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In the snack area of ​​Xom Chieu market, everything is available, the price is super cheap

Saigon is famous for its delicious and cheap snacks, the most famous of which is the Xom Chieu market. Coming to the Xom Chieu market snack area, you will enjoy a lot of famous Saigon delicacies without worrying about “out of pocket”.

Where is Xom Chieu market snack area located in Saigon?

Before “bombarding” the snack area of ​​Xom Chieu Saigon market together, you also need to determine where the address is and what time it opens. Xom Chieu Market, also known as market 200, is located in the church area, Xom Chieu, Ward 15, District 4, Saigon. This place is known as the snack mecca in District 4 attracting young Saigonese with more than 500 shops and selling all kinds of specialties from three regions. Coming to the 200 markets, you will discover a snack paradise, everything is available but the price is super cheap from only 10,000 VND. 

In the snack area of ​​Xom Chieu market, everything is available, the price is super cheap
Xom Chieu Market is known as the famous snack paradise in Saigon

The operating time of the Xom Chieu market is from 6am to 23h45. Xom Chieu Market is open all day, so you can comfortably arrange your time to explore snacks and shop here. Note, the period from 17h to 22h is the most crowded market.

From the center of Saigon to market 200 about 13km, you can follow the Nam Ky Khoi Nghia route for about 27 minutes. Or you can go through Truong Chinh and Cach Mang Thang Tam streets to reach this market. For those of you who first come to Saigon and do not know the way, you can hire a taxi or take a motorbike taxi to market 200.

Lots of delicious and cheap snacks at Xom Chieu market

Explore Xom Chieu market snack area 

What does the Xom Chieu market snack area have? You will discover a culinary paradise with many restaurants and delicious specialties. Let’s find out the best places to eat and snacks that you should enjoy when coming to the 200 markets in District 4: 

The famous cheap and delicious snacking address in Xom Chieu market 

First of all, the best snacks at Xom Chieu market such as: 

Hang’s crab soup

– Address: C200/18 Xom Chieu, Ward 14, District 4, HCMC

– Opening time: 16h – 22h30

– Price ranges: 15,000 VND – 50,000 VND

Hang crab soup is the address that any young person when coming to the market 200 wants to enjoy it. The bowl of crab soup at the shop is full and beautifully decorated. Enjoying a cup of crab soup, you will feel the greasy taste of pork brain, shiitake mushrooms, quail eggs and the sweet taste of crab. The bowl of crab soup is full of colors, just looking at it makes me hungry. The price is super cheap, only 15,000 VND / bowl full. The restaurant serves delicious, quality food, but the space is a bit cramped when crowded. 

Enjoy the famous Hang crab soup in Xom Chieu market

Miss Oanh 

– Address: C200/20 Xom Chieu (District 4)

– Opening time: 16h – 22h

– Price ranges: 10,000 VND – 20,000 VND

The next address that you should not miss at the snack area of ​​Xom Chieu market in Saigon is Ms. Oanh’s laurel. Pha Lau is a very famous dish and is loved by many tourists every time they have the opportunity to come to Saigon. Ms. Oanh’s laurel shop is a familiar address for many people when they come to market 200. The shop is located on the roadside but is always very crowded, especially on weekends. The plus point of this restaurant is that the food is delicious, clean and the broth is rich. Enjoy a bowl of fried rice with crispy bread or instant noodles. A bowl of fried rice at the restaurant is full of gas, sugar cane leaves, stomach, beef intestines… What makes the attractiveness of Ms. Oanh’s restaurant is the thick sauce with a characteristic sweet and sour taste. 

Miss Oanh Lagoon is a famous address in the Xom Chieu market

Auntie Lan’s snail noodle shop 

– Address: Xom Chieu Church, 92B/20 Ton That Thuyet (District 4)

– Opening time: 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m

– Price ranges: 20,000 VND – 40,000 VND

Di Lan snail noodle shop is located in the church area and only sells until early afternoon. The bowl of snail noodles at the shop is full of ingredients and naturally sweet and sour broth with seafood. Along with that, delicious fried onions create a characteristic sweet and fatty taste. Diners can order extra octopus to serve. 

The famous and delicious Di Lan snail noodle shop

Snail To

– Address: C218 Xom Chieu (District 4)

– Opening hours: 12h – 23h  

– Price ranges: 30,000 VND – 50,000 VND

The delicious restaurant in the snack area of ​​Xom Chieu market is next to Oc To, a favorite stop for many tourists. You can order a bowl of snails at the shop with all kinds of snails from incense, fat snails, Cana snails, lentils … but the price is only 50,000 VND / bowl. Besides snails, the restaurant also serves super delicious crab claws, scallops, clams and grilled oysters, with extremely reasonable prices.    

Snails paradise of all kinds of snails

Attractive snacks at 200 Xom Chieu market in District 4

Besides crab soup, fried rice, snail noodles, … Market 200 Xom Chieu District 4 Saigon also enjoys many other famous delicious snacks such as:

– Mixed rice paper: This famous snack is sold at a very crowded 200 market, with many stalls serving it. Besides mixed rice paper, you can enjoy rolled rice paper, grilled rice paper, and grilled quail eggs. The price of food is only from 20,000 VND / serving.

Famous delicious mixed rice paper in Xom Chieu market

– Little ceiling cake: The cake is made from glutinous rice flour shell and green bean paste served with sweet and sour fish sauce. Price is 10,000 VND/person.

– Silkworm cake: Made from many different ingredients such as: rice flour, glutinous rice flour, lean meat, pork skin, herbs and delicious coconut. Price 15,000 VND / serving.

– Sugary bananas: Going to the snack area of ​​Xom Chieu market in Saigon, you can also enjoy delicious and irresistible sweet bananas. Bananas are sweet with fresh coconut and sugar that is both fragrant and delicious.

Super delicious sweet bananas at Xom Chieu market

– Fried dumplings: Let’s change the taste with delicious and hot crispy golden-fried dumplings served with chili sauce. 

– Fried banana: The crust is crispy and the filling is delicious and hot, the smell of bananas is eaten once and remembered forever. The price of a super cheap fried banana cake is only 5,000 VND/piece.

– Grilled corn: Another attractive snack at Xom Chieu market that is loved by many people is grilled corn with delicious onions. Price is only 10,000 VND/box.

Enjoy delicious grilled corn at Xom Chieu market

Too attractive, right? So, what are you waiting for, quickly set up a team of sisters and friends to explore the snack area of ​​Xom Chieu Saigon market right away? Do not miss the detailed Saigon travel experience for a more complete trip.

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