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Real estate giants in the West splurged on making a “palace” inlaid with gold, which took 6 years to complete

According to the owner, the exhibits to the rice bowl in this “palace” are plated with gold leaves of different ages.

Overwhelmed with “palace” flooded with gold like in Dubai

“If there is a gold market in Dubai, where gold jewelry is displayed like vegetables in the wholesale market, in the West there is a gold-plated palace. We will be mesmerized with thousands of gold products and furniture here.” – a YouTuber who couldn’t contain his excitement exclaimed like that.

Since being completed at the end of 2020 until now, the gold-plated “palace” of real estate giants in Ninh Kieu, Can Tho still amazes many people. This 3-story property was originally called “Ceramic Brick House”, by the owner who collected more than 100 rare gold-plated ceramic tiles from India and China to cover and decorate the house.

The famous “Palace” is inlaid with gold in the West.

The owner, who loves the sparkle and brilliance of gold, decided to gild thousands of items he brought back during his travels to more than 20 countries. Then, he gilded everyday items such as tables and chairs, conical hats, dishes, fruit models… creating a space filled with golden light. After that, the house got a new name “Golden House”.

Because many people mistakenly believe that the items are covered with gold emulsion paint, the owner also has to … hang a notice board and meticulously instruct the staff in charge of this property about the name, the origin of the items as well as how gold plated.

Real estate giants in the West splurged on making a “palace” inlaid with gold, which took 6 years to complete

The kitchen area is gilded from the shelves to the bowls, chopsticks, and fruit models.

The owner of the gilded “palace” in Can Tho confirmed that the products displayed here are all inlaid with gold. People use laminated gold foil to inlaid directly on the product, going through many stages of inlaid, pasted… until it is pleasing to the eye, then apply a layer of paint to form a protective layer so that the inlaid gold does not peel off.

Depending on the value and unique characteristics of each item, gold-plated artisans will choose gold of different ages to inlaid. The staff here revealed that the higher you go, the more valuable the items are and are inlaid with older gold.

Many high-value items are gold-plated by real estate giants.

The Western giants displayed many gold-plated items in the “palace”, the East and West had all kinds of antiques, and even had precious decorations such as the three swords, the copy of the king’s seal, the dragon’s knife, and the Buddha statue. ..

He spent a lot of effort as well as a huge amount of money to make the house inlaid with gold. It took 6 years from concept to implementation, completion, the new house has the present appearance.

From private gallery to famous attractions

Mr. Nguyen Van Trung (1970) is known as a famous tycoon in the field of real estate in Can Tho and the West. This giant refused to provide the specific number invested to make the house inlaid with gold, only hinting that it was a huge number.

In fact, at first, this house was a private collection room, a relaxing place for the owner, to keep memories of his journey to more than 20 countries. But following the suggestions of relatives and neighbors, he decided to open the door for visitors to visit.

The owner of the house is inlaid with gold in Can Tho.

Visitors to the gold-plated house must pay 80,000 VND/ticket/person. At this price, they have the “privilege” of playing and watching in the house for as long as they like. They can also freely take photos, sit, and touch certain artifacts during the opening hours of 6am to 6pm.

With the above tour price, each person is also given a glass of water at a 1,500 m2 cafe, also owned by Mr. Nguyen Van Trung. This area was originally a private garden, he intended to be a personal resort, but converted the function to serve visitors.

In the garden, the owner also collects many precious and unique trees such as the 3-pronged coconut tree – the symbol of the shop, the 11-budded areca tree, the shrimp-shaped coconut tree, the hundred-year-old fortune-telling, “hunting” in Tra Vinh, Hau Giang.

This cafe and the gilded palace form a unique tourist complex, loved by many locals and surrounding areas. The real estate giant “gives up” this area to visitors and stays at other properties.

This place has become a favorite check-in point for young people.

(Reference source: Đoc lạ Bình Dương, Phạm Dũng, Pham Dung)

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