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Broken rice restaurant of the famous 3 streamers set to open a branch in Hanoi: Guests flocked to check-in loudly, waiting in long queues for 4-5 hours just to enjoy

The broken rice brand of the famous trio of streamers has landed in Hanoi, making people invite each other to check-in, and waiting in long lines just to enjoy.

Referring to the three most famous streamers in Vietnam, people immediately think of 3 talented guys Do Mixi, PewPew and Xemesis and the brand of broken rice “Sa bì chưởng” that is extremely loved by young people. Receiving the support of a large number of diners with establishments in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Lat, the trio of streamers continued to please fans and opened the first branch in the North.

Broken rice restaurant of the famous 3 streamers set to open a branch in Hanoi: Guests flocked to check-in loudly, waiting in long queues for 4-5 hours just to enjoy
Sai Ba Thuong broken rice has a branch in Hanoi. (Photo: Fanpage)

After many days of waiting, finally, the broken rice shop of 3 hot hit guys in the Vietnamese streamer village also officially opened today (April 2) in Dong Da district, Hanoi.

As soon as the restaurant opened to welcome guests, many fans came to celebrate the opening. In particular, today there was also a full reunion of three bosses Do Mixi, PewPew and Xemesis directly serving diners to the restaurant, making people flock to check-in loudly.

A set of 3 streamers were present at the shop to welcome guests to the shop.

About a week ago, the shop opened its doors to welcome guests to test the restaurant’s menu before officially putting it into operation. So across social networking sites in the past few days, many people have posted early check-in at this broken rice restaurant, even diners have to queue to prove that the hot hit is not medium.

But not because of that, the opening day cooled down, but on the contrary, it was much busier. Through the updates at the shop, it can be seen that the flow of people visiting the shop is extremely crowded. Everyone is looking forward to their turn to enjoy the famous dishes branded by Xemesis, Pew Pew and the leader of Team Mixi.

Many young people are curious about the taste of rice as well as looking forward to meeting their idols. The bustling atmosphere makes passers-by also look back. 

In addition to tasting the popular rice dish, many young people are curious, so they are also eager to meet idols to ask for autographs as well as take pictures with famous male streamers.

Sa Bi Chuong appeared in Hanoi with a spacious and airy space, the space is considered quite beautiful. The restaurant is still taking advantage of the details, the main colors and the prominent logo of the trio, which are also designed like other branches.

Not only eat directly, but the restaurant also receives a lot of orders on delivery apps. 

Many young people were looking forward to it, so they came very early. Although the restaurant opened at 10am to welcome guests, around 6-7am there were many people present at the broken rice shop. With an extremely large number of guests, the owners also roll up their sleeves to serve guests in the best way.

Pew Pew and Xemesis put their hands together to quickly serve customers. Young people waiting for their turn are also quickly supported by staff. 

Despite having to wait for a long time, most of the diners are very willing, the service of the restaurant is also highly appreciated when the staff is dedicated to providing umbrellas and candy for guests who are waiting to come. in turn.

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