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A unique way of harvesting rice where the harvester “loses”

In many mountainous areas in Ha Tinh, people harvest rice by using homemade harvesters carried on their shoulders. Because here, the fields are muddy, easy to sink, and industrial harvesters are difficult to access.

A unique way of harvesting rice where the harvester “loses”
The rice fields in the mountains of Ha Tinh province such as the Huong Khe and Huong Son districts are now ripe. According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Huong Khe district, this summer-autumn crop, the whole district produces 2,300 hectares of rice, yielding 40-44 quintals/ha. The whole Huong Son district produces 2,026ha of rice, yielding 41 quintals/ha (Photo: Duong Nguyen).
In the past few days, people in some communes of Huong Khe, Huong Son and Vu Quang are busy with the harvest season. In many places, the fields are soft, muddy, easy to sink deep, and not convenient for mechanization. Combine harvesters are difficult to access the fields, people only use manual and homemade harvesters (Photo: Duong Nguyen).
This is a homemade harvester from a lawn mower, the engine runs on gasoline mixed with oil. When harvesting, the farmer wears the machine on his shoulder, using his hand to control it back and forth (Photo: Duong Nguyen).
In order to prevent the rice from being thrown away and dropping the grain, the machine is made by farmers with an accessory that sells a steel ring to collect the rice at a certain location. Using this type of machine helps to reap the productivity of one worker 5-6 times higher than the manual harvest (Photo: Duong Nguyen).
Mr. Pham Van Thao (60 years old, living in hamlet 7, Ha Linh commune, Huong Khe district) said that in the harvest season, he and everyone went to the fields early in the morning. Because the stages of manual harvesting and threshing take a lot of time. “There was also a time when we tried to rent a combine harvester, but the field terrain was not favorable, easy to sink deeply, so it was difficult to do,” said Mr. Thao (Photo: Duong Nguyen).
After harvesting, the rice is always dried in the field for 1-2 days to drain the water before it is transported to the house to be plucked (Photo: Duong Nguyen).
Minutes to rest, drink the farmer’s beverage right in the field after many hours of hard work (Photo: Duong Nguyen).
Ms. Tran Thi Long (59 years old, Ha Linh commune, Huong Khe district) said that the weather is favorable, so the yield of this crop is high. This year’s summer-autumn crop, her family planted 4 sao (Photo: Duong Nguyen).
After drying, people gather and fix them in bundles to bring home (Photo: Duong Nguyen).
To overcome difficult terrain, people often use ox-drawn carts and buffalo-drawn carts to carry rice (Photo: Duong Nguyen).
People use thresher machines to separate seeds from cotton (Photo: Duong Nguyen).
After threshing, the straw is dried to be used as fodder for livestock (Photo: Duong Nguyen).

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