry and carry each bamboo tree and barrel from the bottom to the terrace very very. It is important that we work in a mind of enjoying, feeling, not being done, so the strenuous things do not exist anymore … “, Mr. Li said.

One place to look

Mr. Li said he learned a lot from gardening. Gain patience when observing plants. Feel composure while tending plants and detecting diseases and treating them. Not only a place to go to when tired and stressed at work, for Mr. Li this garden also contains many inspirational stories and meanings.

Mr. Li sees the garden as a place to enjoy lifePHOTO: NVCC

Mr. Li confided: “The best thing is that every morning when my uncle and uncle come up here to have fun, enjoy life, help me take care of the trees, consider this as their garden. In the afternoon, the parents brought their children up here to learn about trees. I also organize a lesson to learn, how to plant trees for the children. Everyone sees here as a place to have fun entertainment after hours of work stress. Every day, I come up here early in the morning to practice yoga and meditate. In the afternoon, watching the sunset listening to music. It almost solves all mental problems ”.

Roses are lush thanks to the fertilization of coffee groundsPHOTO: TAN DAT
Mr. Li also built a house for the birds to stayPHOTO: TAN DAT

Talking about how to take care of the garden, Mr. Li said: “After the first wave of tomato died, I realized that when it grows, we should not fertilize continuously. Do not use chemicals, plants are better. Soil is one of the most important things, I often mix organic soil mixed with soil, and then add chicken and cow manure weekly to produce lush vegetables and fruits. For the flowers to develop or use coffee grounds to incubate for about 1.5 months to 2 months. If using instant coffee grounds, is not good for the plants, they will yellow leaves because the pulp is now very high pH. Follow Thanh Nien Online

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