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5 specialty rice dishes “you know the name is delicious” of Vietnam

 Saigon broken rice, Hoi An chicken rice, or Hue mussel rice… are unique and delicious rice dishes that diners cannot ignore.

Saigon broken rice

If Hanoi cuisine is famous for its famous pho or vermicelli with shrimp paste, Saigon people are extremely proud of broken rice, a popular delicacy that is attached to many people in this city. 

5 specialty rice dishes “you know the name is delicious” of Vietnam
Saigon broken rice is a simple dish of many people living in this city. (Photo: Quynhu.joyn).

It is not difficult for you to find a broken rice restaurant from popular to luxury restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, but for gourmets, they have to eat at a sidewalk restaurant, that’s how they feel the right taste. standard for this dish.

It is not difficult to find ribs rice restaurants from high-end to popular in Saigon. (Photo: cookwithvie).

There are many types of broken rice in Saigon, but the most delicious and popular is always broken pork ribs with grilled ribs, delicious egg rolls, with slices of tomato, cucumber, and papaya, eggplant. sweet and sour pickled carrots or cabbage.

Depending on the restaurant that serves both omelets, steamed egg rolls or fried chicken, add a cup of flexible sweet and sour fish sauce and fragrant onion fat, the new rice dish will be full of flavor.

Long Xuyen broken rice

Besides delicious Saigon broken rice, there is still another version of broken rice that is equally delicious, which is Long Xuyen broken rice in An Giang. Broken rice here is cooked from pureed rice, only half the size of a normal rice grain.

Long Xuyen broken rice in An Giang is equally delicious as Saigon broken rice. (Photo: anuongrachgia68).

All the ingredients on the plate of rice such as grilled ribs, skin and braised eggs are also chopped to taste, not left in pieces like their original version, so this Vietnamese rice specialty is also known as another name. broken rice. 

All the ingredients on the rice plate such as grilled ribs, skin and braised eggs are also chopped. (Photo: anuongrachgia68).

This rice dish is not popular but is almost only sold in Long Xuyen, An Giang. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to An Giang and visit Long Xuyen, you must definitely enjoy this attractive specialty.

Hoi An Chicken Rice

Hoi An chicken rice is simple and rustic, but it is always considered as one of the specialties that almost every tourist when traveling to Hoi An also wants to enjoy.

Hoi An chicken rice is one of the delicious rice dishes that cannot be ignored. (Photo: Trungbuii).

Hoi An chicken rice wants to be delicious, the first thing to know how to choose the freshest ingredients, then the processing is also sophisticated. Normally, people will choose young chickens that are raised naturally, so that the meat is not friable but naturally sweet and chewy.

After the chicken is boiled, it is shredded and mixed with salt, laksa leaves, onions, lemon and chili to create a harmonious taste of spicy, sour, salty and sweet so that when eaten with rice, it does not get bored. As for the rice used to cook rice, it must be sticky rice and cooked with chicken broth, turmeric and pandan leaves.

Chicken rice looks delicious. (Photo:

Thereby creating beautiful golden rice grains and a characteristic faint aroma that attracts diners at first sight.

Hue mussel rice

Referring to Hue cuisine, many people will immediately think of mussel rice, a specialty that seems to be that any tourist coming here must try it. The main ingredients to make this Vietnamese rice specialty are simply rice and mussels.

The main ingredients to make this Vietnamese rice specialty are rice and mussels. (Photo: thesavvyjetsetter)

Mussel rice to taste Hue must use mussels caught in the mussel, and rice must use cold white rice. Mix that portion of rice with spiced stir-fried mussels, fried onions, star fruit, fat pods, roasted peanuts, puffed pork skin, herbs, and hot chili peppers.

The most special is the indispensable cup of thick, sweet mussel broth with a little Hue fish sauce. All blend together to create a Hue specialty dish that is rustic but has enough sweetness, fat, cool and strange appeal.

Ninh Binh burnt rice

Traveling to Ninh Binh is a strange delicacy when coming to this land. Although simple, this Vietnamese rice specialty has always been considered a favorite dish not only by women but also by men. 

Ninh Binh elderberry is eaten with a sophisticated sauce. (Photo: chopsticks_journey).

If the elderberry dish in other regions is often served with salted shrimp, Ninh Binh’s elderberry is eaten with a rather sophisticated sauce. Usually, this sauce will have goat meat, beef or pork kidney stir-fried with onions, carrots and some other spices to create a spicy, smooth consistency to help add richness to the burnt rice.

When eating, you can dip the rice in the sauce or sprinkle it on top. Each piece of crispy fried rice combined with a rich sauce is guaranteed to make you eat once and remember forever.  Follow Dan trí

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