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Vu Quynh Anh - The Beautiful Journey of a Vietnamese Social Media Star on 'Nguoi Ay La Ai - Episode 7'

The female lead of "Nguoi Ay La Ai? episode 7" has been revealed. Once again, she is a familiar face to netizens - Vu Quynh Anh (commonly known as Phoanh Charmmie, born in 1997, from Hanoi).
Vu Quynh Anh came to the US to study at the age of 16 as per her family's wish and her own desire. In 2015, she became a hot girl famous on social media for her beautiful face and sweet smile.
After graduating from high school in the US, Quynh Anh initially studied Biochemistry following her parents' decision and to challenge herself. However, that was not her interest or passion so later she switched to studying fashion marketing. Recently, Quynh Anh returned to Vietnam permanently to live and work after 10 years in the US.
Currently, she works in the beauty and fashion industry, with 233k Facebook followers and 204k on Instagram. Not long ago, Quynh Anh surprised many people when she appeared as a bridesmaid at Linda Ngo - Phong Dat's wedding. This shows the close relationship of the hot girl with the famous couple. In 2020, she also gained a lot of likes when she showed her fancy rental apartment in the middle of New York.
Quynh Anh's appearance on "Who Are You Episode 7" will bring audiences the beauty and charm of a familiar face on Vietnamese social media while showing her journey of self-discovery and passion after years of studying abroad.

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